Future – Sh!t (Remix) f. Drake & Juicy J

blame it on Illy December 17, 2013
dj esco no sleep cover

Drizzy fires what sounds to be shots and sneak disses on the remix to Future’s Mike WiLL Made It-produced banger “Sh!t” which will appear on DJ Esco’s No Sleep mixtape, arriving today, courtesy of LiveMixtapes.

  • datbul

    “I just think it’s funny how they danglin’ the bait but I’m the one that’s killn’ niggas on the hooks though.” Drake did his thing, especially for a song that seems to have been designed for people to rap as lazily as possible. I more or less stopped listening after Juicy J started rapping.

  • $nicka

    who could this be directed to?

  • jordan

    juicy j sound the same on every song

  • hh_addict

    Drake killed it.

    • Terry.


  • Anthony Osei
  • SSgt Williams

    Just can’t rock with this…

    • Guest

      Kendrick bruh.


    This song is flat out un-listenable without drake’s verse

    • Prime Culture


  • This is undoubtedly better than the original. Better beat, too. Thankfully, this has no verse from Future, but not my cup of tea overall.

    I actually enjoyed Juicy J, he sounded good for this beat. He could’ve came harder (or, at least, before Drake) though.

    Drake was too average on this, in my opinion. His flow was recycled and his voice is just annoying. I’d rather listen to Danny Brown do a duet with Rich Homie Quan. On the other hand, a beef would be nice.

    P.S. – Please don’t come to me with that “bias” shit, I listened to the whole Drake verse with an open mind (God bless me).

  • Frank Kennedy

    I seen “sh!t” & assumed it had something to do with birdman ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • ♦[PharLeff]♦


    • Kmillz0

      Me 2

    • Mez D

      lmao yeah I was confused

    • Phantastica

      i definitely thought the song was actually titled “birdman”

  • Yatti

    Juicy Fruit just had to be on this song. Can someone wipe this guy off the track

  • Terry.

    drake with that helium balloon voice lol lmao i can’t……..

  • hiphopanon

    “if a nigga say my name then he the hot shit. but if i say the nigga name then he still the hot shit, fucked up” ….

    just shitting the shoot here but it sounds like drake already feels like theres nothing he can do about losing the crown. kendrick said your name in context of murdering you lyrically…. if you dont go twice as hard back, then no, theres no point in saying his name. thats an immediate L. dude sounds like a sucker who wont go to battle and has accepted his losing hand while trying to victimize his outcome before it happens? if you really a boss you should be able to say a name and son whoever at the same time…

    • XI

      You do understand that he isn’t talking about being defeated, right?

      The line obviously states that he’s aware of his status in music, and recognizes the fruitlessness of the back-and-forth bullshit that fueled the “Golden Era”. Especially since he’s already THAT dude, whether you admit it or not. He’s not even lowkey bragging, it’s all there in the verse:

      1. disgust with “hip-hop” fans, who refuse to accept reality.
      2. disgust with the celebrity culture, “lets topple the king” activities.
      3. clear-as-day bragging about being “THAT” nigga in music.
      4. Jordan brand stunting.
      5. I sell out shows in your town, but im whack?! stunting.
      6. actually says “you my son there”.

      This was the bi-quarterly stunt on niggas verse. lol.

      He’s become the Jay-Z of this era, if it isn’t about ACTUAL music making (the reason they are the top artists of their eras) or just making cake (pun fuckin’ intended) then they just go about their businesses, plural, literally.

      type of shit niggas should be motivated by..
      but niggas still gon’ hate.. carry on..

      • Joe Grasse

        get off his sack lmao hes good but you wont admit that he wont defend himself.. its like getting punched in the face by someone smaller than u and saying violence isn’t the answer… youre trippin

        • XI

          you, too? fool! that’s not even a good analogy..

      • hiphopanon

        lol @ #4.

        HAHA at the fact you made a list in general. top 6 reasons why drake bi-quarterly stunts on who? (no one)

        you do understand hes talking like someone who has been defeated with that soft ass voice and subliminal bullshit, right?

        all i did was point that out.sorry i’m not sorry he sounds sorry.

        thanks for literally creating an account to reply to me tho.

        • Ghost Of Len Bias

          subliminals require creativity though, anyone can say a name

        • XI

          1st off, I am a regular here.
          just needed a reason to join discuss..

          your idiotic comment was the perfect reason to enter my email and publish my previous comment. It took a whooooole lot of effort.

          lastly, you’re clearly a hood nigga with the recurring “soft” shit…. keep on keepin’ it real my “G”.. on the internet..

