Papoose Disses Trinidad James (and Big Sean) On New Song “Jive Ass Turkey”

blame it on Shake November 28, 2013
papoose jive ass turkey

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Papoose takes advantage of Trinidad’s recent controversy and sends shots his way on “Jive Ass Turkey.”

Happy Thanksgiving… or something.

  • JemPage

    attention seeker

  • sensitive ass attention whore

  • three

    did papoose just call trinidad a one hit wonder? oh the irony…

    • Brian Kidd

      did papoose even have one hit?

      • Sean Rosati

        No but he has SKILLZ!!

        • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

          At reachin

      • bryant lawrence


  • thatrandomguy

    Don’t feed the troll

  • youhighbro

    pap used to have solid mixtapes its sad to see how far he’s fallen, him and dmx though dmx fell a lot farther

  • Fuck U

    Not that good, but Trinidad James is the corniest looking fuck ever. Is he straight off the slave ship?

  • Trash

  • Thomas Gregersen

    Sounds like he’s still salty from Kendrick’s Control verse

  • dfdk

    didnt hear the big sean diss

  • thisthatrandomHaitianGuy

    You can tell Papoose still Hurtin that Remy Ma locked up. Dude aint been the same ever since.

  • Frank

    This shit fire. if anybody was trying to get atettention its Trinidad Lame. Papoose is holding his city down you jive ass turkeys!

  • F.A.R.

    He got shut down by K. Dot & now he wants to diss lower level acts? WEAK!

  • bryant lawrence

    Pap is thirsty with no shame my gawd!

  • Selorm Amuzu

    This is the third diss in the space of 5 months and yet again nothing worthwhile…. funny how they keep proving Trinidad right

  • fonzo517

    I can’t believe how much dick riding is going on with the people on this site. I listen to kendrick more then I listen to pap but yall got your heads up kendricks ass. paps control respose was the best out of everybody who put one out besides maybe joell ortiz. yall are corny

  • fleetwoodmalone

    papoose should have no say about ether of them he’s NEVER been hot or current

  • Selorm Amuzu

    No point defending NY if you ain’t done much for it the city aswell

  • Walker

    So let me get this straight someone come to your city slap you in your face (basically what Trinidad james did), Pap gets at him & ya’ll call Pap corny for coming at his neck lyrically?????? All of you motherfuckers are BITCHASS’s and dick riders straight up and down. I dont give a fuck how bad you THINK pap is, the nigga can spit. & how hard do you think it is you murder trinidad???? He’s garbage & a ONE HIT WONDER. You niggas love changing the argument. Pap says he is a one hit wonder, and ya’ll talking about where’s your hit? Did pap lie or something??? so what if he is not as popping as other artists that doesnt matter and btw the last time i checked Pap had the best verse on probably one of the hottest records in the game at the time which was Touch It remix with Busta, which that hit was probably bigger than trinidad james’ all gold everything.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      First of all Trinidad said a truth which already existed ages ago even before Kendrick so what Trinidad did wasnt groundbreaking, secondly yhh Papoose got at Trinidad, Big Sean and Kendrick but his projects after that were forgettable the only way Pap can get ppl talking is dissin other ppl and at this point he is just attention seeking lastly the gap is between Touch it and his debut album, Papoose went cold and in hiphop if you are off it, you are off it and no one’s gonna care at this point he ain’t doing much to make ppl care period !

  • Selorm Amuzu

    BTW don’t let Papoose disses fool you, this guy wants mainstream ! All this attention seeking is for him to try to get to mainstream but the trouble is dissin Kendrick, Big Sean and Trinidad aint gonna make you mainstream, hopping on south beats and rhyming on south shit aint gonna help either… just making original shit period !!!!!