Childish Gambino – The Worst Guys f. Chance The Rapper (Video)

blame it on Meka December 6, 2013

With the video for “3005” out just a few minutes ago, Donald unveils his second video of the day featuring the Chicago upstart. The only thing is, you have to type in a password to watch it (by design; it’s a part of the interactive screenplay for because the internet). Donald’s sophomore effort drops December 10th (but you can stream in its entirety here).

UPDATE: New video added. Hopefully it stays live this time.

  • Norris Cole | #30

    Wrong video.

    • Charles Farr

      Meka trolling out chea

      • shake

        Haha! I saw the drum solo too like wtf!? Real video is back up though.

  • Mike Tomlin

    I cant get jiggy with this drum solo sheet…

    • shake

      Official video is back live. Just giving you a heads up.

  • de_costa

    Where I am supposed to type this password??

    • shake

      Sorry about the mishap. The official video is available above, password free. Enjoy!

  • $$$

    What in the hell

  • Sirilly

    These guys are funny, but I liked the video nonetheless.

  • Justice714


  • Eastown J

    Where are Chance’s bars? Fuck that hook shit.

    • Mez D

      lol yeah his hook sounded good on the track but I wanted a verse. Its not as much of a letdown as Kendrick on Born Sinner though

  • literature

    i was at the video shoot. Just check my Gta videos

  • Not exactly matching the song, especially not the lyrics in the second verse. I was hoping for something more cinematic.

    Nice track. I liked the video regardless (even though there was barely any lip-syncing).

  • Jared McGhee

    I need a collab album from these two!

  • Dope

  • PV

    Man nobody wants to see your bare feet bruh you’re a grown ass man.

    *Side note- I miss the dope/nope option

  • Mez D

    Somehow Gambino keeps making dope music with corny ass lines like “When I ball Ima ball, King James” and “I got that fresh like its Crest”

  • 1dopeboiii

    Gambino needs to leave the rap game ASAP . Annoying af

  • 1dopeboiii

    Worst song on acid rap- favorite song
    Worst verse- childish gamhomo
    Worst lines – that wack ass Harlem shake shit

  • Jumani Cashell

    I liked it, it was pretty kool. nice vibe to it, all she needed was some xxxx.