• $nicka

    hasnt this been out for a while?

    • ktondre

      The original video was released same day as the vid' for "3005," but often couldn't be viewed b/c of some password or sorts on Vimeo. Probably just re-posted b/c now it's actually on YouTube and easier to find. *Yeezy shrug*

    • shake

      It was leaked and taken down shortly after. This is the official release.

      • $nicka

        ahhh i see i thought i was going crazy or something

  • Frank Kennedy

    Someone's on the late train. Y'all should post the jab gambino posted towards chance on his instagram doe

    • TheRealPaperKut

      It wasn't a serious jab. Chance posted one too and retweeted Bino's.

    • Thank Me

      Fairly certain that was a joke. People take things so seriously..The post was hilarious nonetheless

  • Mez D

    Yeah its been out like a week or two I feel like Chance just found out the video released.

  • Mez D

    On another note, Chance, J Cole, Janelle Monae, Run The Jewels, and OUTKAST AT COUNTERPOINT FESTIVAL IN ATLANTA

  • http://jmths.wordpress.com/ dnltlk11

    Haven't even clicked it yet, but: "All she needed was some! All she needed was some" is now stuck in my head.