Slaughterhouse – Party (prod. Cardiak & Just Blaze)

blame it on Illy December 18, 2013

After announcing their “Glasshouse” tour yesterday, Slaughterhouse give us a preview of their forthcoming studio LP, House Gang, with the Cardiak and Just Blaze-produced, “Party.” Hear their new single below.

  • O.E.

    This is the best “single” they’ve had thus far the one was trash, my life was trash, hopefully this album is better than the last though

    • Guest

      I think their best single was ‘Everybody Down’.

    • datbul

      If it had been on an official album, I think their best single could have been ‘Everybody Down’.

  • J.O.

    Only reason you said that was bc of this beat! GOH!

  • biff tannen

    Why royce throwing shots at marty tho lol

  • TheLoneliestSeaHawk

    They have more chemistry now. Don’t sound like four different verses for four different songs anymore.

  • Roberts Lasinskis

    They killed it again. Fan for life.

  • datbul

    Lyrics are fine as always, but it still feels ‘mixtape-ish’. The beat is solid but isn’t anything special and the hook is just average. This is cool for a giveaway but glad it’s not an official single.

  • cam

    Royce got TF off!!!

  • nyc22

    So let down by Welcome to OUR House. Trash record. Hopefully they get their shit together and start rhyming again…

  • fonzo517

    Damn this shit is dope, I thought it was gonna be on some other type shit cause its a single and the name is party but the tracks nice

  • who cares

    Easily better than 99% of the music present on “Welcome to Our House.” No one wants to hear you guys make club/pop records. If they go in this direction then their third album will sound more similar to their debut, and that’s a good thing.

  • Terry.

    roycen transition to joel ortiz >>>

    wararareiiiiiiii warara rareiiiiiii

    hot song!!!! for real shout take the L

  • Ace

    “fuck you nerds doing everything cuz jay-z done said, fuck you and your new urge to be a fake sneakerhead.”

    “I can still call you corny cuz corny niggas get rich too.”

    game over man

  • Fire.

  • Black Crime Rate



  • Ryan

    WTOH wasn’t good in terms of their bar for lyrics, and any kind of beat selection – but it was about what I expected for such a hyped mainstream release. Glad to see the four headed monster is back on their game.

  • Ryan

    Of course, I think their debut album was about as perfect as it could have ever been. Still something I bump regularly along with their loose freestyles and mixtape tracks.

  • disqus_nS0LkmVmSA

    Welcome back Slaughterhouse!!!!

  • Beard Gawd

    This shit is so tough. Royce and Jumpoff went off. With beats from Just Blaze, Cardiak, Justice League, Araab & DJ Premier… It’s going to take A LOT to fuck this 3rd album up.

  • james

    joell murked it once he got past the fuck yous

  • boxing101


  • TheCatalyst

    Finally, they sound like they have a direction and are all on the same page. Just Blaze is getting them back to rap instead of that bullshit they were on on Welcome to Our House.

  • 2RAW

    So do they only rap about how they are better than everyone else cause they’re not like everyone else? Seems like nowadays they’re raps are disses to the general rap community and its current culture. It just seems they care too much about what other rappers are doing

  • Truth Powell

    These guys are so boring.
    Hustlegang status.

  • Cortez