Justin Timberlake – TKO (Remix) f. J. Cole, A$AP Rocky & Pusha T

blame it on Shake November 29, 2013
justin timberlake live

Well damn… how about this for a Black Friday surprise? Out of left field, J. Cole, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T join Justin Timberlake on the official remix of JT’s The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) single. All three artists do what they do best, and Cole even offers an official response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse. Listen below.

Watch the official music video for “TKO” here.

  • Ralph

    J. Cole ripped it bruh

  • DiscountDoubleCheck

    great response from cole. kendrick can’t hate on that response.

  • Brock

    Coley Cole! Don’t know if Kendrick was really aware of the relationships that could have been severed with that ‘generalized’ verse. And now TDE has a horrible relationship with GQ, which isn’t that huge of a deal, but could cause publicity issues down the line when others want to do features. Guess we’ll see. Still love ’em both.

    • Sticky

      anyone offended by that verse is way too sensitive

    • drunkbear

      also, wasn’t the “relationship” problem with GQ due to the article they wrote about Kendrick that his manager didn’t like? had nothing to do with the actual verse..

      • Brock

        Didn’t mean to make it seem like the Control verse had any impact on the GQ relationship. I was just speaking generally that Kendrick’s public image, and overall print media relationships, could suffer a bit down the line with parties both in and outside of the direct hip hop community.

  • Tyler Reaux

    Why did cole start crying? lol otherwise push couldn’t keep pace with the young guns

    • commonsense

      What!!!! Push Verse was hard!!! Def 2nd if not tie with Cole….

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Push is arguably better than Cole and Rocky you must be young.

      • biff tannen

        Push isn’t even better than rocky at this point. He’s been quite mediocre for about a decade now. He’s the embodiment of “had a spark when you started but now you’re just garbage”.

        True story.

        • period head

          ur gay

          • biff tannen

            Cool story bro

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I do not know what you are talking about, but saying Rocky is better than Push is pushing it LOL. This dude is far more advanced than Rocky, whether you like it or not. His new album proved he has bars people shit on him because of his content, but love the Migos trap flow Cole was rapping to like WTF.

          It clearly shows people are biased with some emcees. In Nosetalgia he had a better verse than Kendrick. Do you think Asap Rocky can stand a track with Kendrick? Hell no.

          He would just get shitted on, because he does not bring any bars to the table. The strongest Bar wise in his camp is Asap Nast. That is the nigga you should be defending, not some “mediocre I listen to the beat, because the nigga has no bars rapper” like Rocky.

          • biff tannen

            While Pusha is most definitely a better MC than ASAP. ASAP makes better music. His album was better than Pusha’s. Not saying he had better rhymes, just better songs. Pusha has been rhyming about the same thing with the same flow for over a decade. Shits boring now. He plateaud long ago. Stuck in mediocrity.

      • Tyler Reaux

        So you think MNIMN is better than born sinner??

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I do, the album was safe and I did not enjoy it as much as his previous works. I am happy he finally got the attention he has been working hard to reach. He was on the come up with wale and Wale blew up, so it is good to see him on the rise and taking chances this time around.

          • Tyler Reaux


  • shake

    Dope as remix. I approve.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      who had your favorite verse?

      • shake

        Cole, Pusha then A$AP.

        • Rj James

          Fuck asap

    • all except A.S.A.P trash

      • Guest

        yall bums be ridin pusha too hard. pusha is fuckin horrible and been trash. honestly, if it was anyone other than pusha rappin then, he would get clowned. Rocky is way better than Pusha T at this point, and I grew up on Clipse.. Pusha T is the definition of a struggle rapper wit shitty punchlines. At least Rocky respects the skill of rhyming and doesn’t rely on horrible punchlines and coke rhymes. get off Pusha’s dick.

  • Starks

    Cole is letting people know who’s running shit!

  • thatrealshit

    so is it safe to say that cole and kendrick havent put much work in on that collab project recently…honestly he prolly just threw shots back for the buzz. verse was dope either way

  • AndOneill

    King cole!!! Finally I see a post were everybody not hatin on cole,

    • FreddyNieto

      Anyone who hates on cole doesn’t know good music and real music

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    Cole snapped on this, I love when big collabs just drop out of nowhere like this. And that’s good exposure for all 3 of them being on JT’s remix, added to the fact Cole responded to Control

  • ubimusic

    Jay-Z shot is a lot more interesting than the Control reference.

