• shake

    We've got three treats for y'all today. I'll be putting up the first cut at 10am PST. Followed by another at 12 PST and one last at 2pm PST. Then, we'll start all over tomorrow!

  • JohnS

    This is very dope

  • Bryce Reno

    Thank you Blog gods

  • 91&^UP

    Thank you 2DBZ. Yous a good shit.

    • shake

      I'll never get tired of "yous a good shit" buhahaha

  • BillyBobJohn

    2dopeboyz is by far 1 of the best urban music blogs that has something for the mainstream fans but also has something for the underground fans and even shows love to the no names trying to get on. fuck elliott wilson

    • shake

      Thanks for that man! I appreciate it.

  • http://Goldpit.net/ Bergil St. Juste

    I've been coming to 2DBZ since early '08. Ya'll were still new but ya'll brought fresh new music to my hard drive daily, putting us all on to new artist. I been coming here ever since. I appreciate what ya'll have done for me and the blog community. Thank You 2DBZ!

    • shake

      That's love! 2008 man, I remember those days...

  • shake

    First leak is up! Shouts to Black Dave.

  • Phil Legend

    Word! 2dopeboyz is one of the reasons I got into the music industry. True story, I went in for my first industry interview and was asked what blogs I follow. I name dropped 2DBz and the guy's eyes lit up, like we were members of the same cult or sumn. Props to you guys.

    PS Shake, you're a c-section bully but we fux with you tho. Ha!