Lakers Announce Kobe Bryant's Return

lakers kobe bryant

Lakers fans rejoice as Kobe Bryant will make his return this Sunday against the Toronto Raptors. After numerous rumors about when he'd be back on the court, the Lakers made it official by releasing a new video announcement on Facebook.

Although the video is far too dramatic for my taste, I'm still hype for 24's return to action. Let's go!

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  • TheCloser

    Fuck yea!!!!!!

  • cash jones


  • this over-dramatic ass shit...

    still, if he hangs 45 on the raptors...

    • Thank Me

      He dropped 81 on them before. 45 ain't out of the question.

  • PV

    Let's fucking gooooo!!

  • Pops

    Bean is now a super hero. I ain't mad at it.

  • Thank Me


  • who cares

    lmao was that video really necessary? Shit had me in tears. Anyway, I'm excited to see him back on the floor. Wonder how well he's going to fit in with the current lineup.

  • thatrandomguy

    Did Kanye direct this? lol

  • Shapey

    ...what did i just watch?

  • furlong

    give it up laker fans. fucking buss era is over ya'll, get ready for the dark times. but i guess you'll be ok since you love livin in the past right lol