Watch An Extended Version of Dr. Dre & Kendrick Lamar’s “Beats Pill” Commercial

blame it on Shake December 6, 2013

Due to time constraints, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre’s new Beats By Dre commercial was cut short the first time we saw it. Now thanks to the internet, we’re gifted with the Director’s Cut which features an extra minute and 20 seconds of footage.

So, how about a full CDQ-version? We need that ASAP.

  • Mitch

    The more I hear it, the more I like it. Hopefully this won’t be like the Shit Popped Off record which took 4 years to officially release or the Psycho track (with 50 Cent) off the Chrysler commercial which hasn’t released yet…

    I have a feeling Dre might do something with the release of his Beats Music streaming service. Like maybe put up exclusive new tracks on it to draw visitors/drum up business. If he really is a smart businessman, he would do that. I’m waiting Dre.

  • mega mega

    Last time i commented i was attack by a gang of Kendrick Lamar dick sucking groupies LOL

    But i still stick with my last opinion, i like this but KL needs to stop stealing other people (Eminem) flows

    • Stevie Janowski

      Don’t you use different flows for different beats or do u expect rappers to sound the same on every song

      • mega mega

        I don’t think you understand what i’m saying

        I say he should stick to his own flow at this point in his career so when people who don’t know much about KL hears songs like this they won’t be able to say “Oh he’s just a Eminem wanna be” and then turn away from his music entirely

        • Tekwon

          I don’t listen to much Eminem cuz he’s corny as fuck half the time which is too much for me but I don’t hear the Eminem comparison unless you mean rhyming double time which Eminem definitely didn’t invent.

          • Wade VanConant

            Yeah, he really don’t sound like Em at all.

        • Fuck All Y’all

          These wack Rap comparisons are akin to those dumb Kobe/Jordan comparisons. No one individual in Rap nor Basketball have their “own style.” Most, if not all have at some point admitted that they were either heavily influenced by or purposely took a piece of someone on top of them and combined it with what they already had and the end result made them greater at their craft. Folks tried the same sh*t with Big Sean and Luda. No one listened to Big Sean and thought of Luda and no one hears Kendrick and thinks of Em. Yes they have similarities, but folks before them were doing what they’re currently doing. Look at it this way, if Kendrick took Em’s style, then Em took Masta Ace’s style, which Em admitted to “taking, perfecting and running with.” Em also took Cage’s style and parts of Qwel’s style.

        • Msykesjr

          It’s called versatility…ever since bg daddy Kane rappers been jacking his slang….K Dot killin the game right now.

    • james

      IF he is using eminem’s flow, he sounds 100 times better

      • Joel Miranda

        If you are talking about Kendrick Lamar , then, hell yeah he does sound 100 times better

    • thatrealshit

      i love how we’re groupies cuz we disagree with u. btw last time u commented ur opinion was different than the vast majority of commentors so maybe that makes u the hater as opposed to us bein the groupies…ever think of that?

    • Guest

      ***CORRECTION: Last time you commented, you were personally attacked at home by a gang of dick sucking groupies and you were thrilled at the opportunity u fuckin

      • Joel Miranda


    • LiveLikeJay

      Eminem is the God of “Flow Jacking” he steals whoever he’s rapping with style. He rapped exactly like Busta on I’ll Hurt You, Like Pac on One Day At A Time, like 50, Stat Quo, etc

  • Buy a Beats Pill this holiday season and get to talk to Dr. Dre through it! Great for kids and musical protégés.

  • TopDawgSoldier

    I don’t want beats……I want the album!!

  • Mitch

    Jeez why did my comment get all these thumbs down? It was just my opinion and judging by Dre’s work ethic, I believe my point is valid :/

    After waiting all this time, I just want new music

  • Yezzus

    fuk who style KL stealing the beat commercial rhymes all of it is sick as fuk…Yo for real man…the boi is killin it Dre and KL

  • Travis Muzzy

    This sounds has that “Look Out for Detox” sound to it. I like it

  • Shakeem Muhammed

    Sounds more crazy, we need that CDQ A$AP !!!

    • Tyler Miehm

      anyone have the lyrics down for this?

      • Eggemonster

        Yeah, check this out:

        I rap with a Pyrex
        In the projects
        I’m crack in a pot
        I’m a prospect
        I’m a pirate
        On a dock full of dope
        I can dissect any rapper
        You could vote for the Lochness
        You can not test no key in a Tesla

        Bitch, I ride like a freight train parked outside
        And my young niggas came with the extras, ah

        It’s Alive…

      • Sunday’s Best

        I rap w/ a Pyrex, in the projects

        I’m crack in a pot, I’m a prospect

        I’m a pirate, on a dock full of dope

        I can dissect any rapper..

        better get a boat for the Loch Ness

        U can not test no King w/ a jester

        Bitch, I ride like a freight train parked outside

        And my young niggas came w/ the extras..”

  • Ohms


  • Hélder Miranda

    K. Dot is a monster stop saying he still the flow of Eminem cuz in nothin like that, is fresh is new and it sounds really DOPE

  • The Minneapolis Sound

    I personally favor KL, but he is clearly VERY inspired atleast by Eminem here.

  • Jesse Amankwaah

    Kendrick is not biting styles. Thats just him. Eminem has a heavy gritty flow and so does Kendrick. He does not sound better than Eminem but he does not sound worse.

    • SupremeSoulstice

      Funny cause Em done bit all the greats flows. It’s just most too young to realize cause the wasn’t around during that era

  • ja123

    i hate that people are trying to over analyze and compare so much that they don’t even listen. Childish Gambino was right.

  • Yongjefferson


  • Azim Esmail

    Anyone wanna make a loop of the beat for me?

  • 1dopeboiii

    Wtf is this fool saying, the way y’all groupies talking about this commercial in the comments I was expecting him to rap at least a verse or something. Y’all trippin

    • SupremeSoulstice

      I’m a old head hence the name “SupremeSoulstice”.. if you can’t see how nice this nigga K Dot is it
      ain’t shit else to say

  • MalMoe

    Dope ass beat. Doesnt sound dre-ish tho.

  • Justin

    Who cares who he sounds like or what you think he sounds like. Just listen to the music! I hate motha fuckas who will hate and only listen to someone just to compare it to somebody else. Just listen to the music and enjoy it.