• wat

    Ugh, no Druggys Wit Hoes Trois? I hope Top Dawg drops it as a promo freebie.

  • Frank Kennedy

    "Ill sock his fat ass in the gut" lmaoo *dead*

  • SupaTron3000

    Q is a funny dude. Can't wait for the album to finally drop.

  • TheRealPaperKut

    Haha "kill martHa sHe a felon." This nigga.

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    Its funny that the people he cited that influence him are all from NY besides Kendrick

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Not really. You'd be surprised at how many Cali folks favor NY artist
      over our own. We respect what our vets have done for us and our side of the map, but gangsta rap
      ain't/wasn't for everybody. That old NY rap got a lot of us through hard
      times on more than one occasion.