    • biff tannen

      What jay z shot?

      People hear a name an automatically assume its a shot smh


      • shake

        Right!? I saw a few other heads talking about a diss on Twitter. SMH.

    • bjr5005

      it wasn’t a shot . he’s saying he doesn’t count on jay-z to help him with anything, although he’s signed to him.

  • Anthony Osei

    Can I listen to this without expecting A$AP Rocky to rap about his dick or what?

    • shake

      Absolutely not.

      • Dante


    • Guest

      he didn’t rap about his dick, tho..

  • espyy

    IMO Kendrick’s verse was stronger that Cole’s, but still a great verse. Dope collab.

  • Jay

    So nobody is gonna talk about Cole using the Migos flow?..

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      does it matter?

    • ConcreteCakes

      It’s actually the bone thugs flow

      • Ballsdeep


        • dcTree

          It actually is tho lol

          • Ballsdeep

            i know what you mean and yes bonethugs are the originators of that TYPE of flow. but the way he uses it and the melody of it is identical to quavo of migos. again similar to bone thugs but IDENTICAL to migos,

    • Ballsdeep

      ”real hiphop heads” dont know shit about migos though haha

      • you right i don’t follow all the trash that comes out in hip hop Migos sounds like the offspring of Gucci and Chief Keef two of america’s worst rappers alive

        • Ballsdeep

          but doesn’t that put you in an awkward position when someone you dick ride uses some trash rappers flow?

          • three

            not if the lyrics are coherent

          • Ballsdeep

            so you admit to dickriding.. ok. But the rapper you are dick riding obviously has love for what you think is ”trash” which goes to show you that you are a music snob and that real artists fuck with real artists. if you can’t enjoy migos or gucci’s music then i actually feel sorry for you D-riders

          • three

            i was ignoring that ignorant portion of your comment, liking music doesn’t equate to “dick riding”. also i never said i liked migos or gucci. but theres nothing wrong with people who do. believe it or not, we are allowed to have opinions/preferences

          • Ballsdeep

            no but when someone asks a question which infers that the person being asked is a dick rider and then you answer it, you have confirmed that you are in fact a D-rider.
            Its ironic you claim ”people are allowed to have opinions” when its people like you on their fucking high horse who fill this site with bullshit comments on anything they dont see as ”real hiphop”.

          • Ballsdeep

            you basically admitted to being a dickrider

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            You bought up a valid point that some will probably wipe out their mind LOL. I am just happy he is doing something different, other than being a Websters definition of a rapper.

          • Ballsdeep

            yea i mean shit, originality is what keeps hiphop so interesting. which is why i have given up on so called ”underground” rappers because they have been doing the same shit for the past 5-10 years

        • Ballsdeep

          Not saying migos are some lyrical miracle rappers, but they make (mostly) good music

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            I agree, they make trap music, just like some Emo and punk rockers hate but acknowledge Death Metal and alternative Rock. It is another sub-genre of hip-hop if you do not like it that’s cool, but we can agree when people jack this genres style, flow and beats people never wanna bat an eye all of the sudden it is okay.

          • Ballsdeep

            Thank you, ”trap” gets so much negative attention, most people dont realize that alot of their favorite rappers are influenced by trap, some very little (kendrick among others) some much more than you’d think (drake)

        • Guest

          and if you think gucci is one of america’s worst rappers then you are not hiphop at all

  • who cares

    This is fucking awful. Why did JT go and enlist three of the most overrated cats in the industry right now? Cole sounds like he’s on his deathbed*, A$AP was generic as hell, and Pusha was all over the place. Can’t believe I just wasted four and a half minutes of my life listening to this.

    *That’s coming from someone who thought Kenrick’s Control verse was over-hyped. So I’m not even a K. Dot stan.

    • $nicka

      Sounds like rap isn’t for you homie

      • who cares

        Sounds like Hip Hop isn’t for you homie. Enjoy being force fed garbage.

        • FreddyNieto

          You’re right Kendricks verse on control wasn’t that good, but saying j Cole is overrated?? Mauv move along

      • $$$

        Best reply ever haha

  • Kevin Tran

    Cole>Pusha>Rocky versus wise

  • Nito

    Cole killing his features like it was 09.

  • biff tannen

    Coles verse was dope up until the end n then it was just mad awkward.



  • LaFlame

    Cole jacking Migos flow

  • Frank Kennedy

    Why did cole break out with that migos flow? Ew. Beat was nice though. Feeling the line up.

