Drake Previews “Trophies,” Casey Veggies-Assisted “The Boy” In Chicago

blame it on JES7 December 15, 2013

Yesterday, we heard the news about Drizzle appearing on the upcoming remix to Future’s “Shit”, which may quite possibly end up on the five-song EP he plans on putting out at the end of the year. On top of that, last night while -and this hurts to type this- “DJing” at a party in Chicago, Drake played a preview of his highly anticipated track, “Trophies” as well as the Casey Veggies-assisted “The Boy,” both produced by Hit-Boy. Check it out up top. Peace to Miss Info.


    stop previewing it and just drop it already

    • shake


  • This nigga drake claims that ever parties too much and just chills and record. Yet he has the least verses and songs that any rapper drops in between albums. PHONY.

    • everyone*

      • Richie Moon

        you sound like drake ass fucked you and never called back.

        • leave it to a guy named richie moon to say some gay shit lol

        • leave it to a dude named richie moon to say something gay.

    • MAL

      Its called not over saturating yourself and getting corny like like wayne

      • lil wayne over saturated in 2007-2008 which were the best years of his career. Lil wayne got corny because his music was no longer good.

    • krow132

      artist like releasing their music at different ways. some people don’t want to over-saturate themselves and want to keep the public hungry to hear them. kendrick does it, nas does it, cudi, frank ocean does it, nipssey hussle does it. etc,

    • DIesel

      how many years ago did Drake say that?

      • Y’all niggas party too much, man, I just chill and record

        No filler, you feel it now if you ain’t feel it before
        furthest thing, off Nothing was the same. Came out not to long ago.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      I don’t think he needs to release music to prove he’s recording, but I don’t take every rap lyric literally so idk.

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    I’m really glad to see Veggies working with such a big name like Drake. Hopefully he’ll get more popular from it.

  • gzz

    the production really makes the song, not drake’s wack verses

    • DIesel

      closet fan

  • Guest

    most definitely

  • krow132

    Thats a good look for Casey Veggies man. Especially if he keeps up on the song

  • Guest

    That first track wow

    edit: oh shit that’s trophies but without those horns. Way better