Q-Tip & Rick Rubin To Produce Kanye West’s Next Album

blame it on Shake December 3, 2013

Before A Tribe Called Quest’s final show in New York City, Q-Tip sat down with Life+Times to reminisce on Midnight Marauders, speak on his next album Last Zulu and reveals that he and Rick Rubin will be handling production duties on Kanye West’s next album.

I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, I’m doin’ that, so that’s coming up.

On Last Zulu: It’s hard to describe… definitely bars. Bars is crazy, beats is crazy, it’s gonna be darker. It’s gonna be like the bad twin of Tribe, but not necessarily in terms of content, just musically.

Q-Tip is also working on The Abstract And The Dragon with Busta Rhymes. Check out the Kanye and Lil Wayne-assisted “Thank You” and check out the official cover art here.

  • Tino

    Ohhh Shit! Dope!

  • _AudiiO

    Q-Tip will say yes to any idea Kanye comes up with and Rick Rubin will sit barefooted on the couch with sunglasses on so nobody can tell he’s asleep.

    • biff tannen


    • datbul


  • Justin Blantey

    Maybe Q-Tip can put some soul on this new album

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know about Kanye anymore. I think he might be losing his mind and if thats the case then it dont matter who does the beats. The end result wont be that dope if the words being said or just built on shock value without any real point or bottom line that makes sense.

    • Terry.

      lol you don’t know anymore????????????

      cause i’m sure right now me and millions of people got it like never before!! kanye is more and more. everyalbum he puts out is like get to 1000 feet more than before…and yeezus is no exception

  • cam

    This dude Rick Ruben lowkey just need ta sit the fxck down. Everything he been apart of lately is subpar. MCHG = slightly above average. Yeezus = TRASH! MMLP2 = BLASPHEMOUS!!!

    • Rick wasn’t involved with MCHG outside of the adverts. Jay just put him in the commercial to hype it up. He even admitted to not working on it at all.

  • Brandon Lewis

    Great fit Love the Q Tip and Rick mix. I think both of them can get the sound that Kanye want and his fan desire to hear from them. Don’t Sleep on this

  • biff tannen

    More tip less rick. [ll]

    Kanye still has plenty of relevant things to say he just needs to focus. Hopefully tip n rick can help him with that.

    • espyy

      If rick helps Ye how he helped Em.. Ye is fucked up

      • biff tannen


  • marty mcfly

    The thing is this, rapping itself is like using your voice as an instrument so its basically just an extension of the beat to a degree. Now what can Q Tip or Rick do for Kanye musically? Imo not much and its because Kanye is the one rapping on it. Kanye is gonna take whatever sound and change it just with the sound of his voice and Kanye dont really rides beats, he interrupts them and vocally just stomps them out with rhymes that are written like pieced together quotes going in all directions. Neither Q Tip or Rick can do anything with that except end up being background noise. Kanye sounds best over beats he made himself and same goes for Q Tip, he sounds best when he’s rapping over his own beats (or Busta Rhymes lol). Rick is just the guy that listens and says whether he thinks its good or not but that approach is suited better for critiquing new producers not somebody with the experience of Kanye West.

    • biff tannen

      You co-sign the mediocrity that was MCHG so your opinion is invalid.

      Good day sir

      • marty mcfly

        What? I mean I pretty much said everything I needed to say about MCHG so you coulda talked to me about it back then. I think it was a great album with a bunch of dope songs that make it a very balanced and well rounded, forward thinking, best of modern day sounding hip hop with something for everybody. If you dont like the album then thats fine, Jayz aint talking to you then. Like he been said “If you dont like my lyrics you can press fast forward”… and “you not feeling me, fine it cost you nothing pay me no mind”…. but I know that 95% of rappers could never in their entire career every pull off an album like MCHG cause as a total body of work its too complex. You niggas prolly never coulda even figured out Oceans if he aint break it down for you before hand. Anything else you gotta say about that album, you prolly shoulda said already. Its out now and selling like good food, either buy it or dont, makes no difference at this point.

        • biff tannen

          I said good day.

