Every now and then the game show Jeopardy! will randomly have categories that are more memorable than most, and last night's episode was like no other as one such category - "It's A Rap" - featured lyrics from memorable hip hop cuts. Trust me, you'll have to watch this before anything else today.


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  • James Stanford

    Sarah look sad haha

    • Prince Akeem

      it was a bad day to be a republican.

  • Djmanny2k


  • BLAKnoize

    #TurntUp for $1000 Alex!

  • Roe Lup

    Dude got the first question wrong.

  • http://dxmxaz.tumblr.com/ District_Me

    American Culture.

  • http://www.idonthaveasite.yet Steʀʟɪɴɢ Aʀcʜeʀ

    alex trebek making sure he rhymed "car" with "ahh" in the smoothest way possible haha

  • biff tannen

    I lol'd

  • LPIdaho

    Melle Mel

  • DBS

    Melle Mel is the answer to the first question, not Flash, check your facts, Jeopardy.