• NenTenDope

    Veggies Stay winning....glad dude finally gettin his recognition.

    • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT

      Seriously he raps about nothing, he doesn't have a great flow or nice bars, he kinda sounds like he just woke up.. why exactly should people care?

  • wat

    If at least one of these dudes don't make the XXL Freshmen list...

  • http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

    How come "Energy" isn't on here? That was fire.

    • wat

      Agreed. I guess it was just a freebie or it's too old now.

  • ChristianFGY

    Definitely interested in the Hit-Boy records... It's both of these guys's time now.

  • Quezquasar