Contest: Win a Copy of Childish Gambino’s ‘Because the Internet’

blame it on Shake January 13, 2014
childish gambino because the internet

Back in December, Childish Gambino released his new album Because the Internet. An experimental, self-implicating album that landed on our Top Albums of 2013 list. Rightfully so too, the album is dope!

Looking to help supply one lucky dopeboy/girl with a late Christmas present, the DopeHouse is giving y’all an opportunity to win a free copy of the LP as well as some limited edition posters and stickers.

The rules are simple… follow Childish on Twitter and/or Instagram and we’ll pick a winner at random. Already following the comedian/rapper? Hit the comment section below with a brief message and your entry will count just the same. Good luck!

Because the Internet is available on iTunes now. Watch the official video for “3005” below.

  • $nicka

    YOOO already follow him on both….album is dope

  • Corey Holloway

    I said I want a full house, they said you got it dude

  • maus

    All she needed was some…

  • Grant Petersen

    Still don’t have it! Worst guys is my jam. Help me out here DBZ!

  • Cheese Wagstaff

    All she needed was some..

  • schuyler

    I am five-foot-eight, three-ninety…

  • dmob4sho


  • 5Ft.Deep

    Already following on twitter. Album was one of the best of 2013

  • Boobie Miles

    Great Album

  • lucciiii

    amazing album.

  • Ryansean

    seeing him live at Fox Theatre on Telegraph ave too stoked

  • Ted

    Already following on instagram.

  • randy urquilla

    So it’s November 10th or whatever when the album came out in stores, I live in the antelope valley, I’ve been fucking with this guy since culdesac and camp. So I decide to make LA moves and hit amoeba on sunset, get there buy the album, I drive back 2 hours to get home. I go on twitter and realize this motherfucker was at amoeba the whole time. I was in hurt dimension. Bs.



  • ~Stone~

    because the internet.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    a brief message

    (need me a poster)

  • deswean

    tits fer deys

  • Warren G

    dope album!

  • Court

    Following on Twitter :)

  • Mike Deezy

    I already follow homeboy. Pick me, been fuckin with gambino since he rapped all nasally.

  • E. Go

    yes yes yes

  • album was very dope. i need the full version of oakland though!

  • Matthew Geffen

    thannks for doing the contest!

  • Nesskwik16

    Great album so good i bought two copies one for the car and one for the crib

  • kw305

    love gambino! love the album!

  • yaboyabe


  • Andre Doughty

    Yoyoyo. Following on both. Pick me. That’d be cool and stuff.
    Thanks, Shake.

  • Miguel Martinez

    His album was amazing !!

  • Danny Ivanov

    Been a huge fan of Donald for years, since his work with DerrickComedy. Got into his music early, a little after I Am Just A Rapper 2 came out and have been supporting him ever since. Love the album and I’m seeing him at the Fillmore in Detroit in a couple months! Already following him

  • BoRed

    I fuck with Bino, would love a copy! Bummed that his run on Community is nearing an end tho..

  • The_Boy314

    roscoe’s wetsuit

  • JayA


  • amk

    Already following both accounts.

  • MaasZach

    Because the Internet was the best album of 2013, it was just so childish. Its funny, i started listening to bino because the internet. Would really appreciate if he stopped in Florida during the deep web tour, but ill be okay with the LP!

  • Nicolas Gonzalez

    I follow him on both. dope.

  • Kerry Keaton


  • Luke Rye

    kix is the handjob of cereals

  • Jordan MacNeil

    Pick me, follow him on both and have been down since Derrick Comedy days!

  • Hopkins Yarleque

    even if i dont get picked I am still gonna cop… I can’t find the album anywhere doe

  • Jason P

    Following Both,Winning Would Be 2DOPE!

  • Matt Wilcox

    I need that!

  • $nicka

    Fuck that shit i was first! haha

  • Q Z A
  • Mez D

    Yo I really want the poster. I got the hackz usb with the image on there but the poster and some stickers for my laptop would be awesome.
    I copped the cd already just lemme get a poster please lol I’m gonna unfollow and follow him on both just in case.

  • Brian Kidd

    Follow both accounts

  • Jake Cornwell

    Already got the album. I just want the poster

  • Tony Shanks

    2DBz with the good look

  • Ironghost

    My Coccyx!

  • Jared Santa Maria

    I follow @Childishness on instagram. Please pick me! having Donald’s album would really be an amazing belated Christmas gift. Him and Jhene doe….

  • George

    Already following both homies

  • Dogsta / Jermaine

    Shoot 1 my way

  • Shane


  • youz a lucky man, bino.

  • Speechthemenace

    Im Following both!! #BeacauseOfInternet one of the best albums of 2013 and I cant wait for the concert in March!

  • Devin

    That Houston show in Houston bout to be crazy

  • Lord Mike xo..

    yeah, I already follow him on both accounts.

  • Ahhh, this is awesome!

  • Dexter Blanding

    I been on

  • Arnie Kemz

    i follow both accounts as well @bbfell8217

  • Arnie Kemz

    pick me, I ditched my date at formal just to see him do stand up at my college, AND I’ve written a paper and have done a presentation about Community

  • Killa

    Already Following!

  • yabish


  • Angel Gonzalez

    because the internet!

  • Blood Scoff


  • Al the Don Dodda

    Roscoe’s Wetsuit

  • Mt

    Gambino is a troll

  • KB

    troy and abed in the morningggg…nightss

  • Anthony Stark

    Love his progression in music. nuff said

  • CP345

    Gambino is out here representing for Zone 6

  • Frank Nguyen

    All she needed was some…

  • chris803


  • _AudiiO

    People say who would miss a star in the sky, but you were my sun..

