• viasouthside

    I was pretty excited about this until I seen Rell on here. And this beat isn't 90's at all. Would of been dope if Premo or Pete Rock produced this.

    • Stian Nicolaysen

      Agreed. This joint screams after a Pete Rock, Premo, Q-Tip, RZA or Erick Sermon production ...

      • viasouthside

        Very underwhelming.

    • http://www.HoodCelebritys.com/ hoodcelebritys

      I hear that bro, I was expecting so much better than this...

    • LMK!


  • http://insite.bandcamp.com/ IN_SITE
  • espyy

    Still a good tune, imo

  • peaceofpi

    And you soft like pillows. DAAAAAAAMN PRODIGY KILLIN EM!

    Regardless, cool track even if it doesn't sound 90s.

  • Omar Parack

    Hott shitt .. poppin .. true 90s headz doin it like 90s niggaz do, keep it real .. fat always ill raekwon ghost killt it m o b b stay murderin shit .. n.o.r.e. lacin em wit bullets god all a dem blazed a ill track .
    90s cat. .... O

  • Omar Parack

    Fiya .. keep it blazin fam .. more callabos ..scenario .. wu bring it back .. n.o.r.e. where ya at we holdin Iraq diabolical astranomical superstars on da grind