• drewsmit24

    Trap flow meets dope new york spitter and you get something

    FbZ God blessed the Dead

  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    This is tough. You can hear the pain in the rasp in his voice. Sorta reminds me of JaRule/Busta Rhymes/Lil Wayne combo. Very dope. This is my first time listening to Meechy or anybody from the Brooklyn Zombies. I like it.

    • Mez D

      Yeah Flatbush Zombies are dope you should check out their last tape Better Off Dead

  • http://acting-my-shoesize.tumblr.com/ BigHomieKato

    i swear this nigga sound like 1000 different rappers put together

  • http://wwwfacebook.com/shadowsamuraithesupremeking Adam Miller

    Google just became my friend, lol, I had to DL it

  • Pops

    Praise be to that Audiomack link floating out there on google.

  • nicoswebaby

    Gotta be honest, been replaying this a good 20 times in a row, it's awesome.