Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre Preview New Music in “Beats Pill” Commercial (Video)

blame it on Illy December 5, 2013

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre star in the new ad spot for Pill XL for Beats By Dr. Dre. Rumor has it is the verse is set to appear on Dr. Dre’s long awaited Detox album. Whenever that happens.

  • Sam N

    fuck a Detox rumor…ive heard too many

  • AW

    holy fucking shit!!!! Can Detox be AAAAAALLLLLLIIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEEEE???? LOL

  • JaeB

    track dope…beat pill..not so much.

    • shake

      Highly disappointed by it. Got a red one when it came out smh

      • Terry.

        bose >

  • thatrandomguy

    That beat sick tho

  • Kayo

    DAMN that sounds like a fucking banger…. shit… but ya’ll know not to hold your breath at this point… DETOX 20-never let’s get it

  • Pat Booy

    Yall motherfuckers couldn’t wait to click on this and rate it the highest you can Lol smh

    • mega mega

      I love Kendrick but he needs to stop stealing peoples flows! First 3 Stacks flow on “Stay Ready”

      And now Em’s flow on this smh and i know you assholes think he’s God so feel free to be bias and hit dislike on my comment

      • thatrealshit

        its called influence, listen to look out for detox, its the same flow. kendrick uses alien voices like outkast, hes a technician like em, tells deep stories like nas. hes influenced by legends like every other modern rapper…just like em was influenced by every rapper before him

        • mega mega

          I call bullshit, being influenced is ok but i think every rapper should stick to their own flow especially when they’re a new artist

          • Jade Nembhard

            Stealing flows implies deceit. Kendrick has been in the booth with both Eminem and 3K. If he was really “stealing” flows, I doubt that he would be so oblivious about it. Rap is mainly based upon influence. And for the record, this is not Eminem’s flow. You’re acting like it has a trademark on it.

          • Goldberg brain

            This is clearly Eminem’s flow

            But this shit is hard to me!

          • Jade Nembhard

            when Eminem raps quickly, which he has not done for the majority of his career… maybe it sounds similar. But in no way is this Ems flow. If you could name 10 songs or at least a project where he used this flow consistently, I would agree. But there isn’t. The closest I’ve heard to that lately is Rap God and it is way different than Kendrick on this preview.

          • THE LOVE QUEEN!

            That’s the flow Ems been using for a while now in survival,rap god,basement freestyles, Won’t Back Down and a shit load of other stuff

          • Jade Nembhard

            I feel you. I just think that Eminem’s flow is more distinct. They both enunciate their words when they rap at a fast pace, but it just doesn’t sound the same to me.

          • THE LOVE QUEEN!

            Oh well! but this shit is dope

            Who cares lol

          • thatrealshit

            okay well the day u can tell me wat kendricks sposed to sound like ill vibe with that sentiment but the dude literally sounds different on every record he does. he adjusts himself to the vibe of the record, so if he sounds like em, he sounds like em, but i guarantee he sounds completely different on his next track. to say hes “stealing his flow” cuz hes spitting fast and getting technical with his rhymes makes it sound like u think ems the only one who flows like that or is allowed to flow like that

          • illsupra


            and as far as 3stacks goes……he don’t put out enough material to claim anything as his own…….especially no damn flow

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            He is some disgruntled white boy probably, they are his biggest haters of late LOL. How is this anything in relation to Em? Em has a basic flow that allows for him to take the middle ground, he incorporates various styles that are not native to him over the years.

            I can say that when MMLP2 came out he used Lil Wayne formula which he did, everybody was quiet on that shit. Then some excuses was he is being diverse and showing you he can murder other flows.

            Now I hear niggas talk about K.Dot stealing flows and all this other hooplah. Stop being walking contradictions, because his lyricism sounds nothing like Em nor is at as corny or basic.

          • thatrealshit

            for real. not to mention this video contains a grand total of about 4 bars, if that. seems like a complete reach to say kendricks stealin someones flow based on that, wouldnt be surprised if he uses a few different ones on this song…ppl are thirsty to find somethin wrong with kendrick recently

      • Guest

        I accidentally hit the dislike button, I’m just honest.

      • ok

        In my opinion creativity takes ideas already in existence and adds on to the original to generate a new idea, action, or tangible object to solve problems or as in this case generate a new mode of expression. He is as you say “stealing” flows in my opinion, to create a new unique mood within this song to coincide with the instrumental. The same logic you use could mean you get mad at English for being used because it is “stealing” from Latin. Why doesn’t kendrick just rap in Basque? That would be really original.

