blame it on Andreas Hale November 27, 2013

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Words by Andreas Hale.

Kanye West is a train wreck.

Scratch that.

Kanye West is one of those Hollywood Fast & Furious seven-car pile-ups that you simply cannot take your eyes off of even though it’s so blatantly done for shock value. Except that Kanye West thinks he’s smarter than any Fast & Furious film and demands you treat him as such.

That sounds about right.

As if his mind numbing rants, knocking up Kim Kardashian with “Baby ½ Compass” and overall shenanigans didn’t drive that point home before. Well, his series of interviews – specifically his #YouAintGotTheAnswersSway rant on Sway In The Morning and incessant rambling and inability to directly answer a question on The Breakfast Club – pinned the tail on the fashion forward jackass. To lay it down as flat as possible: I’m sick of Kanye West and his egomania.

Before we get started, let me make a few things very clear. I am not a Kanye “hater.” Rather, I just really (really) dislike some aspects of his personality. I think he is an excellent artist and my byline is beside his 5-mic review in The Source for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I was a fan of his artistry from the first time I heard the Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes sampled “This Can’t Be Life” off of The Dynasty: Roc La Familia album. He merged the underground and the mainstream together in a way that was downright admirable at a time when hip hop was stuffed with cream puff tunes from tough guys (oh, hello 50 Cent and Ja Rule). He helped rescue the music from the strait jacket of crap music. For that, he is appreciated.

With that being said, I have always felt that he is overrated. While most credit him for the success of Jay Z’s The Blueprint, I have always sided with Just Blaze’s contributions “U Don’t Know,” “Song Cry” and “Girls, Girls Girls.” But that is a 50/50 argument where I wouldn’t argue with anyone who enjoys Kanye’s productions more than the work of Just Blaze or Bink. Nevertheless, he’s an incredible producer and artist. However, as a lyricist, I have never bought into his perceived greatness.  Sorry kids, if I have to round up my 10 greatest emcees, Kanye doesn’t make my lyrical kickball team. That doesn’t take away from the brilliance of The College Dropout or MBDTF (his best albums IMHO), just a note that it was more musical aesthetic then actual lyrical substance that sold those albums. But Yeezus was a vanity project that, to me, was a bunch of noise and chest thumping. I don’t like it, never will like it and you can’t make me.

I say that to say this, the monster that we have created has bought into his own hype and truly believes that he is the smartest guy in any room. Not a music studio but a fashion studio. And, you know, fashion is like the most important thing in the world to Kanye West.

They say money and fame changes people. I believe that money and fame just makes you more of what you already are. The signs were there from his previous interviews and various idiosyncratic episodes (does anyone remember the “walk where we wanna walk” episode of MTV’s Punk’d?), we just didn’t care to pay enough attention. He’s always been called a walking contradiction with a penchant for showing out like a selfish child who believes earth owes him something, but I’d like to refer to him as a walking hyperbole. Now, more than ever before are his statements completely asinine and borderline offensive. Here’s a few taken from his New York media blitz…

“The first time rappers rapped with each other on a God level was ‘Swagga Like Us.’ After that, all of the songs are like ‘Swagga Like Us.’ I’m showing us how to work together.”

Apparently, Kanye never heard “Buddy (Native Tongue Decision),” “Scenario,” The Symphony, “Affirmative Action,” “Self Destruction,” or “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix).” And, you know, if Kanye weren’t here rappers would be killing each other. Thanks Mr. West.

“Kim [Kardashian] is Marilyn Monroe”

False. Marilyn Monroe was an actress who won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in “Some Like It Hot.” Your wife played in a Tyler Perry movie and starred in a homemade sex tape with Ray J.

“I’m more like, a Walt Disney or something…”

Word? Walt Disney? Until you create something that is the equivalent of the cartoon mouse that remains relevant for a century, drawing that obscure parallel is unnecessary. Say “I want to be” rather than “I’m like” because you aren’t like anybody but Kanye West.

“In your mind you think Nike is as big as Apple almost…to the hood, because of Jordans and because of me and Don C because we started wearing retro Jordan’s when the soles were falling apart…”

For Kanye to even suggest that he made Jordans popular almost completely forsakes the concept that Michael Jordan even existed. Were Kanye and Don C the first people to rock retro Jordans? You can’t take full credit for repurposing an idea.

When you say that you are a cross between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., what exactly do you mean Mr. West? Suggesting that you are Steve Jobs, Michaelangelo, Howard Hughes, David Stern and Andy Warhol draws absolutely no merit.

kanye west profile

Furthermore, his proposal that we are slaves to brands is terribly off base. Slaves would suggest that we are bound to these brands with the inability to escape without facing dire consequences. The more appropriate term would be sheep or conformists or lemmings or followers.

If you haven’t noticed, Kanye West is terrible with analogies and references that pertain to anything he is doing. He’s a great art student who would have failed a college English course.

And therein lies my problem with Kanye West. His lack of humility is astounding, even by his own standards. Honestly, I don’t think he knows what the hell he is talking about half of the time.

We all have that one friend that constantly blurts out things that don’t make much sense and it takes a more intelligent person in the room to say “dude, what the f*ck are you talking about?” They are considered fearless by others because they’ll say anything that is on their mind without rhyme or reason. You know, like “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” because that’s just how they feel at that particular time. But when you ask them to explain exactly how George Bush doesn’t care about Black people, they are at a loss for an explanation and will get pissed off that you would even dare to question their reasoning. This is only because they are being challenged. That’s what gets under their skin. Don’t question him. Just agree. This is also the same person that believes that all of their ideas are phenomenal. Don’t you dare say that any of his momentous concepts are flawed and slam a proverbial door in his face because he will hunt you down and do anything he can to tarnish your name.

If you give that individual a bunch of money, fame and a platform you will now have Kanye West.

What Kanye West fails to understand is that every single venture he has participated in has been a byproduct of his music. Fashion designers don’t owe it to him. Nike doesn’t owe him anything. If they want to work with him, so be it. Maybe, just maybe, these people don’t want to work with you. Could be your personality. Suffice to say that you rub people the wrong way with your condescending approach to life. The way Kanye came at Sway by suggesting his clothing ideas were more grandiose and that Sway didn’t have the answers was his way at thumbing his nose at everyone he feels is beneath him. And I mean everyone is beneath Kanye…except God. But, hell, Yeezus allowed God to have a guest spot on the album.

The most influential rock star of all-time is a narcissistic douche. That’s far from a role model that I’d like our children to look up to and simulate. The primary takeaway that has merit is that you should never bottle up your dreams and marginalize yourself based on how others may pigeonhole you. However, don’t be an asshole about it.

Kanye treats himself as a victim of his own success and expects everyone to give him what he wants because he is Kanye. Ralph Lauren and the various other names that he dropped didn’t build their empires overnight. Kanye shouldn’t expect all doors to open when he says so. He has proven himself in music but still has a ways to go in fashion.

Nevertheless, he acts like he doesn’t need our attention but he’d die without it. Putting a ring on Kim Kardashian’s finger personifies the life of Kanye West. He portrays himself as a pariah but purposefully makes moves to garner attention. However, he is unable to accept any of the criticism that comes along with it.

If life were a message board, Kanye West would be the king of all trolls. He lacks tact and humility and those are things that I, personally, value in someone who wants to change the world. To aspire to be like Malcom X, Andy Warhol, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs is one thing. But to say ‘If anything, that’s a compliment to them!” is atrocious and I just can’t subscribe to that narrative.

It ain’t everyone else that’s to blame, it’s you.

But I’m just a critic, who the hell am I?

  • JBu

    i’d rather listen to my Batch of Dilla Beats and Donuts to get me through my day..

  • boobie mitchell

    I got to baby 1/2 compass and lost it lmao

    • parkmeister

      i hope you find it

  • shake

    “Furthermore, his proposal that we are slaves to brands is terribly off base. Slaves would suggest that we are bound to these brands with the inability to escape without facing dire consequences. The more appropriate term would be sheep or conformists or lemmings or followers.”

    SPOT ON.

    • Mt

      Dude, you must be blind if can’t acknowledge that people, especially the black youth, are salves to these brands. There are social consequences (which are dire at a young age) to rocking white tees, pro-wings and South Pole every day to school.

      • shake

        Everything is a choice. Slaves didn’t have one. Little kids that want the newest pair of Michael Jordan shoes do.

