The Real Question, Pusha T, Is When Will Clipse Make Music Again?

Pusha T's (proper) solo debut will likely be on both mine and Shake's year-end lists, but -- for me -- all I'd like to see before I become an old, out-of-touch gramps with a hairline problem is whether or not Push and No Malice will combine like Voltron and re-introduce the world to the Clipse again. Speaking to Zane Lowe, he doesn't exactly get my hopes up, but if Outkast can (maybe?) do Coachella then I don't think it's too much to ask for the brothers Thornton to make a return as well right?

Anyways, you can check out Pusha's contribution to Justin Timberlake's remix of "TKO" right here.

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    Push knows about UK Garage

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    Reunion of the year

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    The Clipse - As God As My Witness - Coming Soon!