• AndOneill

    Dope production, dope lyrics! Dope artists.!!! This is Hiphop

  • fonzo517

    had this album, whole thing goes in. he got a lot of concept tracks on it that are pretty dope

  • LMK!

    This post just made my day.

  • biff tannen

    One of the most underrated and unappreciated MCs doing it. Dudes flow is just too damn ill.

  • Keith Easter


  • Point of Reference

    Detroit at this time was straight killing shit and Slim Shady was still on hiatus. The first time I heard Danny Brown was on the Fire (Remix) off this album. eLZhi was at a level that few have yet to reach or match since. His new work will be some of his best yet. The fact he hasn't been an XXL Freshmen is just comical at this point. He's surpassed the need for that mainstream recognition when his catalog is this ill and thorough

  • LIV3

    nigga been sleeping on elzhi man easily top 5 lyrically

  • Chronic

    This guy is incredible...not saying they sound alike exactly, but this guy gives me the same feeling that I got when I first listened to proofs solo album back in the day, flow is just effortless but he's fitting so many rhymes in.

  • Y-Rap

    Probably my favorite Elzhi joint ever. It's just go in and don't stop, Royce' flow is butter on here too. Although, if you get a chance to hear the version that hit before the album came out, El's verse is more natural on there.