• SpeakingHarshTruth

    Is the adoration of Pimp C some elaborate Lil B-esque inside joke I'm missing? Mediocre as fuck.

    At least Bun B has some semblance of lyricism....yikes!

    • biff tannen

      Anything is better than the verses hov laid on this track. Horrible

    • peteybomb

      No, but he did spawn an entirely new style which is embodied in the raps of Drake and ASAP Rocky just to name a few. UGK was groundbreaking for more reasons than lyricism.

  • SaltineCracker

    Wouldnt it have made more sense to put the verse on fuck with me you know i got it?

  • No Name Needed

    I know I've heard that Pimp verse before. Any one else recognize it?

    Edit: Figured it out - its got a couple of lines in common with "Tough Guy" - the UGK and Outkast collab.

  • Thomas Gregersen

    The more I listen to MCHG the more it confirms that it's mediocre as fuck. Not even a remix with Pimp C could make me enjoy this track (or any other from the album for that matter)

  • Tyler Reaux

    so much better with pimp c

  • Tino

    RIP the Pimp!

  • Drew

    Wish Jay just got Bun to lay a verse down and get UGK back together for a min... #bigpimpin