Ab-Soul Reveals His Favorite Albums, Talks Joe Budden, Statik Selektah & More

Sitting down with Bootleg Kev, Ab-Soul took some time out to speak on a few things. Starting with his Pete Rock tattoo, Soulo goes on to reveal his favorite albums of all time, his remarks about "Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy" headlines, being the only 100% independent artist on TDE, his most underrated artists (shouts to Joe Budden) and more.

Soul also reveals that Statik Selektah has production on his next album, and pretty much confirms the idea of A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, ScHoolboy Q and himself working on a collaborative project. Dope!

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  • Rick Grimey

    I hate to sound like Lord Jamar, but I'm getting sick of seeing these corny ass Jamie Kennedy Malibu Most Wanted ass individuals interviewing, blogging, vlogging, whatever... Trying to sound like something they're not. It doesn't even flow off the tongue well, you can hear this dude forcing it. If I was Soul I'd just be like "be real, be yourself or I'm ending this shit asap." Even Westwood isn't as phony as this kid.

    • Dru Bonic

      haha.. awesome Lord Jamar reference. He definitely lacks the conviction when he goes in on the "MOFUCKA".. he needs to jazz that bitch up. But he def seems to know his albums... thats comforting.

    • wat

      He's phony because you don't like the way he sounds? Let him live. How do you know who he is and who he's not? He's in the position he's in because he really loves what he does. What's realer than that?

      • Rick Grimey

        You seem to have trouble understand and/or telling the difference between someone being real by doing what they love while being their self and someone doing what they love while putting on an act. This kid, the way he's talking, is being phony. It's really not hard to tell. You can love hip hop, be a big fan, express your love for it, and not try to go out of your way to sound like you from areas that actually speak that way. You can look at the President of the USA as an example of such a person. When you put on an act like he's doing, it's like people who aren't Jamaican trying to speak Patois, you may think you're pulling it off and you may even fool other people, but a real Jamaican can tell you're faking it. That's pretty much it.

        • Bootleg Kev

          Suck a dick.

          • wat


        • wat

          How do YOU know that's not how he was raised to talk? How do YOU know that's not really him? It seems you're just assuming that he's fake because, to you, he sounds corny and forced.

        • PlasticMan96

          Soundin real bitch made dude...sound like some self loathing white boy hatin onanother white boy for doing the same shit he doing but better type shit lol

          • Rick Grimey

            Congratulations. You just said the dumbest shit of the day!

        • krow132

          Bootleg Kev has been doing radio and for a while now dude. Do your research before you talk

  • fegfgwg

    So we'll get a rocky, Q, danny and solo project before a black hippy one? TDE def has his priorities straight. #TOPDOGISSUGETHESECOND #TDEDEATHROW2

    • wat

      Yeah, 6 albums set to drop this year is having priorities messed up. And the Q/DB/Rocky/Soul project just an idea. It'll likely never come like the Kendrick/J. Cole project.

      • fegfgwg

        Lets be real here for a minute. what are those 6 albums? Ab X JMSN, Q, lets say Ab's solo project, jay rock and maybe kendrick x cole? I HIGHLY doubt Top Dog has the time or money to push SZA or Isaiah the same year they signed them. MAYBE they might put together a half ass compilation like hellfyre club did last year.

        • wat

          Actually, Isaiah is set to drop something this year. I think it's called Silvia? And I don't think it's unreasonable to expect something from SZA. She has been signed for a quite a while now. So the 6 albums I'm expecting are Q, Soul x JMSN, Soulo solo (lol), Jay Rock, Isaiah, and SZA. There's no way we're getting anything from Kendrick until at least 2015.

          • fegfgwg

            lol Q was set to drop something in 2013, can't trust top dog with anything but kendrick since it shows he's the only one he cares about.

          • wat

            At least Q has a date now, though. I'm sure TDE themselves can admit 2013 wasn't a good year for them. They're lucky Big Sean released Control.

          • krow132

            how is kendrick the only one he cares about? do yall listen to what yall say sometimes? every member of Black Hippy has dropped a full length album in the past 2-3 years. Not only that you realize that they are now working with Interscope so Top Dawg is not the only one that determines the release dates of some of these albums. Jimmy Iovine and Dre probaly has just as big of a say so of when those albums drop as well. C'mon G stop talking out of your ass

          • Statethefacts

            I've still been waiting since 2012 when jay electronica said his album was done

  • Ab Soul is a real smart dude although that tweet about leaving Black Hippy may have been pushing it...he certainly got his point across and he was 100% about the issue...more excited for his next project that will most likely be following Oxymoron...the A$AP/Danny Brown/Q collab would be ridiculous if it ever happened



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