Was Fabolous' "The Get Back" a Response to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse?

Fabolous finally found his studio after Kendrick's "Control" verse, and the end result was "The Get Back" from his recently-released tape. Or was it? Sitting down with FUSE, he speaks on that and other tracks from The Soul Tape 3.

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  • NenTenDope

    Im prolly the only one who likes Dope music, but still don't like Fab lol respect though....Same as Jay-z (respect for a business Mogul)

    • IG: MyNameIs_Earl_

      I dont like him either he always seemed cheesy to me

      • Puppet H

        That's weird cause he's not, this is a guy who is telling how NY felt about Control and why how he almost dissed Kendrick till he noticed the line was from Kurupt who they were both featured in a song with Nate Dogg. People were doing it for attention like Papoose-Ortiz-Cassidy (who I respect and have their music on my phones). Everyone from NY wanted Fab to release a diss but he backed out till he heard more from what Kenny was saying. He did diss James though. He didn't try too hard to release a diss but as we see, this interview alone made Papoose especially look like a fool.

  • ASAPMOB Rocky

    This nigga only hit was a song with fvcking j-lo corny mufucka


      I didn't know Jlo was on Breathe or Throw it in the bag

      STFU dumbass

    • Henny and Weed

      stay sleep dude

    • Lezy

      asap mob rocky stop the hate

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Fab did it with this one.. I like his style in how he puts out his music. Respect

  • PV

    This song is fire! paying homage to Dead Presidents mixed with trap percussion

  • Prince Akeem

    fab look like a somalian pirate from captain Philip SHUT UP IRISH

  • LESnyc

    Fab's been the KONY. #3 did not disappoint.


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