Red Cafe – I’m Rich (Video)

blame it on Meka January 9, 2014

Directed by Puma

What a deceptively clever title. Anyways, the Bad Boy artist’s current single, also produced by Young Chop On The Beat!, will get the prerequisite remix treatment in the near future. The line-up? Ace Hood, French Montana and Jeremih (… yeah). Artwork available below.

  • theapocalypseiscoming

    Assuming the veracity of the song’s basic statement…how the fuck did this nigga get rich?

    • veesky

      I’m not a street dude by any means (or even a fan) but I know cats from NY that used to get down and they said Cafe has been poppin’ for awhile, one way or another before he was into the music like that…take it how you wanna

  • bad boy Robby

    thats not how he got rich!!!

  • Jon Long

    this dude is a phony. heard he got evicted from his apt in nj and that dj envy bought him that bentley he used to have that he lost. he sucks as a rapper and is never coming out. he’s almost 40 yrs old and doing snap atlanta music ever since he got o bad boy. that’s why he’s not coming out. French already took the wack ny trying to be atl slot and nobody bought that album. they’ll never buy a cafe record.

  • jordan

    im sorry but “im rich ” in the cab, “I’m rich” at the five guys, and “im rich” at the amusement park. u aint rich tho, u ballin on a budget

  • FireMadeFlesh

    Damn, I still bump Red’s “So Easy (Remix)” every now & then, but this shit here…sellout is an understatement. So disappointing. Tha hell happened to this dude?

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