• wat

    Pretty impressive that he nabbed Wale.


    Yo BoTTToM LiNE Yo,,,,,,,,WhUccHu WaNNa dO yOu eYeiN Me? At Da SamE tImE Im EyeIn Yo. WaNNa taLk dA mOsT jUnk>? FoR rEaL TsU SuRF GoTz 2 BatTle More. WhaT? DO Iz GoTz To PuT iT iN sUBtiTLeS Or sumFiN?

  • O.E.

    My nigga Surf nice man been waitin on this

  • J.O.

    Yo that "House in Virginia" goes! To the average listener it may be tough to translate. Surf is becoming more of a complete MC.. I been down since the early battle days. I saw the progression

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Yeah i just listened to that jawn. That ish was tough as hell. Lotta shit thats gonna go over heads. He twisted up a crazy ass story that all tied in. Crazy!