        • Mt

          A slave can choose to run against the threat of being shot or beaten can’t he?We are slaves to brands. Except the gun is social acceptance.

          • shake

            Letting someone’s thoughts and opinions control YOUR life is pathetic. Simple as that.

          • hiphopanon

            right?! i got bullied for being poor and wearing jeans with holes in them but the bullying NEVER defined who i am… if anything it gave me strength. kids do that shit because they are IMMATURE… trust me @MT they will grow out of it.

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            your actions do not define the people around you. we all grow up different and shunning those who don’t grow out of it like you do is you being arrogant and ignorant to the diversity that is the human race

          • hiphopanon

            at what point in my comment did i say that i “shun those who dont grow out of it”… how do you help someone who is their own worst enemy?

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            do you have to say the words or is agreement with a comment that shuns people enough?
            You don’t have to help anybody, but calling people pathetic or agreeing with that statement is you being obviously oblivious to other people’s own demons.

          • hiphopanon

            recognizing something is pathetic or heartbreaking is not ignorant whatsoever.. its discernment. people dont know their own self worth, and whats worse is that they believe the media when it tells them they are subpar… very sad

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            I agree that it is sad. They’re not pathetic though, nor should the comment be agreed with. Everybody needs help sometimes and putting them down does nothing for you or them. Don’t agree with a comment like that for the sake of argument. Shake is being an asshole and so is whoever wrote this article.

          • hiphopanon

            man i am not agreeing with shake just to agree. my family raised me off that same rhetoric and it helped me persevere through all the bullshit. sad / pathetic… same shit to me. doesnt mean i’m not willing to help the next man

          • The Minneapolis Sound

            Your perspective on this world sounds very narrow. You really think kids should have that kind if responsibility? If the society, school and parents are giving the wrong advices, it’s far too easy to lean back on your golden chair and point fingers. Your type of view is why America is so divided economically. One of the richest countries in the world has so much poverty because of not being able to see that lack if knowledge and education actually is a social prison. And yes to some degree it is mind control.

          • Guest

            what responsibility? not letting material items control their self worth?

          • Matt Hendrickson

            What exactly are you talking about

          • The Minneapolis Sound

            If you are a teacher. Do you tell your students that they have a choice, then leave the classroom? It sounds to me like many here are saying that everything is a choice. Knowledge is a choice, so why not go out and get it for yourself? We don’t need no classrooms right? We all have the internet, so why get books? And we all have money to buy computers with the extra features of the internet?

            Sarcasm put aside. Let’s get right to the roots of this. You know it. You just don’t want to say it. Money is power. Big money is Way more power. And if you have WAY more power, you don’t need to put physical chains on your “slaves”. They are perfectly put in a similar positions without understanding why.

            And if they understand why. It’s quite possible that they will just acknowledge it as a power impossible to fight, so why not just leave it as it is? Cause they don’t have the power. They don’t have the money. And most of the people in the same situation have enough trying to make ends meet and their social life within that context to work.

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            I don’t think you realize who you’re talking about when you call people pathetic.

          • Matt Hendrickson

            Who do you think he is talking about?

        • jodyriley

          Everything is a choice. Not enough people are smart enough to know it. For instance, I almost bet that you drive some sort of expensive foreign car. I bet you don’t drive a toyota corrola. I mean it’s the same as your Jordan analogy. A car is used to get from point a to b. Why not purchase the one that cost the least? We are slaves to these brands. When just last year you had kids dying in the streets for foamposites and jordans

          • Wade VanConant

            Definitely agree with this. I think the problem is people hear the word slaves used and immediately think of when blacks were slaves and all of the shit that goes with it. We are slaves to brands, corporations, and people with extreme amounts of money, maybe not to the extent or in the same way that blacks were slaves, but we are slaves. We are slaves to the social system that is in place when we are born. Yes, we are able to decide to change within the social system, just as slaves chose to escape slavery. But that is very, very difficult, especially in America where materialism is ingrained from a young age, not just by supporting it vocally, but by the actions of the people around us and the figures we look up to. Another thing that is funny to me is when somebody says you can decide to make all of your own decision when you want to. That is incorrect for a few reasons. First of all, every decision that you make is influenced by something or somebody else. EVERY SINGLE THING. You can never be 100% original or uninfluenced. You can never 100% make your own choices. Don’t believe it?…research sociology a little bit. Secondly, if you do not dress a certain way, you will not be accepted or respected in many situations. If you are a big name lawyer, you need to dress like it. Which means you need to spend way more money on a suit than what it is worth. That person is a slave. He is a slave to society’s expectations. To say someone is pathetic for allowing what others think to dictate their lives is ignorant. Everything you do is partially dictated by what others think and do. That’s what society is. If someone says they don’t care what others think, that’s bullshit. What do you think clothing is? We wear it for functional purposes, but also to “express our personality.” There is no reason to express our personality to ourself, we express it to others. Why? Because people care what other people think. Also, anyone who thinks the USA, and the world for that matter, is not run by a few people controlling the wealth is ignorant. The billionaires pay for all the political campaigns for the politicians and have laws put in place to make it easier for them to get richer and harder for anyone else to get richer. They control everything. They control the television networks that give us all of our news and other programming that we watch. They pay for the viewpoints that we are eating up and believing. They put their agenda through the media and we don’t even realize we are following what they tell us. They control us, but not in the way a dictator does. But we are born into it and there is almost nothing we can do about it. Just like the blacks. The only thing they could do is run away. We can choose to do the same, but the consequences are similar. You can never truly escape it. Even after slavery had been abolished, racism still existed. It still does.

            If you really think you don’t care what others think, I can tell you that you sure as hell care what results from what people think. We are all slaves. We must do the best we can to make the best of it. Some slaves were able to get free or get promoted in society in another way. But we are all slaves. The real genius behind it is that it is so hard to realize and admit you are a slave, and not enough people care.

          • jodyriley

            I agree with you also. I believe if we as black americans read a little more we might understand where kanye was coming from in his interviews

      • Matt Hendrickson

        I think misunderstand the definition of slavery.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      when did this website become an english class?
      Language changes if you haven’t noticed. words don’t hold the same meaning they did before. If Kanye or anybody else has used a word differently (like ‘slaves’), the only judge is the majority and time. You can worry about the continually changing definitions of our language or you can worry about what stories your 2dope audience is looking at.
      I would suggest worrying about TMZ articles like this that differ very little from the egotistical “train-wreck” it was written about. It’s like this shit was written by a housewife who has nothing to do but watch the famous get more famous. I would have rather seen you squash your Lupe/Odd Future beef by photo. It takes maturity though and every opinion you have on a celebrity’s character makes me question yours. Maybe you just like reveling in bullshit like this

    • Sticky

      I know you’ve heard the song Vanity Slave by kendrick and I know you liked both and I hope you have good enough English skills to understand what he is saying

  • _AudiiO

    He checked off every box in Maslow’s Hierarchy and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Has it all, but feels like all is owed to him still.

  • Derrick Hogans

    I usually rock with 2 dope boyz.. but I can’t rock with this.. Kanye is trying do something for hip hop and the urban community no one has done before.. he is trying to figure it out..while being frustrated for not being accepted.. No one in hip hop has EVER reached the billionaire ranks..that’s a place the community has never been..and if he is really about what he says as far as helping people when he gets there.. than we should be supporting that..not clowning dude… He will get it figured out and lose the frustration.. He is thinking on a level most don’t..or can’t really.. When he said he is like Pac of the fashion world he is right.. The same way Pac tried to get hip hop the global love it has now..and the rants he did..snapping on people and frustrations.. that’s what Ye is on with this whole thing he is on now..the world he is trying to get to..is not acceptive of hip hop..nor is hip hop acceptive of it.. I support dude..just hope he gets it figured out before he loses it all the way.

    • Guest

      Luois Vuitton – founded in 1854

      Ralph Lauren – founded in 1967

      Get the picture? AND why in the hell would anyone of those designers allow him to piggy back off their trials, tribulations and decades (century’s in Luois’ case) of hard work? Will he make in the fashion industry, I don’t see why not? But for him to act as if the world owes it to him…hell no! I would never allow anyone w/ the exception of my own children to piggy back off my hard work.

      I side with Nike, Ralph and others… “pay your dues (other then paying money for the “education”) and then we might let you in.”

