• MortenFriis

    An intense, extreme and excellent gem of an EP. Definitely not for everybody, but I hope a lot of people will check it out, cause it is undoubtedly one of the most impressive releases of 2013.

  • Bob Broughton


  • Sirilly

    This man has SKILL, there is no denying that. Crispy (192) impressed the hell out of me! I'm copping!

  • AndFTK

    This is music that you actually need time to digest and fully understand, unlike 99% of all hip-hop. Props to Tone, true artist who makes music that he wants to make, not the music people want him to make.

  • Techspit Blogspot

    This is too fucking crazy. This is overkill in a good way.

  • MalMoe


  • truth

    This dude is beyond underrated. Let alone arguably being the best technical emcee doing things almost all emcees can't - he's also producing and singing all his tracks. Triple threat and just killing it for the longest minute now. Tone deserves his shine.