    • Thank Me

      Agreed. At the end of the day Kanye’s ego will drown out input from Rick and Q and go with the best sound that he believes in.

    • hiphopanon

      chain heavy was one of my favorite good friday tracks.. kanye can get down with tips sound. hes born from that…. biffs trolling you btw, look at his name.

      • marty mcfly

        Of course biff, is trolling me LOL. I entertain it because its funny but like the guy below said Kanyes ego might be bigger then the sound that Q Tip and Rick can make for him. You named one song from him and in sure there are others but when it comes to beats id say Kanye probably knows himself better then anybody else.

        • hiphopanon

          all i did was reference the most relevant track we have from tip and kanye, which is dope, and would only make one believe that more dopeness is possible. why are you so fast to write the collab off? it hasnt even started production

          • marty mcfly

            I’ll keep hope alive cause Kanye is obviously influenced by Tip but who’s gonna take the lead in this situation musically? Idk cause Kanye gonna have to kinda check his ego at the door. Musically imo Tip is a little more guided by the melody, Kanye on the other hand is trying to make everything as over the top and over produced as possible most times. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • Sirilly


  • Starks

    I remember Marty praising YEEZUS too… Lol this guy makes me laugh.

    • marty mcfly

      I wasn’t praising Yeezus fool, I said I liked half the album. Thats 5 songs. Now some think Kanye is making better music these days but hey id say some of his older material was better. My opinion of him since Yeezus has alot to do with his outbursts of confused ranting and if that translates into another Yeezus then cool but my opinion remains the same. The new rage filled experimental Kanye is alright but the more musical Kanye that was not really concerned with cause media shock value but more concerned with just making good music? I dont know if that guy is still around cause its been a couple years since MBDTF. WTT was half him and Jay but hey ya’ll can be entertained with this Kanye all you want, but musically Im into about half if not less of the music he’s been putting out as a solo artist.

      • Starks

        Yes you were praising it… stop denying it. You sound pathetic trying to defend yourself. I remember all of those J. Cole posts on YOU said how great Yeezus was going to be. Shut the fuck up.

        • marty mcfly

          Yeah definitely better then Cole’s album and Cole lost that first week challenge regardless of sells weeks after. If you wanna say I was praising Yeezus then ok but just say what I said last time which is a like half the album. Matter fact I said some of the songs were just horrible but if you think I was praising it thats fine.

          • marty mcfly

            but I’LL just say what I said last time which is I like half the album.

          • Starks

            Stop trying to convince shit. I know what you said. And the fact that you’re comparing two different albums makes you an idiot.

          • marty mcfly

            Im not trying to convince shit dummy. You can believe that I praised the yeezus album. I know exactly what was said but what you took from it is your own opinion.

          • marty mcfly

            I like HALF the album and yes those 5 songs are better then Cole’s whole album. Thats not a comparison, thats a conclusive statement.

    • biff tannen

      Right lol

      His fanboy mentality is fun to poke at

      • marty mcfly

        LOL, whats even more funny is the assumptions you make about me as im reading the dumb shit you say to me everyday. You take some shit you read and run as far as you can with the comment only to say some shit back thats mostly exposes your mentality more so then even the depth of one thought from mine.

        • Starks

          Because Marty, you are simply a walking contradicting idiot.

          • marty mcfly

            Ok, yes people confuse words for contradictions all the time. Thats nothing new but anybody who read my shit specifically knows that if I make two or more statements about the same subject, not every word has to agree with the other. Example, if I say I like the song Heaven from MCHG and dont like the La Familia song, that doesn’t really mean there is any contradiction between the two statements in regards to my opinion of the whole album. Stupid people dont really understand such things cause they have comprehension limits in regards to some basic common sense.

        • biff tannen

          What a long winded douche lol

          And yea….what starks said.

  • SaltineCracker

    Lmao marty mcfly is almost Big Ghostface status for all the wrong reasons in these 2dopeboy skreets. Been mad years and every post dudes getting roasted.

    • marty mcfly


  • The Esteemed

    Excited about the Q-Tip part of this. THe Rick Rubin part…. not so much.