      • Thaddeus

        well said

    • SupremeSoulstice

      That’s fine and all but he aint gotta act like a little bitch with his grander than thou attitude. Fuck this nigga now.. Let me get the old ASR-10 Kanye back and I ain’t just talking about his beats from back then either. This nigga think he greater than life. Greater than you, or anyone. He just a lost baby who hasn’t handled the death of mother very well. I get it..

    • Thaddeus

      I feel where u coming from derrick, kanye is a visionary and has great ideas but he’s terrible at articulating. He’s making it easier for people to shut doors on him. No one wants to work with a cry baby…. just imagine you’re a billionaire and some bright kid with the worst attitude has an idea that could make you more money, you wouldnt care, you’re already rich and he wouldn’t be worth the headache. If he wants to be heard he has to stop yelling so much

  • drewsmit24

    i respect ye and his vision. its easy to dissect a man thru his transitions. he’s over the top yes but the brightest minds were and are.

    • Prince Akeem

      alot of idiot ares over the top as well. there is no correlation between being over the top and being smart.

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        Do you not know how our society is the way it is? Inventors and genius’s didn’t help the world by being part of society and staying in line with the crowd.
        Henry Ford said it best: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
        Being over the top and being smart are WAY more than correlated.

        • drewsmit24

          thank you bro you save me from goin in

        • Prince Akeem

          what does this have to do with kanye west? there is no correlation between being a genius and being a socially incompetent. But of course a stan like you is going to try to justify kanye’s actions by making baseless comparisons. just because you are “misunderstood” does not make you a revolutionary. but whatever gets you through the night.

          Music wise kanye is a good as it gets, but stop defending this guy’s personality and poor judgment.

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            its 1 pm here but you keep convincing yourself that being a fan makes you blind. You’re the one denying the fact that our world is made by people who are over the top

          • Prince Akeem

            im not denying that. that’s my point. so many people are over the top, it’s not indicative of being a revolutionary.

          • AmIDickRidingyet

            you denied correlation between the two. not indication.

  • Mt

    You are a nobody, that’s who. While I agree that Kanye is a little narcissistic, but makes a lot of valid points. People (especially us black people) are slaves to these brands. At a young age we are discriminated against if we don’t have the newest Jordan’s or expensive clothes.

    Even though the Yeezys are a product of his music, you can’t acknowledge that it’s crazy for him to not get a royalty split? He created something, and it instantly became popular because of his star power. Just like an athlete. The source of that star power is not relevant. The fact is he is the primary reason the product is popular and because of that he deserves a stake.

    Kim Kardashian as Marylin Monroe? It might be a stretch but not to the extent that you are trying to make it. Monroe was more popular for her (rumored) relations with the president and a famous baseball player and her seductive image.

    The overall tone of your article is condescending and is exactly the reason Kanye acts the way he acts. He deserves a seat at the table. He’s already proven it.

    • Derrick Hogans

      I respect this.. Same thing I felt while reading it..

    • shake

      That whole “slaves” nonsense is just that, nonsense. It’s all a CHOICE whether you want to rock a brand name piece of clothing, etc. Yes, some people are controlled by the Nikes and Jordans but that doesn’t mean they are FORCED to do anything about it.

      • The Minneapolis Sound

        Wrong imo. It’s a different kind of slavery. It’s mind control. Money controls mind. And uneducated people with low income and little to no knowledge of how the system works are more easily manipulated on all levels by rich and greedy people. Kanye might be both rich and greedy, but he is honest about the facts. I agree with him that this is mind control, another type of slavery that is not to be confused with physical forced slavery. But low income and less education “forces” people to be put in positions of less power. He also pointed out that it’s a bigger thing than racism, it’s all about controlling the uneducated to gain more for themselves.

        • Jordan E

          But they aren’t slaves… People like to maximize publicity on the power of a single word. Look up slave in the dictionary and tell me how that applies here? Is it fashions fault that they have a low income and are not very educated? Is it there fault people who should know better buy into frivolous things so easily?

        • hiphopanon

          nothing has power over you unless you allow it to. you sound damn near conspiracy luny status with that mind control nonsense… if you worship idols you will fall with your false god

          • The Minneapolis Sound

            I’m quite the opposite of a conspiracy theorist. However I exaggerated a little bit to put things in perspective. Slavery in by definition it’s not, but metaphorically yes. The power

          • hiphopanon

            like i said. false idol worship.

          • Matt Hendrickson

            Metaphor for slave != slave. Your logic is resoundingly wrong

        • Matt Hendrickson

          Educated or not, no one is forcing anybody to buy certain brands of clothes or shoes. Your logic makes no sense given the definition of slave. Also could you define “system” in the context of your comment?

          • The Minneapolis Sound

            What if you could make people “pick cotton” without it being slavery according to the law?

            What if the best way to “chain” less educated people is to make them believe all these brands, fashion clothings and superficial things are important?

            What if it’s an advantage to know how the business works on the top, and to keep others uneducated, so that you’ll get more buyers, and less competition?

            What if the banks know that loans are a hell of a good business forcing uneducated people to pay back way more than what the actual amount of the loan was?

            What if money is control? What if money is opportunity? What if money is power? Do you not believe that it is? And do you not believe that if you are born into the upper class, you are automatically given alot more advantages including the knowledge of how things work?

            If most people care for their family first, their friends second, and then the rest of the world. Isn’t it possible that some of the absolute richest and powerful men choose to put their families first, and by power control how business works?

            This is a successful way of thinking capitalism for some time. But in the long run, the machinery will not work. All of the parts making this powerful machinery together are falling apart.

            People are in desperate need of help. The United States of America is seemingly the most powerful country in the world. But it’s not unnoticed that the states are suffering alot economically being a “slave” to other contries with all these loans. Still a few men are controlling the economy of what’s left. And they own ALOT.

            We have similar problems in Norway, but the difference between “poor” and rich is way less, and the government is putting their money on making public schools for all instead of making a few elite private schools for people that are already from the “elite”. People with knowledge and money buying more knowledge, and then again more money.

            You put it like it’s just a choice. Well yeah, I agree! But to a certain degree your knowledge of the truth will either support you and make you do the right choices, or the lack of knowledge makes it harder, and the road will be long and windy. Your idea totally supports the American dream. And I love the idea for what it is. It’s and idea. And the idea might work for some. You need a goal and you need motivation. Motivation is easier to get if you know where your goal is, something about the road, and with some help on the way.

      • jobie

        truth is if you dont play the game you will not be successful.You will buy into the corporations one way or another. If you look at the number mega corporations that are in this country it is staggering. There are a few GIGANTIC corporations that own most of everything in this country. its actually quite startling. The corporations have their hand in every aspect of americans’ lives. start looking at the products that you buy. They are made in the factories owned by these corporations, distributed by these corporations or sold directly by these corporations. kanye has a point, the word slaves is what is throwing everyone off, but its actually a pretty accurate way to describe it

    • Jay

      We’re “slaves”? . To use the word “slave” in the context is outright ridiculous and disrespectful to those who were actual SLAVES.

      We HAVE the power AND choice to wear what we want, when we want to…I’d rather someone talk shit about me for what I’m wearing, then to beat’n with a whip because I didn’t meet the day’s quota of cotton.

    • Jordan E

      It’s a bit ignorant to say people are slaves to something that does not force them to do ANYTHING. The word slave is very heavy, and implies hard labor, poor treatment, and little to no pay. We arent slaves to anything. People are subservient to their own lack of self control. If Kanye were to make a more relevant point and attack corporations like perhaps Viacom or warner, I might understand. but instead he chooses to speak on Nike and Gucci? FOH son. That’s millionaire crybaby bullshit. And you’re not “discriminated against” for lack of Jordan’s. If anything you’re discriminated against for having Jordan’s. And boohoo if someone says something about your clothes. Be your own man and get the fuck on. And boohoo to Kanye for not getting royalties on the yeezys. Nigga wants to act like he didn’t sign a contract with stipulations now that he wants more money. he knew he wasn’t gettin any royalties and wasn’t bitchin back then hm?

      This whole fiasco upsets me terribly cuz I looked up to Kanye when I was younger. He inspired me to be a music producer. Now, I wouldn’t even care to speak to him given the opportunity.

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Am I really about to start a journey through this dude’s 2 page essay on a celebrity? Can somebody summarize for me what is going on here?

    • hiphopanon

      reading is fundamental

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        reading allows me to gain information. That information isn’t always going to be useful. This 2 page character-bashing essay is an example of that uselessness.

        • YT

          oh! so you read it?