        • marty mcfly

          Im not mad at rappers that bite (or take influence from others), or copy or whatever because most people in general are biting something they seen or heard. If a artist feels that using somebody else’s style makes their music better then go ahead (things aint what they use to be when biting was corny), BUT there is a certain level of confidence that comes across from an MC that doesn’t bite or take influence to the point of biting. Some artists dont listen to other rappers before they go and record because once something gets played out it becomes kinda wack and somethings can develop into a longer stay then necessary in hip hop. There is a cadence that came from the south a few years ago that matched the rhythm of Lex Luger beats and now over a thousand songs come out a year with that same flow and from a thousand different artists. What use to be a more natural cadence of just riding a beat in a consistent pattern is almost completely gone from the culture at this point. There are no songs in the commercial mainstream of a rapper thats not somehow trying to use that south cadence at the moment. So taking influence or biting or whatever you wanna call it is ok but sometimes it can start to effect the whole game in a way thats kinda wack after a while.

      • Guest

        lol, i bet niggas hitted the dislike button anyways just because you said too lmao


        nigga, you sound like you’re actually mad lmao wtf?!

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        He has always used that ompa lompa voice, and if being lyrical aka technical is Em’s style to you get out of hip-hop, because Em’s flow is a reinvention of the Beasty Boyz Run DMC era.

      • Jay Selva

        Ha! Kendrick ain’t stealing. He’s just technical as fuck! Kendrick can rap in several styles used by various big artists that came before him. But I think his trademark is the way he adds his soul and fire to it, like the way he changes his voice to convey emotion in his words. Remember when Dre rapped like K.Dot when he was flowing Kendrick’s throw away bars on The Recipe? Didn’t hear anyone complaining then.

    • Joe Grasse


    • Guest

      I rated it the highest AND still didn’t watch it nigga, I hope this keeps you awake at night.

      • mega mega


      • biff tannen


        Well done sir. Well done.

      • Lmaoo damn

  • biff tannen

    That beat sounds monsterous! Quit playing Dre. Drop that shit

  • Jordan

    Honestly? Meh… (What is he talking about?)
    But anyway, if Detox doesn’t drop in 2014, it never will.


    He said suck my dick LMFAO!!!! @ 0:05

  • Akiyah B. Francis

    Kendrick is an ANIMAL

  • Breezy

    Based Kendrick

  • BMG™ Prodigy

    This shit sounds like it’s gonna be a banger. And ayo, when are y’all gonna bring the dope/nope back?

    • shake

      When we make it work how we want. The idea was great before but the execution was lacking.

  • thatrealshit

    been waiting for a dre beat like this for kendrick to spit on. compton was a perfect ending to the album but u kno everybody’s been waitin on a complete banger from these two

  • So we gonna call Kendrick a sellout now or nah?

  • Terry.

    beign critic with kendricks flow is a bitch move. yall really know hip hop?? big lmao

    • mega mega

      You motherfuckers are just sensitive when it comes to KL that’s all

      get off that fag shit

  • marty mcfly

    The nigga spit 4 and a half bars influenced by tourette syndrome and Dr Frankenstein and ya’ll think he’s biting Eminem’s flow? What would that be? Yelling and Screaming? Em has one album where he developed some kinda original cadence and flow and that was the SSLP. Other then that Em has spent most of his career rapping all over the place like like many other MCs before and after him. Only difference is he has a pop star platform and the thousands of MCs from Freestyle Fellowship to Tech N9ne to Twista etc… don’t. GTFOH

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Exactly, this is the truth of things in a nut shell. He has about one or two albums that shows some of his true technical abilities, but his other stuff was direct shifts off of other MC’s shit. His stans prove how dumb they are when discussing the culture. When I discuss Rock there will be tangible arguments and a bunch of hell no’s from the fans, the same applies here but with a hell no (John Boehner Voice).

  • Frank Kennedy

    In other news…

  • _AudiiO

    Detox should be dropping any day now, any, day, now……..

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Damn this beat is crazy. I really hope that’s Dre’s beat. Sounds next level.

  • dlgrer

    Fire !

  • TheHipHopJunkie

    bloggers… can’t wait to hate

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Not feeling the beat at all, but Kendrick is doing his thing on the track.

  • People are waiting for to do something corny. The commercial is tough

  • mike 789

    Kendrick is one of the hottest new artist out right now, he is so lyrical just like Em and that is what is setting him up to be great his flow is good and so is his story telling , he might look up to em and get influence but he def does his own thing, nothing wrong getting advice and looking up to em expectly when it comes to giving tips to such a new artist compared to legend. Kendrick is making moves in hip hop and willd destroy anyone because he doesn’t hold anything back which sets him apart

  • Tesak24 .