        • XI

          Also, you’re an idiot. It’s not a list of WHY (wtf? can you read?) drake bi-quarterly stunts on people its a list of things discussed in the verse. I said THE VERSE itself is his bi-quarterly stunt verse. 4 out of the 6 points I made are the portions of the verse where he’s bragging.. clearly, not symptons of someone who feels defeated.

          again, can you read bruh?

          • hiphopanon

            its ok to make an account if you want to have an actual discussion… but if you want to be on some derogatory internet tuff guy shit to me personally? fuck outta here with that corniness. tbh i didnt expect that pettiness from you. aint nobody in this thread anymore youre talkin to yourself fool

          • XI

            aint nobody in this thread anymore youre talkin to yourself fool

            ^ the act of you replying, contradicts what you said up there. I like that you aren’t able to refute what I said, so you immediately go to your only “weapon”, trying to make me look/feel stupid for publishing under the name I use to publish under before the change to disqus… lol

            Also, you confuse the fuck out of me. Where in my explanation was I playing the role of an internet tough guy?

            you’re the one talking about coming back harder, dudes being suckers, and having soft ass voices..

            do you read what you type bruh..

          • hiphopanon

            do you understand what derogatory is? saying immature shit like, “can you read?” or “youre an idiot” or even generalizing/condescending an entire demographic “you’re clearly a hood nigga” because i think drake sounds soft plays the role of an internet tuff guy. if you want to discuss thats fine but i wont get into a shit throwing contest with someone over a song i dont even care for. i wasnt trying to make you feel stupid for commenting either, i love hip hop and encourage debate, just thought it was odd you made an account to specifically address me (something trolls are known to do). youre completely sideways on this one. PEACE

          • XI

            now you play a sheep?.. really.. fuck off bro..

          • hiphopanon
      • datbul

        Sound argument(s).

  • Johnny Blaze

    Crazy how Kendrick and Drake fell out so quickly. Remember when Kendrick killed the ending to Marvin’s Room? Feels like centuries ago huh

  • Sup

    this bangs

  • Brandon Lewis

    LMAOOOO Son i can’t right now

  • AndOneill

    this the worst shit i ever heard in my life..!!! this aint hiphop

    • datbul

      I laughed out loud.

  • Kmillz0

    It was aight.

  • Why they put Juicy J on this??? Should of cut it off as soon as Drake finished his verse

  • Jvzzmine

    FUCK ANY NIGGA WHO SAY THIS SHIT DON’T MURDER SHIT. DRAKE JUST MURDERED ANY AND EVERYBODY WHO EVER CAME AT HIM. “Fuck niggas gone be fuck niggas, that’s why we NEVER gave a fuck when a fuck nigga switched up!” & that wasn’t even his best line! Like he really just playing with yall! rs. I mean like. Drake really just slayed. SLAIN yall fuck niggas. SLAIN!

    • Trill Cosby

      how the fuck did you get out of the kitchen?

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Personally find it funny that the type of people that praise wordplay and lyricism are also the ones asking for names and not creative, subliminal inferences.

    Y’all wouldn’t be happy unless Drake rhymed “Kendrick” with “Tiny Dick”


    Realtalk tho, I heard this song in person a month ago and thought it was the worst song of 2013. Then sum dj played it at sum party the other day, I never knew a song could have so much energy, EVERY walk of life on that dance floor was going completely bonkers, i mean BONKERS, to this song…

    I NEVER seen anything like it before…the last time I seen niggas lose their minds to a song was prob lil wayne’s a milli in’ 08 but this shit right here….still think its garbage but the energy that it brings is something else…

  • Mike Tomlin

    Drake is great at a lot of things… Battle rapping is not one of them.

  • LIV3

    seriously what the fuck does drake do to get you niggas so wet over every release. honestly can anyone quote me one line in any song that made you go “oh shit that nigga just killed it wit that i gotta hear that again” honestly i mean i dont even fuck with kendrick like that. i mean what the fuck is the standard to earn being called lyrical

  • Keeton

    Drake killed it, but still whack compared to Kendrick’s verse.. Drake needs to realize who he’s fucking with.. #KingKendrick

  • Billionaire Jean

    “I’m in the bathroom getting head from your bitch “DJ ESCO” and I ain’t paying her shit”,,,worst dj drop ever lol!!