  • Nobody

    My goodness J.Cole! Ripped it.

  • truu

    Cole switched up to the Migos flow because he was taking subliminals at Drake…. hence the Jay-Z reference (Pound Cake).

    • biff tannen

      Tf r u smoking kid? Lol

  • Leave it to Cole to get his Waiting to Exhale on a track where you supposed to be deliverin’ chest-beating lines. Nigga deliverin “Dear, Diary”-esque bars. Nigga gettin his “As Told by Ginger” on with them raps.
    Man, how the fuck some of ya’ll cosign that shit..

    • Mic Lee

      bro…the fuck you talikng about? lmao

  • Bambi

    No matter how somebody flows its somebody elses flow. So what if he switched the flow (which 95% of rappers can’t even do if not more) for four bars to what the Migos do. The Migos still couldn’t of written four bars like Cole. Let the man live jesus

  • bjr5005

    Cole went off, Pusha did his damn thing, and that was probably Rocky’s best verse all year.

    • Guest

      nah, def not his vest verse all year.. his best verse all year was his first verse on the song “suddenly” by him

  • YT

    people are thirsty for beef? how do you listen to raps?

  • Tino

    yup Cole stylin on this bish

  • Terry.

    cole blendin migos and kendrick’s hungry flow and killin it

  • B3gillin

    J. Cole killed it. Our first look at Cole and Timbaland. I’d love to hear a Cole album where he didn’t do any of the production. He’s good but he seems to always kill these other beats ridiculously.

  • Guest

    rocky verse gonna fly under the radar and get hated on but he for real rhymed his entire was nice.

  • headwest

    OH, ok. now go forth and do this for an entire album, Cole.

    Rocky is on autopilot here, yall. meh.

    Pusha is simply one of the best working right now. No features on the next album, please.

  • Shaun Rodgers


    • biff tannen

      “Things no one has said since ’02 ” for $500 Alex

    • Guest

      pusha had the worst verse! lol “Memoirs of a millionaire, even better I’m a reallionaire Elias skirt, Fendi work, dress my baby like build-a-bear” <- trashhhhhhhhhh

      • Prince Akeem

        cringeworthy. tired of pusha gettin a pass for recycled coke raps and half ass metaphors. if trinidad james said that line niggas would be all over him

  • guniyggf

    13478340466 call

  • DC95

    All three came with it!

  • Prince Akeem

    weird random crying

  • marty mcfly

    Its like the tenth time Cole as said some kinda sneak diss line at Jayz, smh. The worst kinda nigga is one that you gave an opportunity and they repay you with disrespect. That kinda shit has never been respected by any culture anywhere since the beginning of time.

    • Stop reaching.

    • L.o.M.d

      Not a diss, it’s kinda like when Kendrick said “if Dre gives me a handout I’m gon take his wrist and break it”

      • marty mcfly

        He said he didn’t have to lean on Jayz but his mixtapes and his first and 2nd album came out on Roc Nation (which = Jayz). The right think would have been to say “lemme thank Jayz”. Whatever he meant it just came off wack imo and his verse wasn’t that dope either, nigga crying like a bitch at the end. FOH, Asap>>>

        • Starks

          Cole is stating that he didn’t need any handouts. Jay-Z gave him the opportunity and now he’s building his empire on his strive and motivation. Jay-Z has explained his method on numerous occasions that he’s not holding the hands of the artists under his label. It’s like the more you speak your opinion, the more stupid you sound. Just give it a rest already.

          • marty mcfly

            Like I said Fool, whatever he meant its still wack and imo its just a lack of judgement to ever put a line out there that could be taken some kinda way especially when your signed to Roc Nation. Jay gave him an opportunity but he also put his name behind J Cole as a brand and Roc Nation spends money keeping his career at a certain level on a mainstream platform. No Jayz aint holding his hand but its not like Cole put out those albums independently and built his shit up from the streets. NO fool, Jayz has been there from the beginning, Cole had no albums out before Roc Nation and he had no buzz commercially so show some appreciation. Thats not stanning that is almost the simplest form of common sense that even an idiot should be able to understand. People never wanna give Jay credit for the artists on Rocafella, Def Jam (when he was president), Roc Nation, well my thing is if an artists could’ve done it on their own then why didnt they do that? No Jayz isnt holding peoples hands but to act like him working on an artists behalf aint worth much is an insult. Go read some of what The Roots had to say about Jayz during their time at Def Jam. They talk about how Jay gives people full creative control and if they need anything whatsoever Jay will get it done for them. If this was the first time Cole said something about Jayz then ok but like I said earlier Cole always got some shit to say in little lines here and there and imo thats some ungrateful shit.

