• CJ

    Nice, where is the Nas.Com album tho

  • Thank Me

    Can't wait for this. Been waiting on something since the dreamer the believer

  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Who will he diss this time around in a desperate attempt to sell more records?

    • Q Z A

      You suck. Go home.

    • Korey Parker


  • AndOneill

    Can't wait for this..!! Still one of the greats in my opinion!!
    Love to see kanye produce again for common also! Finding forever and Be are 2 of my favourite albums, I'd love to see kanye go back to making that good hiphop! Anyway this album is gonna be great! One to look forward 2 in 2014

  • Goldberg brain

    Shake makes sure he's the one who posts the the really good shit Lol

  • Luke Foord

    Common and Clipse albums in 2014? Mannnnn

  • DJ Daz-One

    One of the best emcees no one ever talks about.