    • flo


  • jobie

    its too bad he isnt articulate enough to explain his view. From my understanding, hes trying to say that as a creative ,without the means of production of the corporations he’s not able to have a true impact. People think guys like him and Jay are rich, but they are closer to me and you than to a billionaire. Unless you are a billionaire you dont really call the shots. He sees technology boom as the only exception, its still a new industry. I think he’s seen real rich people like most have never seen and it really bothers him how much control they have. You know the illuminatti everyone is talking about, whell this is the real world version of it. Truth is corporations control more of our lives than we really know. we are given a set of choices to make on our own, but our options are being dictated to us. Where it is most blatent for kanye is in fashion. He see that there are a few people who own it all. They truly can call the shots and stop you from really progress one you are at his level. The glass ceiling is for all “new money” people, its not a race thing. The billionaires are going to maintain their power and keep those coming up in their place. Kanye’s glass ceiling is the same glass ceiling you or i would be facing if we had his level of success. He is being stopped from making the next step. People think Jay and Puff and Ye are making this money but they are just the richest of the poor. The top 0,1% owns more than a quarter of all american wealth, remember that. This isnt a new issue, but kanye is speaking on his person experience with it. Most people are so far below that they arent even effected by it.

    ***Im writing a paper for my last semester in school so the stimuants got my mind going. pardon the long post.****

    • hiphopanon

      kanye says elon musk inspires him… well, how did elon musk become a billionare? did he come from money?

      • jobie

        Pay pal, tech industry. theres no “old money” in tech.

        • hiphopanon

          exactly… if kanye wants to be a billionare like elon musk (who came from nothing) then innovate like him

          • jobie

            he’s innovating in an old established field, thats where the so called “glass ceilings” are already in place. tech doesnt have those limitations. there have been very few innovators recently outside of tech and thats the reason

          • Matt Hendrickson

            Elon didn’t come from nothing. His father was an engineer and mother a model

    • marty mcfly

      The thing is though, Kanye is not gonna get those companies he keeps naming to work with him or invest in him if he keeps dissing them and acting like an asshole. Honestly I dont think Kanye is as talented as the designers he looks up too because he came in the came biting their style and to this day he has no style of his own. He consistently wears other peoples brands and rhymes about other designers. People think Kanye is rich because he actually is rich. All this acting like he cant do something just cause he’s not a billionaire is ridiculous. Kanye could let his skills speak themselves if he doesn’t have the money. Making a design and a few items doesn’t cost a billion dollars and as a designer you got start from that level first anyway. I dont think anybody is gonna just Kanye over a billion dollars without some kinda specific plan in mind. All this supposed “control” that corporations have on “YOU”? That mentality is also bullshit. The truth is you have control over yourself, no high end fashion brand is forcing nobody to do shit. The slaves Kanye speaks on today have made a choice to be that materialistic and rich people are not the cause of that shallow mentality. If he went and spoke to another rich person from his city by the name of Oprah she would tell him, she built her brand. Aint nobody given no hand outs to some rich rappers. FOH

      • marty mcfly

        I mean… I dont think Kanye is as talented as the designers he looks up to because he came in the GAME biting their style…

      • Matt Hendrickson

        Finally some fucking sense. The mentality of “corporations are in total control” and the “illuminati are holding me down” is just an excuse for people to fall back on when they fail.

    • marty mcfly

      If people like Kanye really wanna go to war against the “illuminati” then understand the power structure of america doesn’t give a fuck about clothes and has unlimited amounts of money to spend so you people thinking that if you become billionaires you’ll be able to change the “big bank take little bank” mentality of the elite and powerful, your wrong. You will die of old age before you ever gain enough money to go battle with these kinda forces. The ONLY way to defeat this power that many describe as the “illuminati” is through intelligence. Money can’t always win when its up against a smart person. The battles nowadays are a physiological war and intelligence is like the stone in David’s slingshot that brought down Goliath. If Kanye really wants to add on to the culture in a really impactful way then it aint about fucking fashion and people buying his high end clothes, its gonna have to be a change made in the mentality of hip hop. Not just simply the outer appearance of what clothes are on your back. Kanye looks up to people like Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, Walt Disney etc… Well Walt Disney wasn’t just making cartoons for the fuck of it. There were meanings to his animated tales and substance behind the stories of his characters. Kanye is fighting this battle the wrong way imo.

      • Matt Hendrickson

        Lol I think you meant psychological, also who are the “illuminati”? People always talking about them but no one ever says who they are.

        • Jamie

          Just because no one can pinpoint with any accuracy who these people are doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Illuminati is only a term people have attributed to the idea of a select few making the decisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these people are banded together, they very well could be working against each other. Basically, they are the mega rich of the world who have a lot of influence over what appears on TV, movies, ads, etc… All of which subtly influence one’s psychological spectrum, whether you know it or not. Whether they are out to kill the world’s population or what their true intentions are up for debate. The former seems doubtful as their “power” stems from money and influence, two factors that invariably rely on a relatively stable world and a large population of people. To me they simply use their power to create more power, a self-serving cycle, for no real end. Then again this is all hypothetical, it’s just what came to mind about the topic. Not even that in-depth. And don’t be so quick to laugh off other’s opinions, I believe most opinions should be heavily considered because the overwhelming urge to bias one’s response based on one’s own thoughts is dangerous and can lead to self-delusion. Check yourself.

          • Matt Hendrickson

            I never said they don’t exist. I think there are people who have vast amounts of power which then leads to influence in our lives whether they or we know it or not, I just don’t think their aim is as nefarious as all these people talking about illuminati make it out to be.

          • The Minneapolis Sound

            I agree. People make it sounds like some devil worshiping power unit. I see it as a term like Jamie put it. There’s a few on the top that has that BIG money and power to control alot more than we are aware of. It’s needles to explain really. We all know how money buys power even when one person just has a million dollars. What is to be believed when we are saying a billion dollars? What kind of power is that? You are able to influence people in many important positions.

  • jodyriley

    Your wrong. you left of the part of the interview discussing the prison industrial complex pertaining to “new slave” . Hell all we need to survive is food, water, shelter, everything else is subjective. Meaning we are slaves to brands and are flooded with advertisement everywhere we turn. He force people to think and open up dialogues that we would never discuss if it were left up to the rest of these rappers. Urban brands of clothing come and go. But true designers never fade away. I mean this dude has seen things and hang out with people that are on another plateau than you and I mr. author.

  • Jared McGhee

    1. When he was talking about Swagga like Us he was stating in this point in time.. in the 90s everyone was beefing or shit was too hot to come together to do a track… You are reaching on that

    2. Its his WIFE of course he gonna say some shit like that.. may not be true it may be! Its how he sees Kim not US.. thats HIS opinion of HIS Wife

    3. AGAIN thats his opinion maybe he feels his work is of or will be of Walt Disney or Steve Jobs… TO ME he is not at that level of them yet but shit to have that much confidence in himself I respect it and applaud it

    4. Jordan thing is the only thing I agree with this post on.. Jordans have been staying alive alone on its releases

    • Guest

      your point #1 is OFF… no other way to put it.

      #2 i will NEVER say my wife is marilyn monroe… thats disrespectful to my wife.

      #3 did you not read the conclusion?

      #4 some reason

  • hiphopanon

    i sincerely appreciate 2DBZ for posting this article and bringing some reason/balance into the culture… something these other “big” blogs dont have the nuts to do.

    i’d like to see kanye and the dalai llama kick it.

  • Dom McLennon

    ““I’m more like, a Walt Disney or something…”

    Word? Walt Disney? Until you create something that is the equivalent
    of the cartoon mouse that remains relevant for a century, drawing that
    obscure parallel is unnecessary. Say “I want to be” rather than “I’m
    like” because you aren’t like anybody but Kanye West.”


    • Dom McLennon


      • hiphopanon

        you need to go read up on walt disney and the struggles he went through… once you google that then come back and hit caps lock

    • Cigar Nigga



    The kanye stans defend him whenever, whatever. It seems like its the cool thing to say kanye is making sense. But since i don’t consider myself cool nor brainwashed by his passion or w/e he has done, let me bring this into perspective:

    There are people dying, hungry, etc all over the world. What is the YEEZI with Adidas is suppose to do exactly? Exactly.

    If he putted this same passion into charity work, philanthropic work, etc, then majority of people would be on his side.

