Chris Brown – Wildcat (prod. Drumma Boy)

blame it on Illy December 25, 2013

Breezy talks swishers and Mary Jane on “Wildcat,” the Drumma Boy-produced track which will likely live on his forthcoming album, X, now slated for release next year.

  • Spumey

    This guy is both shit and a shit

    • Deandre Goins

      Fuck you! This guy was literally one the best artist in the world not only was he voted best young signer of the year he has also won more music award than anyone. On top of that he rap and act. Even play basketball he is the shite


    This dude needs better song writers

  • Enjoyer of Music

    I remember when Chris Brown first came out white people were playing his music, he was on his way to actually being something special. now look at this fool.

    • CJ

      Run It , Gimme That, Forever, Kiss Kiss, he could’ve been the next MJ (still can but needs better beats and songs, they all sound too mediocre)

      • Bil AL

        don’t ever compare this guy to MJ ever again

    • Prince Akeem

      so you judge black people’s success by how many white people listen to them? lol im not surprised. uncle tom shit.

      • Enjoyer of Music

        Lmao. I should have clarified that. What I meant was that even white people were bumping him. And yes, to some degree the amount of success any artist gets is dependent on how many white people support. look at album sales or concerts. is it fucked? Yup.

        • Dolokhov

          white people are a sizable chunk of the population of the united states so obviously an artist that appeals to more people and more than 1 demographic or an artist that appeals to a large demographic (not that all white people really belong in the same demographic) will be more successful. that is , monetarily successful if that is how you measure success. its just a numbers thing i’m not sure why its fucked up in and of itself. is it fucked up that in japan, musicians are more successful if they have asian fans?

  • Napalm Audio

    Drummer Boy killed the track as usual.

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