  • veesky

    All she needed was some…

  • Master Lee

    Because The Internet was one of the best albums last year. Bino is one of the best.

  • chanceadlib

    Didn’t get a chance to cop the physical. Got silverware but I’m not really eatin’ tho

  • Gerhard Veizi


  • Rodney Rollins

    so childish

  • PointTaken

    Following dude on IG

  • Coby

    Already following Mr.Glover on twitter. I’m going to his show in NYC on March 29th. Please hook a brother up 2DBZ!

  • Yung wizard

    Did y’all choose a winner yet? My bad I’m late but I just wanted to say that BTI helped me get threw a lot these passed months. Sometimes I feel like “the boy” in the screen play. Amazing album btw

  • Factac

    subscribed // factac

  • Big V

    My favorite album of 2013, no question ’bout it.

  • What do you mean I can’t torrent stickers?

  • de_costa

    yes please

  • dominik19

    because the internet, great album!

  • Ber

    I bought the album, I’d love the posters/stickers though.

  • JustTac

    Childish is being really generous

  • Braven21

    “All girls 18 & over, come love this lightskin Casanova” – CG

  • Judo

    Not only did he ended the year with great music, he started the new year with great music. It’s so fresh.

  • Bryan Cook


  • Thank Me

    gimme dat

  • EDDIE 13

    Follow both accounts and am a huge fan .

  • Your Last Day Never Feels Like Your Last Day

  • Rodney Casimir

    ayeee i already follow BINO on the instagram

  • Hope I have a chance to win this. Great artist and a great album

  • D Von


  • Frank Kennedy

    I miss the sex when you kiss whenever you through

  • Branden Jay

    Gambino is a mastermind.

  • Mike Flowers, II

    Troy and Abed in the Morning!

  • ScHoolBoy D

    I already follow both. I NEED that poster man.

  • Animetate

    Definitely already follow both! Need that physical copy!

  • You Dont Know Diggs

    Because [of] The Internet, I already follow both. My entry.

  • Cap

    already following on both #HOLUP

  • Kyle Mack ®

    Huge fan of his comedy and music. I already follow both accounts.

  • cloudy

    zealots of stockholm.

  • tmenigma

    donald never disappoints.

  • Jonathan

    One of the Best out right now.

  • Keeton

    already following both accounts! Im down with Bino’s music and acting!

  • Jo_Jo_X


  • ✌️Django Fett ☠


  • YEZ I DJ

    bino is a master of cool he got abella anderson to shake her ass and kicks it with jhene every straight mans wet dream

  • TheRealPaperKut
  • Jonathan

    Winning would be dope

  • Carlo Martinez


  • DavyDelNegro

    Been rockin with Donald since back when he did Derrick Comedy, its awesome to see how much growth he’s experienced since then. Mad excited to see what the future holds for his career. Loved the album, hope i win!

  • ODFPreme

    already following both accounts. make me lucky 2bz!

  • Bruce Wayne

    page 66

  • jodunne

    oh that’d be cool

  • Calvin


  • dtran3

    la biblioteca

  • Nick Erck


  • Freddy

    Good album wish to have a physical copy of.

  • Jordan Brickman


  • Dave J

    Maaaan just one person, I need better odds. Wish I was the only one lol

  • Q.

    pick me im the original fan. I been followed him

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    I want.

  • Antone512

    *slides in like kramer*

  • Werd

    Can this scenario be Included in the late christmas present?

  • Tavon Carroll

    Would be dope to get chosen! Already bought the album (iTunes), but a physical copy would be love.

  • Phantastica

    here’s to the very slim chance i get picked

  • Norris Cole | #30

    you guys already know I follow him on both. glad to see this contest.

  • Neto1093

    You’re the Florida of my friends

  • BEANS!!!

    I need something for him to sign when I see him in Vegas.

  • Caleb Cox

    pick me!

  • Brittneypsyches

    Following roscoe’s wetsuit

  • Jared McGhee


  • J.R. Wideman

    Holler! Need a copy of the LP considering they are going for $150+ on eBay! Ridiculous. Been a fan since day 1! Already following both accounts.

  • hamadirose

    picasso baby (baiting rather?): pablo’s lawsuit • hvwvdi on IG • because swayze

  • Cee the Scholar

    All she needed was some…

  • Princeley Lafleur

    Already follow him so lets do this!

  • Errick Perry

    Hit me up with a copy. Love Childish Gambino. Even back in his “Sick Boi” days. Now Royalty is the fam. And it’s all Because the Internet ….”GPOY, GVOY. Not too gratuitous though. Slow down, speed racer, you’re going to catch a cold…All she needed was some…realness. Feel this. Love, that’s a hit and miss.” – Mr. Enigma (Rager) **roscoe’s wetsuit**

  • DexG

    love rap and hiphop i like to hear everyones flow and this guy is a standout. love the album

  • stephreb

    Hold up

  • Suburban Nigger

    I have sweg, becuz teh intrnet
    – Spoderman

  • BTC Hustla
  • Weed Gawd

    bino that dude

  • Dylan Jackson

    Bino is the man! Because The Internet definitely one of the best albums of 2013.

  • Brad Bentley
  • Flávio Oliveira

    fuck you bino got me thinking to much in make my moves in music .obrigado ,merçi

  • Chicken & Futility

    oh lawd, following both, need this w!

  • I T

    You speak emotions through thought