Sir Michael Rocks – Memo

blame it on Meka December 17, 2013

The Jet Life affiliate lets loose the first single from his upcoming album Banco, which will drop in the new year.

  • D.

    affiliate? he is signed to jets not an affiliate.

    • Macadamus

      I think he is but you ont hear that mans like that on the work. He probably will drop under JLR but he hasn’t been on a song with them since the Jet Life album

  • MusicHead

    This mf HARD.

  • Dylan Rapp

    Mikey Rocks has kept it live since The Cool Kids and keeps evolving and getting better which is why Banco will be better than any of the industry rap albums that’ve come out this past year. I want to rent a limo while I hang out the fuckin’ window with a bottle of champagne while I slap this

  • Grimzz

    Yep…this slaps…kinda surprised actually

  • Jason

    Surprisingly good track. On first listen I didn’t think much of it. But I warmed up to it quickly and now enjoy it a lot.

  • Adp

    Yall niggas bellow me crack me up doubtin this nigga then lovin it. I hope he blow up off this shit. First album i buy since o6


    Pouya and Mickey Rocks sus

  • Joe Grasse

    hope is album is just as good

    • Joe Grasse


  • astroklotz

    the fact that this dude aint one of the most well-known rappers in the game right now is a crime. All Cool Kids material is dope AF, all his mixtapes been pretty much straight fire, yet so many still sleep

  • Ghost Robot

    Mikey makes the best music of this kind of music. I’m more of a The Rocks Report fan tho

  • Tyler Reaux

    this beat slams. Mich’s chorus is catchy but the other lyrics arnt as geat. Go listen to money came for another great beat.