• shake

    Ahh shit, this is gonna be fun.

    • _AudiiO

      can we bring our own drinks as well?

  • leutrim

    Why not New York?? Lmao

    • shake

      Because we will both be in LA this year. Simple as that. We threw holiday parties in NYC last year.

      • Dom McLennon

        should've threw it in NYC

      • leutrim

        I figured as much, have a good time.

  • andezac

    Ahh shit, I can't make it since NYE night is planned already. Brilliant gesture *applauds*, I hope you do another soon though. I will drive down from the bay, book hotel in advance...everything. Seriously, going out and hearing music that you genuinely love adds so much value. I went to a J Dilla tribute night in LDN with a few friends one time..just incredible. They do it every year too. Events like this will be of a similar vibe. Enjoy folks. Go HAM when the DJ drops that Jay Elec, that's rare..


    If I was living in the US, there'd be no doubt in my mind to be there.

  • wolf

    *sigh* i will be there in two years.

  • celo

    any way to get in w/o rsvp? …was a lil late to the post