• DiscountDoubleCheck

    Glad to see he admits to LoveKing being pretty bad. Love this man's music, but could always tell the label was forcing him to make music that wasn't really his. Hope to see more great music from him in the future. BTW, Love vs Money is a classic and my favorite of his.


      I loved the LoveKing Lp, not as good as his first two but still better than a lot of the rnb out now and days...Love vs $ and Love/Hate was the best

  • mega mega

    Damn that's a huge loss for them, Dream is the reason a lot of Def Jam artists have hits/Grammys...and he had 4 classic RnB albums himself

    IV Play was a horrible album tho

    • Terry.

      IV PLAY is nearly perfect.


        You're nearly retarded! Lol 4 play was WHACK!

        • Terry.

          lol i get so many hot damn girls to this album , stop frontin

          • CJ

            ain't no bitch gon' tell me what I have to like

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/devlinralph/ Devlin Ralph

    The-Dream's value at least finically as a performer AND producer/ writer is almost incomparable. He's definitely in the Pharrell level of achievement in both these categories. A move to G.O.O.D. Music, although perhaps far fetched would be pretty interesting; he'd definitely fill the void Kid Cudi left and would keep writing his hits for sure.

  • Đ℞ΞV/

    Love The-Dream but IV Play cannot hold a candle up to Love Hate.

    Thirsty Whore and Slow It Down were good. but Turnt was the was awful.

    I wish he made more songs like Fast Car or Purple Kisses or F.I.L.A.



  • Terry.

    this man.....he did with umbrella what nobody did since pharrell neptunes era

  • MusicHead

    Fuck what y'all saying ALL HIS ALBUMS DOPE & if anything LoveHate the most overrated, Now Love Vs Money the best & then LoveKing right after...have y'all heard Abyss, FILA, Make Up Bag, Sex Intelligent 1&2, February Love, Sorry, Yamaha, Nikki Part 2, Priceless, especially Take Care of Me.. MOST of that album is just nothin but FIRE..y'all don't really LISTEN to albums on this blog I'm convinced.