Drake – Trophies (prod. Hit-Boy)

blame it on Meka December 29, 2013

I had quite possibly the best day I’ve had in a while, and while I was randomly perusing my inbox this lands in it. Shortly after releasing his take on Soulja Boy’s (surprisingly dope) “We Made It,” the (obviously rough and unfinished version but) highly-anticipated and much-talked-about collaboration between Hit-Boy and Drizzy has finally arrived just in time for your New Year’s celebration.

Final/CDQ version dropping later tonight.

  • B,IK.

    Just as Q’s Man of the Year, sounds better as a ringtone than as a complete song. I hope that the finished version will juice this up.

  • disqus_Q4l8sNd8Bp

    Why release an unfinished song? I don’t get that. By the time he releases the finished version the hype is already over.

    • JMAC

      This is unofficial.

  • Jeffery Lee

    Ray Reel produced it too


    I’ve been waiting forever for this song and now we finally get it and it’s not even finished. Thanks drake!

  • drewsmit24

    thats it? Had to sit threw 2 months of niggas tweeting and blogging “trophies” and thats all i get… drake continues to be a joke

  • Mookie Spruill

    Yep, Okay.

  • Frank Kennedy

    So this is what drakes voice sounds like before all the editing? And I don’t get why this song was so anticipated? 0/2 drizzy

    • Ill Son

      EXACTLY! Drake hasn’t been impressive since his 2nd album. #Shame

  • Sarai Dad

    song been on you tube for months..not impressed…next please

  • Ill Son

    I’m far frm a Drake fan. But, to be honest. Kendrick is going to do numbers this upcoming year. Drake will continue to not surprise us. Watch. #TheTruth

    • Alonzo

      yall gotta understand that this nigga has to make music for his fans not Kendrick fans. And if you far from a drake fan why did u even listen lol

      • Ill Son

        The same reason you listened to it. It said Drake. Why wouldn’t I? I didn’t say I didn’t like his music. Im just not a fan.

        • Alonzo

          so u like the music u just not a fan? lol aight my nigga

          • Ill Son

            Who said I HAD to be a fan to like his music? His catalog is weak and soft. I like a few songs here and there but that doesn’t initiate me into being a fan.

          • DIesel

            please stop trying to sound smarter than you are. Just be you

          • Ill Son

            You have me mixed up with someone who hides behind a computer or don’t have a vocabulary to put forth words. Far from fiction.

          • drill

            just shut up. no one likes you. your being mad cliché

    • Prince Akeem

      Why did you use the word but if your following point of view was the same as the first?

  • Guest

    yall niggas complaining but this shit is hard

    • Ill Son

      How? It’s dry AF? Hard would be “Niggas In Paris”, or “Made You Look”. THAT’S hard. This is weak and soft.

      • DIesel

        ho, shut the. fuck. up

        • Ill Son

          As likely, I am doing the same. So, you can AS WELL agree to disagree. This is FAR frm hard. And those records I’ve gave examples of makes it perfectly clear the difference of our definition.

          • Alonzo

            my opinion is the song is dope and goes hard. thats my final opinion. Your opinion is not fact and never will be cuz someone will always disagree just deal with the shit.
            U can use a Rakim and NWA song as an example and people will still think this song is hard. Just let it go

          • DIesel

            Bro your grammar sucks and you don’t make sense. Stop trying

          • Ill Son

            My grammer sucks? So, youre illiterate? You cnt read? Each sentence makes sense your comment dont. #Smh

          • $nicka

            *your comment doesn’t.

          • $nicka


  • Bosox15Fan

    What a disappointment. I always get so excited for Drake and I have no idea why. Sounds like he needs another couple months to figure shit out.

    • Alonzo

      He need a couple more months but NWTS same already platinum and he has the most top 10 singles out of anyone in 2013. Not just rap, everyone….yeah a coupe more months would help i guess. Yall really do think this nigga is some type of villian like he personally hurt yall. The proof is right there in front nobody fuckin with this nigga. Don’t hate on Drake just cuz u think its the thing to do, have your own mind and use common sense

  • Shawn P

    Garbage. The fuck is this shit? This is the person that people compare Kendrick too? If anything, the song proves by Kendrick is on another plane of existence, lyrically, from Drake. This dude is corny as hell. New age LL Cool J and by that I mean, he needs to stick to making songs for the ladies. At least LL could kick it up a notch and be lyrical and a beast if he wanted.

    • Alonzo

      how u gonna say an unfinished leaked version is garbage. Just enjoy the shit or go listen to Kendrick, don’t get mad my nigga its nothin to be emotional about

      • Ill Son

        I didn’t knw he couldnt spread his opinion like everyone else is doing. Finished or not, its still trash.