    If this is about a couple of sneakers, leather jogging pants, a clothing company that rubbed you wrong and a clothing collection with another, what are we talking about again? lol

    Now let’s ask the real question no one is asking: Does Kanye have a mental condition? Cuz clearly, if you take away the fact that he is kanye (i know some of you just can’t lol) and you were to look at him as a normal being, he clearly has symptoms.

    But forget about what i just said, that’s not important. so when is this YEEZI coming out again?

    • Prince Akeem

      Kanye stans would defend kanye if he shot their own mother in cold blood
      then raped their baby sister. there is absolutely no reasoning with them. this coming from someone who thinks kanye is top 3

    • The Esteemed

      Kanye could release a shirt with a picture of Jesus sucking off a cat and the Kanye stans would defend it.

      • Hollis Stephenson


      • CNTRST


        • The Esteemed

          The truth doesn’t chill.

  • Ted

    I think we all know now why ye wasnt doing press for a long ass time…

    • shake

      haha, right!?

  • Jordan E

    I wish I could take the easy way out and blame my purchases on “slavery.” Are those tax-exempt?

  • Dave the 5’3

    Great article. More concise than any idiotic diatribe Kanye has gone on the last few months. He must be pissed that he isn’t the only one on peoples radars. He seems to be outdoing Miley, Amanda Bynes, and Miss Lohan combined.

  • Thank Me

    I respect Kanye West for consistently standing his ground and staying true to his beliefs despite a widespread mockery of him and his wife. He believes that he is Shakespeare, Andy Warhol and other great creative and inspiring minds. My issue with Kanye is his necessity to be validated by those with “old money.” He is only 36 years old yet he wants us to embrace him as someone who has blessed us with creative thought since birth. Kanye West is supremely talented and could possibly be considered one of the great creative minds, but his greatest detriment is his anxiety that he won’t be relevant. Give it some time Kanye and allow others to “crown you” rather than seek immediate validation.

  • thatrandomguy

    “He’s a great art student who would have failed a college English course.” I like Ye, but this line is pure truth.

  • Brandon Lewis

    I think… Keyword I think… Kanye is trying to do to much. I’m not judging him.. But if you listen to him talk and His music he is just all over the place. I think Kanye is trying to do so much because he want to make his Mother happy and at the same time Make him self seem like a GOOD person.

    I’ll give him credit he smart but he fucking crazy. In a good way but he letting his fame get to his head. He trying to be the next Dr. King or this new prophet and shit. I agree with what the breakfast club said Just be the best Kanye West the rapper/Producer. Stop worrying about every other avenue. You been blessed with this music career. Ride it to it falls off stop getting piss when your light is not always green.

  • CanelaNYC

    “The primary takeaway that has merit is that you should never bottle up your dreams and marginalize yourself based on how others may pigeonhole you. However, don’t be an asshole about it.” Underline “asshole.”

    Also, kids, study hard for the SAT analogy section. Otherwise you just look like an idiot later on in life. (Side-eyes Kanye AND Don Lemon.)

    For example –
    Obama:Rob Ford :: Kim:Marilyn Monroe (“controversial”)
    Water:Spit :: Urine:Semen (“things that are wet”)

    Obviously NOT how it works.

    He said, repeatedly, he’s still learning. Belatedly. And part of me believe he knows; he’s gotten too far in life not to. But he needs to get to a point where he acknowledges and then STOPS having tantrums because no matter your intentions, no one listens to a whiner. Be about your business and keep it moving. Nike acting like assholes? Fine. You signed with Adidas. LV don’t wanna mess w/ you, Balenciaga picks Wang over you, & you still feel like you HAVE to have that highest of the high end couture collabo? Try Colette, Fujiwara, Visvim, etc. instead of looking down on them the same way the Arnaults (LVMH) & Pinaults (Kering/Balenciaga) are looking down on you. You wanna break down doors? Fine. Burning your bridges though isn’t gonna help. Not for this “corporate”-style revolution you want to spearhead. If he thinks the status-quo is gonna lift him up and put him in a position of power to rival theirs he is sorely mistaken. But hey, I see your vision, papa…

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      the reason nobody listens to whiners is because they want their messages to be sprinkled with sweets which is a problem with our society. People disregard the message if the messenger doesn’t fit their comfortability. That point becomes apparent with posts like this Andreas Hale essay and the comments that follow.

      • CanelaNYC

        No one listens to whiners because you should, to paraphrase Kevin Hart’s Uncle, “Say it with your chest!” Or better yet, your actions. Being critical and speaking up or getting at someone isn’t whining. It’s the incessant self-pity that envelopes the message and swallows it whole. He says he wants to learn how to communicate more effectively. That’s step one.

  • marty mcfly

    For those saying Kanye is trying to help black people? My thing is this, when you call black people or people in general slaves (in making a comparison between materialism and actual slavery), that can be taken as being very disrespectful to black people and yes I liked the song but still. Now when you wanna put out clothes and you then put out some shit with the confederate flag on it, that again can be taken as being very disrespectful to black people. Now then comes Kanye’s attitude. Black people are getting passed the point on having to diss other people in order to get attention. No matter who you are, once you reach iconic status and your black, it would be nice if you represent black people in a positive way. Black people dont run around disrespecting popular brands in the fashion world. We appreciate clothes and designs and the proof of that is millions if not billions of dollars are spent each year from the black community in support of high end fashion brands. If Kanye really wanted to help black people he wouldn’t act like an asshole every chance he gets. Everybody wants to be fucking 2pac but here’s the thing… YOUR NOT. So be yourself. I can understand the underlined theme and purpose of what Kanye is saying and thats fine but when he gets disrespectful while making his points thats when it becomes a problem.

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Good article, you can be a Kanye West fan, own all his albums, and still think he is a massively egotistical, narcissistic, walking contradiction and an asshole.

    And all these rants and internal anger is the result of a few major fashion brands and Nike not letting him do his own thing, He doesn’t REALLY give a fuck about corporatism, if Nike let him release ten shoes a week we wouldn’t be hearing any of this. He feels like he’s been shaded in an industry he’s not at the top of like music, and he can’t deal with it.

    The slavery references, the anti-corporation ‘stance’, playing the race card at any opportunity, are all just to side track you as he plays the victim, most of his fanbase are that deluded that they eat it up.


      Word up, glad some people can see thru that smoke and mirrors.

    • jodyriley

      I think you have his words twisted homie. what he was saying that Nike was built off of Jordan. Blacks are the biggest consumers of that brand but none of us are in those offices. “yeah shut up mr. rapper how dare you ask for more of the pie when your only a rapper. You mean to tell me that after all these years that Micheal jordan only has a 5% royalty and not a stake in the company. The slave reference he uses is true. The part of the interview where he mentions CCA Correction corporation of America. private owned prison blew over alot of peoples head. If you read into what the man is really trying to say his ideas are not that far fetch. 6 companies own all of media. Disney, GE to name a few. Same companies own these private prisons. replay his interview with a different prospective and listen. Then do research for yourself. I bet you will have a different opinion about the man afterwards

      • Matt Hendrickson

        Jordan didn’t have to release his shoes through Nike. Unless I’m missing something here, he signed the contract knowing he wasn’t being offered ownership of Nike.

      • paranoya333

        @jodyriley:disqus you should do some research of your own before spouting off something as fact. If you recall, John Thompson Jr. (the elder former coach of Georgetown) is on the board of directors at Nike. He is black and in those offices and on the most powerful committee within the company. Also one of the main reasons Nike became popular with black culture is because John Thompson and Georgetown University were sponsored by Nike in their earliest years and he was the first prominent black basketball coach in D 1 history and had mostly black starting line ups.

        Also Johnathan Rogers on the board of directors is black too but don’t let these facts stop you from giving Kanye a reach around because you are validating his BS points of view that he spouts off because he clearly has mental problems. Kanye’s music is great, but besides that most of the stuff he says is garbage and this article nails it. Maybe you need some time away from the Kanye Kool Aid and actually can differentiate what is true and what is fiction that Kanye invents because he loves playing the victim.

        Jordan also still earns over $60 mil a year from Nike (link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2013/02/14/how-michael-jordan-still-earns-80-million-a-year/) from royalties and annual salary so to pretend Jordan is getting stiffed is laughable.

        Finally, Nike has every right to say “no” to a rapper since they’re a shoe company whose initial focus was sports. Rap and shoes, although they play a part in black and hip-hop culture, do not need each other to coexist. And frankly, would you want to give money to someone as unstable as him and say “go do your thing”? I wouldn’t even if it meant short term gains but to each their own.

