Joe Budden Unveils Slaughterhouse Album Title, Says It has “Budden-Esque” Undertone

blame it on Meka January 13, 2014

As is the norm these days, Joey took to the Twitter for a brief vent session to talk his upcoming new album All Love Lost, but he also dropped the album title of his super-crew’s next album (even though, it was relatively easy to guess):

No word on when the album officially drops yet, but you can check out its latest single “Party” right now.

  • SleepyTheGreat

    Can We Please Get A TDE Meets House Gang record on there?

    • CJ

      please no, we don’t want them dusty rappers meshing with TDE

      • marty mcfly

        Why cause TDE cant fuck with Slaughterhouse lyrically? Anyway I hope it doesn’t sound “Budden-esque” cause that means its gonna be extremely emo and boring. Anyway I hope they get their Wu Tang Triumph on and just bars bars bars this time around cause when they give people solid albums with conceptual songs people just hate on them. So hey just lyrically smash these wack rappers out here then.

        • Antonio Copher Sr.

          I concur!!!

      • Hieroglyphic_

        Slaughterhouse > TDE.

  • fonzo517

    let me find out

  • Mt

    Budden’s upcoming album isn’t called No Love Lost, that’s the one that came out already. Dumbass.

    • cam

      why did he have ta be a dumb ass. It’s an honest mistake?

  • peaceofpi

    Can’t wait! Party was a fun listen, and these guys can all get on their emo shit. Even Royce can focus enough to be serious once you ban a few topics from a verse (guns, his dick, Eminem)

  • Justin Blantey

    Joe is currently my fav artist in the group. This could be good news.

  • I been a Budden supporter since the MM2 days. I peeped his work from before but once he fell out of favor I lost track of him. Once Mood Muzik 2 dropped I been rockin ever since.

  • Ill Son

    No Love Lost, came out LAST year. All Love Lost, comes out THIS year (hopefully). But as far as this group album. The single, “Party”, is on point! Love Slaughterhouse, their brand is like no other in this climate. TDE is literally the only group that comes close. Can’t wait for the album, SH!

    • Antonio Copher Sr.

      TDE doesn’t come anywhere close to Slaughterhouse. The comparisons are loosely given because of Kendrick but TDE holds their own and their mutually needs to be a musical partnership.

      • Ill Son

        Who is publicly known better than Black Hippy? Which is what I meant, not TDE. SH, is lyrically the best group out, but BH comes a close 2nd. Who else, The Migos? NO, ha.

  • Jay Daniels

    “Fuck you nerds doing everything cause JAY Z done said, FUCK YOU and your new urge to be a fake sneakerhead, FUCK YOU.”

  • Antonio Copher Sr.

    I sincerely hope Nino Bless is one the album or at least on the new tour.