Hip Hop Invades ‘Jeopardy!’

blame it on Meka January 7, 2014

Every now and then the game show Jeopardy! will randomly have categories that are more memorable than most, and last night’s episode was like no other as one such category – “It’s A Rap” – featured lyrics from memorable hip hop cuts. Trust me, you’ll have to watch this before anything else today.

  • James Stanford

    Sarah look sad haha

    • Prince Akeem

      it was a bad day to be a republican.

  • Djmanny2k


  • BLAKnoize

    #TurntUp for $1000 Alex!

  • Roe Lup

    Dude got the first question wrong.

  • American Culture.

  • alex trebek making sure he rhymed “car” with “ahh” in the smoothest way possible haha

  • biff tannen

    I lol’d

  • LPIdaho

    Melle Mel

  • DBS

    Melle Mel is the answer to the first question, not Flash, check your facts, Jeopardy.