        Stop jumping on the Kanye bandwagon because you like his music. You can like his music, which I do, and be critical of him. Agreeing with everything he says only helps validate his craziness when it is clear he needs serious mental help. I’m not saying we as fans can directly help with that, however, we can take a stand to think for ourselves and let him know as a public we won’t let him play the victim.

  • marty mcfly

    One thing Jayz did when he entered into the fashion world is he promoted intelligence over bullshit. He did throwbacks and airforce ones and reeboks but he also put button up collar shirts out there to show you that sometimes its time to be professional and act like your serious about doing business. Dont just be a fucking ass for the whole world to see as if your doing people a favor by acting like that.

  • Justin Lintag

    His means will justify the ends.

  • Ocho Cinco

    Let Kanye be Kanye. Everything he’s said in the past has come full circle thus far and the non believers and people who wrote articles such as this one are either silenced or current dick riders. As long as his intentions arent ill and ultimately trying to better our culture then let the man be as great as he thinks he is. People are too concerned with the negative. The man said it best himself. “If you can do it better than me, then you do it.”

  • aboynamedandy

    Nail on the head. Salute, Andreas.

  • Andy

    Saying that we aren’t slaves to these brand is ignoring a blatant truth. Shake, you are right, we aren’t bound by shackles and held against out will, but if you a young kid walking into you 5th grade class with Pro-keds and you start getting bullied, you’re gonna want those nikes. You wont understand that its a consequence to the mental slavery. You’re just a kid. Inner city youth are killing each over these Jordans, etc. Just a few weeks ago at Bryant park here in NYC a kid was shot in the skating ring because they were trying to rob his Marmot (super over-priced) jacket. In the hood, you NEED these jacket when ALL of you friends have it. No one wants to be the odd man out at an early age. You don’t have the knowledge to know that its ok to stand out yet.

    • Jordan E

      So the corporations are just supposed to make their products less popular? I think you arent going far enough back to the root of the problem. Maybe the environment of an inner city is more to blame

      • Wade VanConant

        So the corporations are just supposed to make their products less popular?
        – No, he is not saying that at all.

        Maybe the environment of the inner city is more to blame
        – That is exactly what he said, but it is not limited to inner city. This is a problem that affects everyone at every stage of their life differently. For younger kids, especially in inner cities, bullying is a major problem and can really fuck with someone psychologically for the rest of their life. To avoid that, you must conform. By conforming to what you are expected to do, you are a slave.

        We are slaves to society. We are slaves to the laws put in place and the beliefs of the people in the environment in which we live in. Andy is right in what he is saying. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to try and change it, but good luck. It’s about as easy as escaping slavery because that is what it is

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      I don’t think you want to use those examples for your argument. Makes me want to get my kids some cheap clothes so they won’t get robbed for it

  • iamnotawrapper

    fuck this blog

  • datbul

    I admire Kanye’s passion and relentless drive– I think those are essential elements if one wants to break down barriers and achieve greatness– but I think his lack of true intellect (real education on larger sociopolitical issues and the ability to communicate those issues clearly) along with his ego are going to severely hamper his ability to effect change. Though he touched on some very poignant and timely issues (plutocracy, materialism, control of the media, private prisons, etc.) his points are heavily diluted because he hasn’t made clear one very important distinction: What is he really in this for? Does he really want to change the game for Society at large… Or does he really just want success for himself? Far as I’m concerned, whatever he wants to do is fine, that’s his prerogative, but it is not possible to commit to both ideals 100%. If you sincerely want to do something for the People, you have to remove every semblance of selfishness possible. His message, as of right now, is mixed. He claims to want to change the game and help free the world from oppression and materialism, but he spends far too much time discussing his own plight to make that claim seem legitimate. There is also the clear issue that he has not indicated in the slightest how HIS owning a clothing company as opposed to Someone else owning one would change the paradigm of gross materialism that exists today. Sounds to me like he would, at best, just become a Black extension of it. So I admire what he’s doing in a sense, simply because if nothing else he’s being honest and drawing attention to real issues on a global/mainstream scale but his impact will be severely limited if he can’t understand and better communicate the intricacies of the larger picture and his plan to overcome it.

    • Matt Hendrickson

      Well said

  • iamnotawrapper

    f*** this blog

  • Yongjefferson

    Your feelings sound hurt lol

  • Guest

    Kanye stans would defend kanye if he shot their own mother in cold blood then raped their baby sister. there is no gettting through to them

  • Dango

    Great opinion piece. I agree with most your points Andreas. Nice keeping Kanye on check. However, My view of Kanye is different from yours.

    I loved Yeezus. It was different and I enjoyed the sounds and lyrics. I also kind of like this Kanye. Everything he says is a contradiction and pointless jargon but he is entertaining. I just don’t take him seriously hopes he continues to make music.

  • Never thought I’d say it — and it feels weird to even say — but for the first time ever I’m glad Steve Jobs isn’t alive. The reason I’m glad is because he is spared the embarrassment of hearing Kanye West continually compare himself to him. Same with Da Vinci, Warhol, Michealangelo and the others. I’m happy they aren’t here to feel the shame. Hopefully after they’ve all rolled over in their graves a few times, they can get back to resting in peace

  • DIesel

    I just can’t wrap my head around why hip-hop community doesn’t WANT kanye to succeed? We need to stick together fam not tear each other apart.

    The world is divided by the rich and the poor and Kanye West is a rich man standing up to the rich. That is a NOBLE task whether he’s screaming about it or being polite.

    Fuck all that ego shit man who gives a fuck. Look past his character flaws (that he admits to!) and look at what he’s TRYING to do

    • Cigar Nigga

      this culture teaches us to punish the real artists, we puppets. kanye is leading the future and we hunting witches. they suck dick for jay-z and other people, just for merely bullshit that really has not impact in our culture 100%, just footprints in the same circle. kanye is is trying to figure out how to improve ourselves and all they care about is, if michael jackson white or black. if this dude is arrogant or not!!

    • stacksHo8

      Because there is a right way to succeed and bitching about pointless shit does not make you a revolutionary. He gives people in the hip hop community a bad name. Imagine the impact he would have on society if he actually approached any of these subjects in a reasonable manner. He might actually garner enough positive attention to make a difference instead of bringing negative light on himself for being rude and disrespectful.

    • Matt Hendrickson

      Lol I think there is much more to the world than rich v poor.

      • DIesel

        enlighten me

  • David Jones

    Well, looks like it’s working. Who’s the sheep? Also, does bad mean bad? Dope means dope? Are we really breaking down the actual definitions of words when the intent and use wasn’t literal?

    • Jordan E

      Intent and use definitely was literal. Peep that breakfast club interview one more time

  • David Jones

    BTW, s/o to those posting with your governments.

    • Guest

      oh bcuz “david jones” is so specific?

      • David Jones

        Seriously? lol wow. Can I make a s/o to folks posting with their actual name? Did that offend you?

        • shake

          People will find ANY reason to say something negative haha

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    I can’t believe its 2013 and we as black people are still focused on so much materialistic shit. To think cats these days are slaves based on brands is ridiculous. Good article.

  • Guest

    2 dopeboyz …u guys were hella weak for posting this article. Thats was some #BitchAssShit. Y? ye is prob a fan of the site along w/a lot of his fan. I’m long time support but I thought twice about seriously curving u guys & still may. As u know this r tons of options out there.

    • shake

      So just because he may be a fan of the site, we’re supposed to censor ourselves? No thanks. All we did was offer an opinion on his recent outtakes. And to be honest, it’s deserved.

  • Cigar Nigga

    tempted to stop reading when :

    “With that being said, I have always —->felt that he is overrated<—-. While most credit him for the success of Jay Z’s The Blueprint, I have always sided with Just Blaze’s contributions “U Don’t Know,” “Song Cry” and “Girls, Girls Girls.” But that is a 50/50"

    LOL. i love just blaze, he's really fucking overrated. 10 cool beats of 100……he's the reason of jay-z succes???? stop. and bink? double stop…

    Word? Walt Disney? Until you create something that is the equivalent of the cartoon mouse that remains relevant for a century, drawing that obscure parallel is unnecessary. Say “I want to be” rather than “I’m like” because you aren’t like anybody but Kanye West.

