• Thank Me

    Their album would be the most anticipated album of the year, but not getting any hopes up until they confirm it

  • nicoswebaby

    Lets just hope it really is another classic album, I don't care if they have a few mainstream songs on it, because no mainstream song is as good as an OutKast one. But that good ol' sound would be nice to hear as well.

  • http://jasonmcc.com/ Jason McCullough

    Until Dre says it out his mouth then it is mere rumor.

    Plus, if you want their old sound go buy their old albums. When have you ever known OutKast to "re-create" a sound on a new album. They have always progressed.

    I truly hope they do create an album out of all this. But im not getting my hopes up.

  • xastey

    Dont fuck with me Queen.. this better to true.

  • Chuck E

    I heard the interview; Queen was randomly talking about them after Howard showed some recognition when she mentioned she *used to* manage them. I doubt she's in the loop to know whether or not they actually recording. This has less weight than another Clipse album rumor.

  • fonzo517

    we'll see... I hope this is true but theres been too many other times when something like this has been announced and its all bull

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6uk4Ogo3U8&feature=youtu.be DynamicShots

    We'll see. If they do hopefully this can put an end to all this "Who Is OutKast" shit this generation seems to be stuck on.