Drake Previews "Trophies," Casey Veggies-Assisted "The Boy" In Chicago

Yesterday, we heard the news about Drizzle appearing on the upcoming remix to Future's "Shit", which may quite possibly end up on the five-song EP he plans on putting out at the end of the year. On top of that, last night while -and this hurts to type this- "DJing" at a party in Chicago, Drake played a preview of his highly anticipated track, "Trophies" as well as the Casey Veggies-assisted "The Boy," both produced by Hit-Boy. Check it out up top. Peace to Miss Info.

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    stop previewing it and just drop it already

    • shake


  • This nigga drake claims that ever parties too much and just chills and record. Yet he has the least verses and songs that any rapper drops in between albums. PHONY.

    • everyone*

      • Richie Moon

        you sound like drake ass fucked you and never called back.

        • leave it to a guy named richie moon to say some gay shit lol

        • leave it to a dude named richie moon to say something gay.

    • MAL

      Its called not over saturating yourself and getting corny like like wayne

      • lil wayne over saturated in 2007-2008 which were the best years of his career. Lil wayne got corny because his music was no longer good.

    • krow132

      artist like releasing their music at different ways. some people don't want to over-saturate themselves and want to keep the public hungry to hear them. kendrick does it, nas does it, cudi, frank ocean does it, nipssey hussle does it. etc,

    • DIesel

      how many years ago did Drake say that?

      • Y'all niggas party too much, man, I just chill and record

        No filler, you feel it now if you ain't feel it before
        furthest thing, off Nothing was the same. Came out not to long ago.

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      I don't think he needs to release music to prove he's recording, but I don't take every rap lyric literally so idk.

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    I'm really glad to see Veggies working with such a big name like Drake. Hopefully he'll get more popular from it.

  • gzz

    the production really makes the song, not drake's wack verses

    • DIesel

      closet fan

  • Guest

    most definitely

  • krow132

    Thats a good look for Casey Veggies man. Especially if he keeps up on the song

  • Guest

    That first track wow

    edit: oh shit that's trophies but without those horns. Way better


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