Guess Who’s Upset About The Grammys? If You Answered “Kanye West…”

blame it on Meka December 11, 2013

… then you would get absolutely nothing, as we all know he’s going to feel a ways about those awards.

During the Phoenix stop of his Yeezus tour, ‘Ye challenged the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ apparent “snubbing” of his album by only giving him two nominations.

Side note: could you imagine if Robert Sylvester’s Black Panties gets nominated last year? Imagine that level of awkwardness upon announcing it…

  • BillyBobJohn

    I would luv to knock some sense into this guy. BANG in the face.

    • biff tannen


  • Kayo

    Maybe you only got 2 nominations because your album sucks? How’s that for a concept..

    • $nicka

      3 good songs ain’t gonna get you a grammy

      • Basic

        Unless you’re eminem…then it gets you 4 million records and a grammy.

        • $nicka

          The truth^

        • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

          You forgot white

        • Basic

          Ah, speaking of which, Late registration won over encore for best rap album. so kanye has won a grammy against a white person

    • Jay Selva

      Seriously, he should be happy as fuck that the most un-mainstream, mainstream album actually got nominated twice!!

    • Black Crime Rate




      The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

      LOOK IT UP!

      • gorge jung

        Holy shit! Just peeped Saul on youtube. This shit way better than Yeezus. How have I never heard this guy before.

    • gaint ball

      Oh Stfu.. if they would have not given Kendrick nominations all you motherfuckers would have agreed with kanye

      • thatrealshit

        yeah but they did, so wats ur point? kendrick put out a dope album and got the nominations he deserved. kanye put out a subpar album so he didnt…its a simple formula

    • shimmy

      You guys hype afff with Kendrick you guys probably fucked with him since “swimming pools” hype fags

  • Jay Selva

    I was vaguely considering going when he eventually hit up London. But I’m not paying for a 20+ minute butt hurt rant about ONLY getting two Grammys!! I’ll keep my fond memories of Glow in the Dark 07 intact thanks!

    • Dayo Odugbesan

      Thats a lost for you then, buddy. I saw the Yeezus tour along w/Glow In the dark, “this shit is on a whole ‘nother level” – chris rock

    • Mez D

      Yeah you’d just be missing out. You’ve never experienced a concert like it. And 20 minutes of a hilarious rant/visionary stream-of-conciousness during like 2.5 hours of Ye and an hour of Kendrick is definitely worth it.

      • Jay Selva

        If he managed to keep Kendrick on for Europe then obviously it’s a whole new ball game. But it just seems like these rants/motivational speech sections are getting longer and longer! I mean it ain’t like the Watch the Throne tour when I saw them and they did Niggas in Paris like 7 times and shit popped off for that half hour of it. Earlier on in that gig during Runaway he did some little speech/rant thing and seriously everyone just got bored.

    • SSgt Williams

      Your missing out. Rants or not his concert was amazing. 730pm-1130pm of nothing but Kendrick Lamar and Kanye. From stage presence to the amount of thought process that went into the architecture, songs, etc. I was overly suprised and pleased. The album was made for a stadium.

      • Jay Selva

        Damn you guys are trying hard to convince me! Well he’s not even mentioned anything about touring Europe yet. So we shall see. Obviously if he kept Kendrick on I’d have to give it serious thought.

  • jordan

    first i felt bad when paparazzi was attacking him. now i regret that i felt bad and hope they annoy the living shit out of him the way he annoys me from being a fucking drama queen and bitching about everything. make good music and stop crying

  • ear2ear

    Lol it’s always the same music medley playing too when these rants begin. Hahaha, I’m a big fan of the guy but I’m actually starting to feel like some of these rants are calculated and are just built into his public persona at this point. I think he wants to brand himself as this angry artist who is frustrated. Some of it is authentic, but also some of it is part of his showmanship.

  • It’s always about him and his genius, the man should be happy for his “big brother” getting so many nominations

  • Basic

    That title is really misleading. Only like 2 minutes of the video were about the grammy nomination. I found the rest pretty motivational. If all of you are are so tired of yeezy, why waste your time watching/Commenting on this video. And Meka and shake, i would rather you not post a kanye video rather than complain and bitch about him everytime you do. you should understand that only makes him more “relevant”

  • tdotj
  • thatrealshit

    i love kanyes honesty and passion when attacking social issues but lately this dudes heart has been in the wrong place constantly. he thinks hes Pac but he could not be further removed from the struggle in contemporary urban america

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    I was at the concert last night!!! Kanye killed that shit

  • LXRD

    If you look at the type of reviews Kanye got for Yeezus (which is a dope album, love the production), it was crazy. And i mean like, critical reviews. Almost everybody was praising it, just as much as they were praising MBDTF. So i am seriously surprised at how it got snubbed for AOTY,and how Blood On The Leaves (the most popular and best song on the album) did not get nominated. Saying that it didn’t get nominated as much as it should cuz it sucked is BS. MBDTF is his best album and it still got snubbed.

  • Sw15h

    How’s nobody gonna tell that bitch yelling at Ye to stfu??? Lol

  • Jaymalls

    Even though he has over 21 grammys to his name…. he has never won a Grammy in the “white categories” i.e. “Album of The Year,” “Song of The Year,” and “Record of The Year.” MBDTF was highly critically acclaimed and topped almost all the end of year list/charts… and didn’t even get a nom for “Album Of The Year”

  • illsupra

    They gave him 2 nominations too many…

    The album is trash…

  • three

    so I’m going to say fuck the radio all year and make an experimental album but I’m going to get mad 5 months later when I’m only nominated for two awards on a POP music award show? I mean what awards should he be up for? yes experimental album? oh wait he’d be the only nominee…
    so hypocritical
    if you say fuck the radio, you pretty much are saying fuck the grammys. just saying

  • zamieo

    Nigga should be happy he got ANY nominations.