Random Acts Of F*ckery: Pawn Rite Edition

You know, this shouldn't even be considered an RAoF entry, as I'm sure there are plenty of struggle rappers who have done this. However, including Uncle Murda - Brooklyn's resident one man goon band man - as your pitchman puts this over the top.

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  • Awww man lmao! That was so lifeless.

  • Sterling Chambers

    tell them uncle murder sent you...lol

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    aww man this a little sad

    • mega mega

      I bet you if Kendrick was in this video yall motherfuckers would be running down to the pawn shop LOL!

      • Damn right I would, Kendrick would have sold it better than that. Acting was horrible.

  • Where is Sean Price, the brokest rapper you know...

  • Shapey

    Lol nah but he prob owns a couple of those pawn rites tho