Skyzoo & Antman Wonder Pay Homage to Jay Z On “An Ode to Reasonable Doubt”

blame it on Shake December 4, 2013
skyzoo reasonable doubt

After a slight delay, Skyzoo and Antman Wonder’s orchestral remake of Jay Z’s classic debut is finally here.

The 9 song EP shows Philly composer Antman Wonder recreating the original beats with live string sections, horns, etc, while lyrically its written from the perspective of Sky placing himself in the emotions that Jay displayed on the original, but from his point of view, as opposed to reinterpreting Jay’s life.


The project is available on Bandcamp with a “name your price” option. A few extra gifts are offered to those that drop a few bucks as well.

  • shake

    Definitely can’t wait to press play on this. “Meeting the Presidents” was dope as hell.

    • AndOneill

      Anything skyzoo does is nice!! Remaking a classic aswell,, hope it’s on par with Elmatic

      • Jeffc2

        It is… nicely done.

  • Yoo this is dope.. Skyzoo never disappoints

  • Ryan

    Just purchased this one, easy to pay a few bucks and even get the Skyzoo autographed poster.

  • TheCatalyst

    Paid my $3

  • ATK

    Wow more people seriously need to hear Skyzoo. I cant remember the last bad project he dropped. This is Amazing!

  • biff tannen

    Bout to bump this

  • Jeffc2

    Flawless delivery and word play over quality production. What the fuck more do we want?

  • PV

    If there’s anyone who can respectfully pay tribute to my favorite hiphop album of all time and do it justice, it’s Zoo. Proud to pay (plus an autographed poster doesn’t sound too bad either)

    • shake

      He does seem like the perfect emcee to take on such a task huh? I grabbed the posted myself.

  • Fantastic. Happy Birthday HOV

  • BoRed

    Aye how do I get the poster? I just payed $7, but no information or email about the poster shipping.. anyone got the answers? This shit dope doe

  • 1 Mic

    what kind of car is that?

    • sb

      lexus gs 300

  • marty mcfly

    That was DOPE.

  • Y-Rap

    Sky been that dude. I only wish this was mixed a lil bit better, like his albums but maybe we’ll get a physical down the line. Diamonds all on this one man.

  • Justin Time

    Definitely feeling this joint. Reminds of how Elzhi did Elmatic

  • BCTW

    Sky is awesome but not really feeling this project. His rhymes are insane but the musical interpolation isn’t the greatest, in my opinion. Still, nice addition to Sky’s impressive resume.

  • biff tannen

    Best hip hop I’ve heard with the name Jay Z attached to it since WTT.

  • sb

    Straight dope

  • Blunt Beaston

    real hip-hop … #FuxWitIt

  • MalMoe
  • Bravo