• leutrim

    This isn't as hard to rap over as some of his other beats, like The Prince is Coming or Runaway Bass

  • Dinosaur Brown

    THIS is the only link i'm dropping on the thread, so don't go spam blocker on me lol.
    https://soundcloud.com/darnell-brown/check-please-prod-by-maserati One listen wont hurt...honest hip hop... just being myself trying to provide the best music for the people.

  • westsidewrex

    Then it speed up... Wrex can eat!!! Put it on no repeat,. Jump to t.t., still holdingthebeat , under beef,after it get defeated, the game don't need me, serve too too much d streets came wit me everybody......

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Beat is trash, i would never rap over this garbage.

  • Young Durk