Mayalino – Real Rap Don’t Sell

blame it on Meka December 18, 2013

While he continues to work on his new LP, Son Of A Brick, the Houston spitter lets loose a new loosie to hold the fans over until the project drops next year.

  • DBS

    True for the most part. There’s of course exceptions to the rule like Mr. Mathers.

  • Starks

    Because artists like Kendrick Lamar that sells a million copies and gets a grammy nomination for album of the year doesn’t sell. People need to put out better quality projects that the whole world can listen to and not just “hip hop” heads… besides what exactly is real rap?

    • Selorm Amuzu

      I honestly do believe this idea of “real rap” and “real hip-hop” is ass, it’s basically an excuse for ppl to hate on certain artists. hell ask a good amount of ppl what real rap is and i can guarantee a whole amount of answers not even 1 direct idea.

    • jordan

      k. dot —-migos
      eminem —– riff raff
      jay z—– trinadad james
      do you see the difference

    • marty mcfly

      You will not see another situation like Kendrick for years. A situation where people are calling a artist is the greatest and the industry is cosigning before he even has an album out. Then Dr Dre uses his name and Interscopes machine to give the music the top industry treatment. Kendrick put out Section 80 before GKMC and it didnt sell many units and it got no grammy nominations and it was better then GKMC. If “real rap” sold then how come Section 80 aint at least go gold? The same people who bought GKMC are familiar with Section 80 so…? Its cause people buy what is connected to another huge name or major establishment in hip hop. They dont buy because the music is just really good. If that was the case then 75% of what gets the most rotation in hip hop would be knocked off by artists with better music.

      • Starks

        I didn’t know that you can look into the future Marty. /endsarcasm

        • marty mcfly

          Its true though and its only so much you can argue against that point. Section 80 had everything it needed to sell. Fans, hype, mainstream press and visibility and its what you would call “real rap” right? Would you also say it was probably one of the best albums that year? Did it sell as many albums as GKMC? Or even close? NO. So it is debatable that maybe “real rap” doesn’t sell because you have whats probably the most hype up project from an artist since Drake went gold off So Far Gone but Section 80 didnt sell like that.

  • Christopher Tashan Black

    ”Real rap” that that term reminds me of my elitist days, but I guess emcees with messages other than the norm is the flavor of the day. No more, no less. Just listen to what you like and keep it movin’.