        • Shawn P

          Agreed. This shit sounds like hot garbage. I liked Pound Cake and Too Much but when he tries to hard, like this song, it fucking sucks. Drake in general misses more often than hitting.

    • DIesel

      You are mistaken. This is the person that brought Kendrick on tour that escalated his buzz to mainstream level.

      • Ill Son

        Im sry, for you to be mistaken. But, Kendrick had a name before Drake, seriously. Right before he signed to Dre he was an underground name publicly known. Drake, Game, Meek Mill, ASAP Rocky, and many more worked with him before his debut. Dont make it seem like Drake “put” him on, smh.

    • Please hop off Kendrick;s dick.

  • Ohms

    two and a half minutes of my life i’ll never get back :'(

  • veesky

    I still think “5AM in Toronto” is the track to beat


    Some of ya’ll hatin need to chill out. The song aint even finished yet. Also theres a reason that this DIDNT make the album. It’s not supposed to be song of the year or anything. Quit hyping shit up just to tear it down

    • Shawn P

      The thing is… he and his team hyped it up.

      • Alonzo

        this aint the final version bro, his team and him didnt even drop it yet

  • DC92

    Song has nothing to do with Kendrick, yet you all still feel the need to mention his name. This #teamKendrick vs #teamDrake reminds of a bunch of adolescent twilight fans quarreling over Jacob and Edward. Funny thing is, once these guys start working together again,(they will) you’ll no longer be a Kendrick fan. It’ll be time to find a new hero to replace Kendrick “the villain” just like you treat Drake as if he’s currently the villain and Kendrick’s this messiah coming to fulfill some hip hop prophecy. At some point you have to realize, it’s just music. Enjoy it.

    • Alonzo


    • Ill Son

      The interpretation of which ppl bring Kendrick inti the dicussion. Is of that, they’re the discussion of which both aren’t seeing eye to eye. I can give a rats ass who works with who, tbph. Kendrick will surprise ppl more than Drake will nxt year. This record being a reflection of that. You talk/brag abt a bullshit ass song for 2-3mos yet it doesn’t hold up any weight that sparks interest. If youre a Migos fan. You’ll like it. I HATE that sound. That delivery is garabage as well, theres nothing lyrical or creative to me abt this song. Therefore, its trash. Not hate, my own opinion. Which I am granted to spew forth, just like you.

      • Alonzo

        bro why are this mad its not that serious, you goin out of your way to prove how much u dislike drake, Kendrick and Drake are both great artist and Drake will continue to make good music just as Kendrick, thats something u may have to accept

        • Ill Son

          Im sry youre taking it in a negative pov. Im speaking if which why ppl are comparing the two or speaking on Kendrick. Not once did I say I didn’t like Drake’s music. It’s well documented by now in the C-Section. I jst don’t agree it being a great song which I stated multiple times. So, dont put words in my mouth.

  • Mighty_mightyDR

    YAWN y’all like whoever the population say like

    • YT

      and y’all hate whoever the population say to hate… it cuts both ways

  • MrDRiceJr

    People gotta stop looking at the music for more than what it is meant to be

  • it’s not that bad, damn. lol I think the full CDQ version would of this song would of done “Nothing was the Same” some good if it made the deadline.

  • Dope beat, pretty good track I just don’t like his deliverance. He should’ve sold/ghostwritten this for someone.

  • Del Jordan Hardwick
  • hit boy is that dude

  • biff tannen


    • marty mcfly

      Nah shit is DOPE, niggas just hate cause they think its the cool thing to do when its on Drake.

      • biff tannen

        Sure thing chief.

  • Bryant Hurtado

    Aaaaaand its a banger

  • FOLK103

    this shit hard beat crazy

  • Jordan

    He should’ve made this just the first verse and a hook. Leave people wanting more (ie. Beach Is Better).

  • marty mcfly

    FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    You people always wanna compare Kendrick to this nigga Drake. LOL.

  • Chosen One

    This is dope to me, I might end up preferring this to the final version.

  • titus tucker

    Fans swear they know more than the artist..

    • $nicka

      Customer is always right?

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    Not impressed sorry, this beat fire tho

  • SSgt Williams

    Unfinished, but Dope nonetheless.

  • $nicka

    this sounds like jay z would be one this beat

  • Joe Grasse

    wheres the cdq

  • LOL

    corny shit as always

  • PH|L the Thr|ll

    hit-boy delivers..hasn’t missed since ni**as in paris

  • Pops

    Well, the beat is dope but….

  • Guest

    It’s ight it hot as started from the bottom. I like the flow on the second verse.