    THE FUCK????? metaphorically bitch!!! ye is talking metaphorically!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "When you say that you are a cross between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., what exactly do you mean Mr. West? Suggesting that you are Steve Jobs, Michaelangelo, Howard Hughes, David Stern and Andy Warhol draws absolutely no merit."

    you're very donkey you just just look in one direction and you don't read btwen the lines….smh..

    rapping god level "Apparently, Kanye never heard “Buddy (Native Tongue Decision),” “Scenario,” The Symphony, “Affirmative Action,” “Self Destruction,” or “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix).” And, you know, if Kanye weren’t here rappers would be killing each other. Thanks Mr. West."

    LMAO!!! you salty….i use to be fly listening to flava in ya ear,affirmative action. coolio b-real meth ll cool j song etc…feel like i'm a monster. but this impeccable feeling of gods since swagga like us……..damn!!! never before.

    "Kim [Kardashian] is Marilyn Monroe”

    False. Marilyn Monroe was an actress who won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in “Some Like It Hot.” Your wife played in a Tyler Perry movie and starred in a homemade sex tape with Ray J."

    YOU MORON, kanye is deeply in love with K, his wife. don't be mad on somebody else wife this aint no mauri show. and you said you not a hater….lmao i just simple don't give a fuck.

    "If you haven’t noticed, Kanye West is terrible with analogies and references that pertain to anything he is doing. He’s a great art student who would have failed a college English course.

    And therein lies my problem with Kanye West. His lack of humility is astounding, even by his own standards. Honestly, I don’t think he knows what the hell he is talking about half of the time."

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this kid kanye did 8 memorable albums. full of amazing lyrics and outstanding music and you coming with this bullshit???

    "The most influential rock star of all-time is a narcissistic douche. That’s far from a role model that I’d like our children to look up to and simulate. "


    your fucking explanation is wrong. you can resume it in a few sentences. kanye is a genius with broken wings. and you can blame this on the corporations. he's just sayin: they call us artists when at the end of the day they just allow us to be ALBUM MAKERS AND TOUR MAKERS always talking bout not really controversial stuff. let me be the first since Prince to say FUCK YOU if i am more than a rapper and producer and i believe so, fuck you cause you scared of my potential. instead of work with me you workin with JAY-Z, the barneys JAY-Z. I'M YE AND ALL I WANT IS THE POWER IN THE RIGHT HANDS.

    PD: at the end of the day, there is a few extremely talented people. kanye pharrell…..when they don't exist, this few eras of transition btwen their albums and works, let the rest of to have some leadership. BUT NEVER AT THE SAME LEVEL AS this few dudes…. i never fall in love in the same way as i fell when i meet a girl listening to FLASHING LIGHTS.

    please fuck you Andreas Hale..and i'm not hating. i'm just saying ;)

  • Dayo Odugbesan

    This was hella weak 2Dope. Ye probably along w/many of his fans ROCK w/this site & for yrs. What kind of corny shit was this? & to put in the words of.. Who Gives A Fuck. Dude, stand behind ur clearly felt sentiments & post it under known bloggers of the site. This was some #BitchAssness. Wasn’t that u guys that had the issue a yr or so ago w/Lupe? I thought we grew from this. This was sucker shit & sadly I’m a long time supporter. I’m not even gonna go into the reasons y u guys shldve known better to post some bs like this, u know them & I’m sure others will go into detail. I’m just vote w/my browser ..there r MAD options to get music/hip info, u guys shld trend lightly. *is going to another site* ..Elliot, what up?! Been curving dude for a min becuz I’m loyal but for little I think #Nahright & #RapRadar will be the go to before I get me am coffee. peace …stupid

    • Jordan E

      They probably give a fuck less about your support and care much more about having a logical stance on hip-hop. But what do I know, right? My post doesn’t even have any hashtags.

    • flo

      you sound mad bruh

  • Jordan E

    This whole slave argument is fucking weak. If you feel like you are a “slave” to a fashion company, look slavery up in the dictionary and tell me if thats what’s going on in your life. Also, for those of you on the “oh you’re taking the word too literally/seriously it’s not intended that way.” Unfortunately, you don’t determine the implication of a word, what everyone thinks when they hear the word does. The only reason it’s such a problem is because there are PLENTY of substitutes that fit the “intended” meaning much more accurately. Stop saying people living in the free world with free will and viable choices are slaves and start referring to yourselves as sheep, or gumps.

    • Wade VanConant

      Unfortunately, we don’t live in a free world or have free will. Your argument is much weaker than the slave argument since your position cannot be logically supported.

  • Dananaz

    Great article, I think you hit the nail on the head. Kanye West is not Malcolm X, nor is he Martin Luther King Jr, or Walt Disney or any of other individuals that he likens himself to. He is an incredibly talented producer and musical artist in my opinion. However, to suggest that he has done/is doing for the world what those individuals did is asinine.
    He is acting like a spoiled child who believes that the world owes him something and throws a fit every time he is questioned or doesn’t get his way. Newsflash, the world doesn’t owe anyone anything. There are literally thousands of kids who grow up in impoverished families, work hard, and DESERVE to go to college…alas that doesn’t mean that the colleges WILL accept them or give them a chance. This is a harsh reality people encounter every day. Just because he collaborated with Nike on a few pairs of shoes and decided to team up with a French clothing company to sell a 100+ dollar plain white undershirt, doesn’t mean that LV, Gucci, Versace or any other clothing companies OWE it to him to provide him with opportunities. It’s called “choice.” They can CHOOSE to side with him if they like his fashion sense, ideas, business acumen, and so on.But to constantly get on national television and complain to the masses that he isn’t getting a fair shot to express himself just sounds moronic. Simply because you excel in one area, doesn’t mean you will continue to excel in multiple other areas (Shaq) and if a business decides that they don’t want to do business with someone, they are free to do so. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are racist, or suppressing creativity or not paying homage to Yeezus.
    I’m a fan of most of Kanye’s music and his albums are usually on constant rotation with me, but Kanye West has shown himself to be a pompous, egotistical child. He has seemingly decided to abandon any sense of humility because he believes he truly is above the rest of us. In my opinion, there is something deeply troubling about an individual with this sense of self.

  • who cares

    Holy shit… I’ve been coming to this site for years, but this is hands down one of the best write-ups I have seen on 2dopeboyz. I hope we start getting more shit like this. I know there was the Masta Ace article a few days ago, but I still haven’t read that.

  • Bighustle

    I don’t wanna seem like I’m rushing to Kanye’s defense, but in that interview when he started going off on Sway there was a tangent just before where he was noticeably frustrated (a stream of consciousness was brewing). Sway proceeded to ask a question and before Kanye could answer began rattling off suggestions…suggestions which to Kanye (who at this point was in mid thought) may have come across as Sway saying “see the answer is this simple.” That then set Kanye off. I heard about it before I saw it so when I went back and watched that particular moment it was clear Kanye was reacting (albeit inappropriately).

    Now does this exempt him from criticism about ALL THE OTHER SH*T he was saying? Absolutely not.

    • TRAP WIZ

      most of the people here wants white racist supremacy, they hating on kanye. lol

  • Beard Gawd

    Great article. Spot on too. Kanye thinks he’s a lot more than he is…
    Anyways, I’d love to see articles like these on a weekly basis on 2DBZ. Would be dope!

    • shake

      Thanks! The plan is to have a Who the Hell Am I feature once a month. Twice if something deserves a talking point.

  • K.

    Kanye dropped out of college to make music and he did that well. most designers have to go to school and then intern somewhere and then start with a small line at a show (if they’re lucky) and then work from there. that or hit the streets and internet and look for somebody to see that and spread it. he just wants to skip all that and start at the top, give me the everything, 100% control, but no risk on my end. you invest in me. he’s been spoiled. He wants the fame, the money, the respect, the recognition and everything right now. fuck you earn that shit. Walt Disney wasn’t walking around calling himself the Michaelangelo of cartoons. those people he compares himself to worked their whole life being them and now WE refer to them as the greats.

  • three

    saying “I am not a Kanye “hater.” Rather,” is like saying “I don’t mean to be offensive, but..”. dude just admitted to being a hater from the beginning and tried to justify that he isn’t by backhand complementing his music. basically saying he’s a good producer but he can’t rap. C’mon guy, just say you don’t like there man. You still listen to all the rants tho, so it must mean you are interested for some reason. get a life fool

  • Real

    You guys gotto understand what is happening with Kayne, hes standing up to the demons who run this world they hate rich black people.

