• DC95

    If The Clipse can work on a new album then why can't Outkast?? This can only be a good sign...

  • Nuance

    Album coming soon. Watch a single drop a month from now or less

  • http://www.MotaHipHop.com/ MotaHipHop.com

    I was almost certain this would happen, GREAT NEWS! I'd like to see them perform some Old School classics like Players Ball or 2Dopeboyz in a cadillac, no pun!


    Damn Coachella gon be popn this year..

  • Pasm

    Pharrell gets a bigger font than Nas?!

    • Ghost Of Len Bias


      • SleepyTheGreat

        Yall Wildin' Even FatBoy Slim Name is Bigger Than Nas

        • nicoswebaby

          Pretty sure Fat Boy Slim have made a bigger impact as well.

          • SleepyTheGreat

            Lies...All Lies. I Didn't Know 5 Albums Can Have A Bigger Impact Than Nas's 13

          • nicoswebaby

            I'm not in to any of them, but Fatboy Slim would be easier for people to recognize in general, only hiphop heads know more about Nas.

    • CJ

      Pharrell's contribution to music is more than Nas'

  • disqus_4DpwxTwnIH

    qotsa. outkast. arcade. everything else is for the birds.

  • Justin Blantey


  • Rufus
  • http://hiptothegame.com/ Hip To The Game

    Awesome news....overall dope line-up and if the return of OutKast at these festivals results in more music>>>>Greatness awaits