A #DopeHouse New Year’s Eve Party

blame it on Meka December 27, 2013

This past summer we threw our first DopeHouse in a few years in the birthplace of the site, Los Angeles. While the party was winding down, I was already planning for the next event, a free free-for-all in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve. Let’s face it: most of us do not want to (and will not) spend an exorbitant amount of money to enter a venue in Hollywood, only to be surrounded by a plethora of douche-nozzles, downing overpriced, undersized and watered-down drinks and listening to soul-crushing top-40 radio cuts. Fortunately, there’s now an alternative in the form of a bashment-style party full of good tunes, good vibes, free alcohol, and good times.

Enter, The DopeHouse.

The #DopeHouse returns next Tuesday, December 31st. We’re taking over Burning Sands Studio in Downtown Los Angeles with a free-entry, open bar jamboree, and we’d like to invite several of our closest friends (this is the part where you come in) to ring in the new year with Shake and myself (and attractive people. And free alcohol. And good music from good deejays. And free alcohol. And positive energy. And did I mention the free alcohol?). If you’ve been to one you know how packed it can get, and we anticipate the very same.

RSVP’ing is simple: just head here and, well, RSVP. Not that hard, right?

December 31st. See you all there.


  • shake

    Ahh shit, this is gonna be fun.

    • _AudiiO

      can we bring our own drinks as well?

  • leutrim

    Why not New York?? Lmao

    • shake

      Because we will both be in LA this year. Simple as that. We threw holiday parties in NYC last year.

      • Dom McLennon

        should’ve threw it in NYC

      • leutrim

        I figured as much, have a good time.

  • andezac

    Ahh shit, I can’t make it since NYE night is planned already. Brilliant gesture *applauds*, I hope you do another soon though. I will drive down from the bay, book hotel in advance…everything. Seriously, going out and hearing music that you genuinely love adds so much value. I went to a J Dilla tribute night in LDN with a few friends one time..just incredible. They do it every year too. Events like this will be of a similar vibe. Enjoy folks. Go HAM when the DJ drops that Jay Elec, that’s rare..


    If I was living in the US, there’d be no doubt in my mind to be there.

  • wolf

    *sigh* i will be there in two years.

  • celo

    any way to get in w/o rsvp? …was a lil late to the post