Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” Gets Remixed With An Unreleased Pimp C Verse

blame it on Shake December 4, 2013

While December 4th may be the born day of Jay Z, it also serves as a reminder of the day we lost Chad “Pimp C” Butler. In honor of the shared date, Hov’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail single receives an unreleased verse from the UGK member. Take a listen below. UPDATE: Explicit, tag-free version.

Skyzoo and Antman Wonder paid homage to Hov’s classic debut today with the release of An Ode to Reasonable Doubt.

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  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Is the adoration of Pimp C some elaborate Lil B-esque inside joke I’m missing? Mediocre as fuck.

    At least Bun B has some semblance of lyricism….yikes!

    • biff tannen

      Anything is better than the verses hov laid on this track. Horrible

    • peteybomb

      No, but he did spawn an entirely new style which is embodied in the raps of Drake and ASAP Rocky just to name a few. UGK was groundbreaking for more reasons than lyricism.

  • SaltineCracker

    Wouldnt it have made more sense to put the verse on fuck with me you know i got it?

  • No Name Needed

    I know I’ve heard that Pimp verse before. Any one else recognize it?

    Edit: Figured it out – its got a couple of lines in common with “Tough Guy” – the UGK and Outkast collab.

  • Thomas Gregersen

    The more I listen to MCHG the more it confirms that it’s mediocre as fuck. Not even a remix with Pimp C could make me enjoy this track (or any other from the album for that matter)

  • Tyler Reaux

    so much better with pimp c

  • Tino

    RIP the Pimp!

  • Drew

    Wish Jay just got Bun to lay a verse down and get UGK back together for a min… #bigpimpin