• wat

    Do I want to listen to this...

    • datbul

      No. Straight garbage.

      • wat

        Figured. smh

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    get back to me when you got a new flow Cass

  • Sirilly

    I honestly thought it said Cassidy featuring Slug.

    • who cares

      That would have been... interesting.

  • Marley71

    A lot of talent on display here. It's a long ass boring beat, but what else should one expect. Even some Wu songs where everyone rapped were boring....But it's the subject matter, damn! Just put black people back another couple of centuries. Is this really how these guys want to rep Philly?

  • datbul

    This song is absolute garbage.

    That is all.

  • chris

    This beat is some ass. It sound like one of
    these young kids that try to rap made it. On top of that nobody delivered, come on philly yall can do better.