• wat

    Goddamn, that Jansport remix was dope as fuck. He just gained a fan.

  • Cameron Perry

    now all we need is a confirmed new outkast album and 2014 is a wrap

  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ IN_SITE

    this gonna be dope http://insite.bandcamp.com/

  • mega mega

    I'm more excited about this than Detox

    • Spaceghostpvrrp

      Who not ?

  • matt

    What a dope start to 2014. And cosign with wat, very dope track.

  • fonzo517

    hope malice hasn't lost his skill but I think shit should be good

  • cam


  • 2dope4nope

    Dope. Now it's the re-up mixtapes today LA traffic beware ha!!

  • Mt
  • James Stanford

    All these groups coming back together at pretty much at the same time. Kinda Ironic. I like the competition.