• fonzo517

    pretty dope, rhymesayers always has the best packaging. I remember the album with freeway and jake one that was designed after a wallet and had the production credits as money and had a credit card you could use to download all the instrumentals.

    • shake

      One of my favorite packaging releases from RSE for sure.

      • Thomas_76

        That Free/Jake One packaging was nice....doesn't protect the CD well, but dope.

  • http://hiptothegame.com/ Hip To The Game

    phew that beat at the end....this is gonna be epic

  • illsupra

    Hope this is dope........big fan of ALC, EV and Dilated......can't lie, tho...The Cutting Room Floor 3 was very disappointing......regret buying before listening...

    • Papi

      I wasn't expecting much from cutting room floor, as the name suggests it's gonna just be cuts that didn't make albums and throw-aways. that 50 cent song tho was the shit

  • http://itsmyurls.com/moneymike Michael Cobbs

    Nice package

  • cam

    That beat at the end was ILL!!! I can't wait for this album!!!

  • Pasquale Clothing Apparel

    Always liked dem cats