    Im not black nor do I listen to kayne’s music which is going to change, all I see in media is how bad the man is and how crazy he is hell it made me stay away from his music, but then I realised something when I listened to the Sway interview which is Kayne is right, hes fighting for black people he wants black people to be on the top black people dont own shit when it comes to business and hes trying to change that and rich white people dont like it which is why the media is killing his image.

    I’m surprised he has not going even more crazy, the guy wakes up everyday and see’s negative press about himself everyday.. the guy has paparazzi the same people trying to destroy his image following him wherever he goes and people question why hes going crazy?

    This is no different to what they did to Tupac and MJ.

    What do MJ Tupac and Kayne have all in common?

    All Rich with power fighting for black people.

  • stacksHo8

    Man I cannot agree with you more. The whole part of the article about him being that guy in your group of friends that thinks he is right about everything is spot on. Kanye really does think he knows everything there is to be about everything. Once he actually proves he knows anything about what he is talking about will I actually take him seriously. Name dropping about a bunch of people in history does not prove anything.

  • ILLY

    tl;dr: niggas wasn’t hating when Kendrick Lamar made “Vanity Slaves” thooooo.

    Kanye West is crazy, scatter-brained, a bit off his rocker, etc. But yo, what exactly is this article trying to accomplish? Character assassination? It’s gratuitously snarky man. Ok, so Kanye says ridiculous things, and he’s terrible at communicating his ideas (via interview, at least), but he makes some very SIMPLE points, and it baffles me that people are overlooking that shit. 1. Black people don’t actually have power–white privilege is a real thing, and it doesn’t go away, even if you become rich. 2. Artists shouldn’t be boxed in. DaVinci was a brilliant painter, as well as a brilliant inventor, amongst other things. I get it. People ONLY know Kanye for his musical genius, and that’s what they like and they’re comfortable seeing…but Kanye doesn’t care what you’re comfortable with. MOST artists have more than one artistic talent. Kanye knows this, and most artists (not rappers, artists) likely understand this. As CONSUMERS we want what we like, but that’s why there are PRODUCERS; they show us what we like. You’ll never box in an artist, and it’s clear that Kanye is an artist (music, set design, performance, etc). 3. People ARE manipulated into materialism. Yeah, there are exceptions. No, it isn’t ACTUAL slavery, but I don’t think that ACTUALLY takes away from his argument. it’s just that nobody likes being called a slave. But let’s simplify it: you’re being used for what resources you can provide for the rich, and then you’re herded along into whatever the next thing they want you to do is. Bruh specified “mental slavery.” Deny it all you want. Change the diction to save your pride. But MENTAL SLAVERY is the same thing as being a “sheep.” So realize that when he says, “new slaves,” he’s saying that it’s an updated form. It isn’t the system that people are going to dictionary.com to look up definitions to argue with him about. That still exists too (sex slaves, etc.), but he’s clearly saying, “we aren’t actually in control of the lives we’re living,” and MOST of you are smart enough to realize that…but you hate the term “slave.” Plus, y’all just love to hate. Niggas wasn’t hating when Kendrick made “Vanity Slaves,” thoooo.

    As far as “Kim is Marilyn,” well, “Marilyn Monroe won…” isn’t particularly an argument that debunks this. It’s really just a cheap shot at Kim Kardashian. Idc about Kim or Marilyn; neither are ideal feminist role models…but we can’t pretend Kim doesn’t have some sort of supreme social intelligence. That empire didn’t come from nowhere. I guess the Ray J’s a good springboard?

  • Dat nigga

    Kanye already addressed this, it’s called self-hate. Niggaz see the confidence kanye has and they hate. Why can’t ye have an ego or think he’s a god? Just hit the delete button on kanye’s very existence and where would hiphop be? …yeah, kanye’s a god for that. A lot of yall need to get yalls heads out of your asses. When kanye speaks about being a god, he’s talk in terms of hiphop culture, which plays a dominant role in black culture, and that’s where he draws revolutionary comparisons to himself. Which he is right about. I see absolutely nothing wrong with anything kanye says. He’s a true artist so half the shit he’s saying is to be taken figuratively, not literal. But folks be lazy thinkers and would just hate what they don’t understand instead. The only reason ppl have a problem is bcuz they feel he says things he shouldn’t say, whether they’re true or not or if he actually has a right too. Ppl be tripping sometimes. Get ya heads outcha asses.

  • Edward Mobley

    do any of you notice that the guy doesnt make a whole lot of sense when he’s talking, especially when he’s losing his shit? Its easy to be like..dude, you hear this shit? this guy is nuts, he’s crazy, he’s a douche bag!.. but from the looks of it, he might have a serious mental health disorder. like serious delusions of grander and mood swings can literally suggest bipolar disorder. look it up.

  • Mez D


  • Mez D

    Yeah Kanye is a great musician. And I’ve wanted to be on his side but now its just a little extreme. My opinions are pretty ambivalent, mostly leaning towards the anti-rant side. But first off, The slave argument is a bad one, he’s clearly talking mental slavery, and the bible even says You are a slave to whatever controls you. He’s arguing about the materialistic slavery and ingrained implicit racism in our society`, but isn’t posing any real solutions, at all. It seems like he basically wants to become the 8th black billionaire, and be one of those suits in control as if thats a big help for black people. (You can’t get mad at a black man succeeding though). Making affordable product does almost nothing for anyone. I agree if Nike and the rest threw him a bone, he probably would not be “fighting the fight” for black people.
    Black kids obsession with materialism (very broad generalization), as opposed to white people, is a result of coming from nothing in the hood and seeing this image of rappers ballin, and the hood is a longterm byproduct of slavery, and I don’t think can be solved by any person.
    The fight MLK and Malcolm X fought is different than the problems black people face today, and imo wasn’t as hard. Not taking anything away from them, they had to actually face hatred and pain, but fighting a tangible law that removes people’s rights is much more doable than fighting the implicit and explicit racism lying throughout society
    To sum this shit up, Kanye, as a single person, can’t do much for the culture. Only time can heal the wounds. We’ve only been able to vote for 50 years. Kanye is just bitching because his name isn’t giving him everything he wants and is treating this “classism” as a real issue. Maybe if he was trying to empower black kids I could rock with him. Hes using controversy for his fashion dreams which I guess is cool I just dont really care.

    This comment is probably really incoherent but whatever. Im ready to see his show this sunday in ATL!

    • Wade VanConant

      Kanye is a living irony. He preaches how he wants to change this materialistic slavery, but is as big a part of it as anyone. He was selling a plain white t-shirt for $100. He creates ugly shoes and sells them for hundreds of dollars. I’m not hating him for making money off of our materialism and contributing to it, I dislike him because he says he’s doing one thing, but is actually doing the opposite. He may be raising some awareness to the problem, but he is adding to the problem as well.

  • Kieran Conway


  • Freshsup

    Great words Andre. I’ll keep saying it, Kanye makes Kanye look bad. I can’t support the dude anymore. He’s a sideshow.

  • InglewoodJet

    Lame article. You take snippets from interviews to try and shit on kanyes character. One thing I know is that ye won’t give up, he is a believer. And pretty soon you’re going to be saying wow he actually did it. While all this time I was bitching about his tone in his interviews. GO KANYE GO THINKERS GO CREATIVES GO RADICAL ARTIST!

  • jack

    who ever wrote this article should be put down.
    2pac spitting on people got less attention then Kanye having a “rant”
    all i see is a passionate genius.

  • bryant lawrence

    He thinks just cause he pocked good samples he a legit creator?!

  • bryant lawrence

    He came into this game bitting others. Im just saying he seems gassed up

  • Michael Tappler

    I don’t read a lot of these, about Kanye, but this one is on it. It really captures the duplicity that we have seen in Mr. West. Let’s say he gets his clothing line, does he then expect us all to buy it? And the thing about George Bush, it doesn’t and will not cost him a thing to apologize for that comment. If anything he would appear more matd understanding.

  • JɅVI.

    ur a fuck boi for writing this.lol

  • Realistically

    “Kanye West is one of those Hollywood Fast & Furious seven-car pile-ups that you simply cannot take your eyes off of even though it’s so blatantly done for shock value.”

    Considering the recent death of Paul Walker, I think this part of your narrative should be removed.

  • Get off his shit!

  • Regulus

    Focusing so much on the terminology you completely missed the message.

  • dpm

    There. Somebody said it,m and said it much more eloquently than I ever could have. Thanks. Another great piece from 2DBZ