• Spumey

    What happened to the ratings option, because I would like to give this post a lowly rating.

    • AmIDickRidingyet


    • Shauna Dai Sayomi

      I wish I could give you a low rating lol

  • Luke Foord

    didn't even post the mini-documentary

  • Raymond Samora

    This is Epic

  • Pasquale Clothing Apparel


  • Shapey

    the Illuminati took away the ratings options, or jay-z gave Shake the shakes

    • Shauna Dai Sayomi

      Lol people love to accuse all talented African Americans of illuminati activity. There are thousands of white artists who are more devilish than Beyonce could ever be and no one accuses them of being in the illuminati. Just give Beyonce her praise where it's due and relax.

      • Spumey

        Go back to worldstar

        • Shauna Dai Sayomi

          I don't even like worldstarhiphop much less do I frequent the site. I found this "2dopeboys" site just looking for beys videos.

  • Jordan

    She has the sexiest speaking voice I've ever heard.

  • tdotj

    id rather fuck wit sum real shit like this https://soundcloud.com/#kid-tef/kid-tef-murd3r-burger-ft-a