Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – The Abstract And The Dragon (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka December 12, 2013
the abstract and the dragon cover

At long last, the highly anticipated (and long overdue) collaborative effort between the Native Tongue legend and the Dungeon Dragon is finally here. Tracklist, stream, and link down bottom.

the abstract and the dragon tracklist
  • Trev

    Oh yes

  • Alex

    Fuck i thought it was going all new material. Fuck this tape i already have these songs on itunes.

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      That’s what I said. I blindly downloaded it without seeing all the old joints on here.

    • shake

      You a lie if you said you had ALL these songs. I understand the disapointment but it was stated prior that the tape would consists of new material, remixes and rare content.

      • Advance*

        Just because you posted it on your blog doesn’t mean you have to defend it

        • shake

          No shit. I wasn’t defending it for that reason. The tape is still cool. The interludes give insight to some classics, etc.

  • Sirilly

    I’m a little disappointed to be honest. I wanted some new ish, but it’s cool. Busta & Q-Tip keep doing ya’ll thing though. I’m out… :(

  • justok

    Bull shit where the new shit

  • Mitch

    I was kind of hoping for a little more than just 3 songs of new material… Oh well it was still a cool tape. Just kinda bummed because I already have 75% if not more of the songs already on my hard drive

  • Tyler Giering

    don’t like fucking with Lil Wayne, but as a whole, I’m digging it

    • Ghost Robot

      agreed its too crazy to not be fucked with

  • marty mcfly

    I just took tracks, 123,578, 11,14,and 16 but its cool. I like these kinda mixtapes of just certain select songs from an MC and a producer. Busta did describe what this was gonna be before hand but it coulda used more new shit. Im not trippin though cause imo Busta is like a superhero of hip hop so its all good.

  • MassConglom

    This tape was a waist of a good cover. Best new track to me is Butch Sundance and that’s by default.

  • biff tannen


  • espyy


  • Jesus this is weak. Busta signing to YMCMBS is the worst career move… If they were gonna be lazy and include old tracks, they could’ve at least come up with something original for the artwork.

  • 24 tracks – is it that bad that there are a few classics on the record? i mean – it’s free. a lot of bang for your bucks! love that tape!

  • DatN-word

    This tape serves as showing that these dudes better years were in the 90’s. More so busta rhymes than tip. Busta flow is horrible compared to the 90’s busta.


    mariah carey i love you

  • Ghost Robot

    holy fuck nothing I hate more then when you import something to itunes and the track list is fucking chaos

    • shake

      I’m the same way. If you didn’t already fix it up, I did so on the new .zip.

      • Ghost Robot

        Yeah I fixed it, but that’s customer service right there

        • shake

          Whenever I get the time I try and make sure everyone is taken care of that has an issue.

  • marty mcfly

    Some of you acting like you soooo disappointed but in reality 95% of you haven’t listened to any Busta Rhymes albums since maybe Genesis. If you have been you would know he still got dope joints on every project. This was a trip down memory lane which he explained that it would be before it came out.

  • Big City

    ya’ll mad like the shit wasnt free…& put it this way..if you didnt know about Q-Tip or Buss…THIS is your history book…dope project overall

  • tdotj
  • Jase L

    Who The Fuck Is Busat Rhymes On Track 10??? Lol

  • MalMoe

    Hopefully they have some kind of trick up their sleeves and are just reading these responses across the net.

  • Dru Bonic

    Dope Mixtape… The Abstract & The Dragon is tuff

  • tdotj
  • Ohms

    This has too much lil wayne features

    • Tyler Giering

      only counted two, and that’s three too many

  • $44080599

    Meka hurry up and do another jumpoff debate

  • Tyler Reaux

    pretty nice tape. worth a listen