          • biff tannen

            Still rofl

            Good stuff

          • marty mcfly

            At this point anybody saying some shit about Jayz that could be taken some kinda way is really what you call reaching. Jayz aint out here putting these new niggas in his rhymes. Furthermore thats like Drake saying some shit about Cash Money, or Big Sean throwing a shot at Kanye, or Kendrick saying some sneak diss shit about Dr Dre or Meek Mill saying some shit about Ross etc… Its like comeonson, you fucking signed up under these dudes brands. FOH

          • biff tannen

            Except the only one catching feelings over it is you lol

            I gurantee jay will hear that and feel no kind of way about it. Get out your feelings good sir.

            Actually, continue…..the mind of a stan is always good for laughs.

          • marty mcfly

            I wouldn’t say catching feelings but what I said was saying anything (from Cole towards Jay) that could be taken as a sneak diss is wack cause thats what it is, wack and its not the first time its happened so when it happens again dont be surprised. Of course Jayz dont feel any type of way. He’s a respectful dude, thats what he comes from, a place of respect. When he hears Cole and these little sneak disses he just ignores them (but prolly doesn’t forget) because he knows Cole just says whatever without really thinking about what he’s saying.

          • biff tannen

            So cole shouldnt say things that stans might misconstrue as “sneak disses”??? Yea that makes sense.

            Solid argument.


          • marty mcfly

            Bingo especially when its done repeatedly in use of the name Jayz. Thats going beyond being stupid at that point, thats just some lame ungrateful shit.

          • biff tannen

            How upset r u?


          • marty mcfly

            I dont know at what point I said I was upset. Like I dont know where your getting the impression im mad. I just made a comment. Now there are some types of people that think you can say anybodies name and say almost anything about them and its always cool. Then there are some that think when you say a persons name in rhymes, there is a certain level of intention there and there is a context to it and by saying that persons name you wanna imply several different things or else you wouldn’t say no name at all. Not everybodies name holds weight but when it comes to Jayz and when its out the mouth of J Cole? Its time to apply some basic common sense. Beanie Sigel use to feel like he could say Jays name and say whatever about him and it was ok. Jay let that go one for a couple years and even still kept him on American Gangster but at some point its like Jay is gonna listen to how his name is being used. Young Guru on the other hand, he feels like any time he mentions Jayz its only right that he show some sorta sign of respect in whatever context the conversation is about. Now again, if this was the first time Cole mentioned Jayz and didn’t throw a thank you in there then ok but its been a few at this point and imo it feels like Cole wants the public to feel some sorta way about him in spite of what Jayz is and has brought to the situation. Again to some thats not disrespectful, BUT there are some like myself that look at that and say ok when you mention Jayz name it should be 100% positive based on the things Jay has done for Cole. That simple.

          • biff tannen

            Long rants are a clear signal of emotion. Especially when it comes to something as vague as what cole said.


          • marty mcfly

            If thats what you call a “clear” sign of emotion then thats just your opinion. Id say its a comment, nothing more or less. Im basically just saying, and thats about it. Drake could’ve said how he’s so great that he dont need Cash Money and he dont need Wayne and all that but he decided to keep it real instead and just be respectful cause he knows without Wayne jumping on a bunch of his songs and without Wayne letting him come out and perform his single with Trey Songs at his shows before there was ever a So Far Gone mixtape or any real buzz about him, that he might still be trying to get on somewhere in Memphis or Toronto.

          • biff tannen

            How many more paragraphs are u gonna write before you realize I don’t read them? Lol

          • marty mcfly

            Thats it. Dont read them then, thats cool with me. The shit ya’ll think is novels and paragraphs get written in seconds but hey I know reading is difficult for some. Especially when they cant form anything worth being said back.

          • biff tannen


          • krow132

            then why are you responding to him. If you don’t care that much then vamoose. All this lame attempt at trolling someone with the oldest rule of the book just makes you look mad un-original

          • biff tannen

            Its not an attempt if its successful.
            The fact that its an old shtick just adds to the hilarity of it.
            I’m after entertainment not originality.

            Any more questions?

          • krow132

            eh do you then

          • biff tannen

            Will do.

          • marty mcfly

            I kinda find it funny that this guy is finding this funny an having such a good time with it. This fool must be the most easily entertained mothafucka ever. Type to laugh at jokes that aint even funny type mothafucka, smh.

          • marty mcfly

            You seem to be catching feelings over what im saying which again is so easy to understand that to even comment back against what’s basic common sense makes you seem like a dumbass. The point is when somebody not only gives you an opportunity but continues to make moves over the span of years that have changed your life for the better, just say thank you or dont say anything about them at all in your rhymes. Thats basic level shit that shouldn’t even have to be explained.

          • biff tannen

            Tl; dr

            Still rofl btw

            Good times

          • Starks

            That isn’t common sense, everything you speak is pure hatred for an artist. You always seem to point out irrelevant things like the Jay-Z line he said to try to prove that he’s talking smack towards his boss when all he’s doing is addressing the masses that his success comes from his hard work and dedication. Jay-Z put him in the spotlight in “A Star is Born” which is logical because he’s his first artist and he wants the masses to know that. Cole is speaking from a stand point that he’s not only proving to him that he’s great, but his audience as well that he’s here and he’s going to be here for as long as HE wants to. When Kanye spoke about how he’s going to beat Jay for #1 in Big Brother, was that a diss to him? No. You need to understand young one that you don’t like J. Cole so you will forever hate on him for the sake of hating for no reason. There are plenty of other artist that you can listen to besides Cole. I don’t like certain artists that 2dope posts… do you see me hopping on every post writing something negative about them? NO. You need to seriously grow the fuck up.

          • marty mcfly

            For people that aint that sharp, they hear Cole mention Jayz in his rhymes and dont think nothing of it but for those that understand context, and ask themselves why would Cole say Jayz name in his rhymes at all period? Especially if the rhyme says nothing respectful? Again you cant take it either way but there is a hint of sneak dissing whenever Cole mentions Jayz. Because again there is no need to say Jayz name in a rhyme so you could either do it respectfully or you prolly shouldn’t say it at all. This doesn’t apply to everybody for those on Roc Nation? Id say when you mention Jayz it should be in a certain way. This particular line can be taken either way but its the combined mentions of Jayz in Cole’s rhymes that if you use some sense you can tell Cole feels some kinda way about Jayz because you never hear thank you, its always some shit about Jayz thats less then grateful. Again Cole stans prolly cant catch this but any smart person knows that when you say someones name, you though about what kinda context you would use it in and again Jay has shown his level of respect toward Cole but doesn’t get that back in return.

          • marty mcfly

            Again you CAN take it either way but there is a hint of sneak dissing whenever Cole mentions Jayz… or you prolly shoudn’t say it at all. This doesn’t apply to everybody BUT for those on Roc Nation?…

        • biff tannen

          Rofl @the stanlyness of your words and thought process

    • krow132

      your looking way too hard into it bruh

      • marty mcfly

        Not really man, I just made a comment and thats it. The dummy wanted to me to elaborate so ok I did. Then he claims to not read it but somehow he finds it funny? Hey whatever works man. I dont know whats so difficult or entertaining about something so easily understood.

        • Ace_Boogie_10k

          I noticed that a while back…super stoned right now, that wax got me lifted…but I remember having the same convo a few months back….its like iffy whether he is taking those underhanded hits or not…

    • thib

      bahahah shut up dude wtf r u honestly smoking… cole loves jay

  • Thomas Gregersen

    Pusha Ton

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    cole goes and drops a verse better than his whole album lol.. why you do this to meee cole

  • Brown Sugar

    was j cole crying or laughing at the end

    • krow132

      sounds like fake crying

  • pussnboots

    Cole is wack! Crying? and why wait so long to respond? Pussy

  • OfficialCJGatz

    This is how remixes are supposed to be .. I hate when artists put whack ass rappers on their remix .. This hot !

  • marty mcfly

    Asap had the best verse.

  • 2RAW

    “Short bus shorty, cause she sure is special”
    Classic J. Cole lol
    nice verse though

  • SupremeSoulstice

    J. Cole played that well and it ain’t as much about Kendrick as the dopeboy tried to make it..

  • krow132

    J. Cole went off

  • Scott77Abe

    How many damn times are we gonna hear Pusha T spit the same damn verse with the same damn cliché bars… He’s getting SO boring now.

    Cole snapped. Finally a worthy reply to Control.

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