Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Certified Platinum

blame it on Illy January 15, 2014

Photo by Dillon Williams.

‘Ye adds another plaque to his wall. Kanye West’s latest effort, Yeezus, is certified platinum. As of January 8, 1 million copies of the album have been shipped in the U.S. Yeezus is Kanye’s seventh platinum-selling album.


Kanye will hit the road next month for the second leg of his Yeezus Tour which includes nine additional dates.

  • Ralph

    I wonder how close Born Sinner is to a platinum plaque

    • Terry.

      nah, cole is over 599,000 copies….just call hov and tell to wait for it..anyway i love born sinner

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    Cole need to drop some more visuals, forbidden fruit/she knows? artists/labels getting lazy

  • Eneree Cranford Jr.

    Yeezys hasn’t sold platinum!!! It’s not even close to being platinum. He’s around 633,000 copies sold

    • hamadirose

      citation needed. thx

    • Sterling Chambers

      people can’t read anymore? it clearly says Kanye has SHIPPED a million copies not sold.

      • Eneree Cranford Jr.

        Oh I can read….at the time I posted that it said it SOLD a million copies. They changed it genius.

  • Eneree Cranford Jr.

    #108. Kanye West – Yeezus – 3,000 (633,000) as of today

  • hobbes

    alot of the times artist will get the platinum plaque for just having a million copies shipped not “purchased”

  • biff tannen

    1 million wobbly tables and/or chairs will no longer wobble. Thank you Kanye West

  • ThinkinUpAMasterPlan

    Yeezus was easily one of the best hip hop projects of 2013. Glad to see it sold so well.

    • Alonzo

      very underrated album I still bump it everyday

  • Alonzo

    I guess Ye got the last laugh after all on u niggas

  • Frank Kennedy

    The first time I heard YEEZUS I was underwhelmed. Second time I hated it. Third time I was able to pick some tracks I liked. By the 5th time I loved the entire project. Aside from 2 average songs, as a whole it’s a strong cd. Cohesive like his other CDs. It’ll get the 808 treatment and be loved in 4 years

    • james pallord

      First time i heard it IT SUCKED Second time i heard it IT SUCKED third time i heard it IT SUCKED fourth time i heard it IT SUCKED

      • SleepyTheGreat

        and who do you listen to???

      • Korey Parker

        man i can’t even get past the 4th track without being pissed off

  • Terry.

    stop the fuckery, yeezus = Platinum
    yeezus is one of the best albums in the last 3 years, and the best album of k13

    • biff tannen


  • Ohms

    knocking muthafuckas out and STILL going platinum! cottonmouf got y’all steady sippin’ on that haterade cuh

  • DJ Daz-One

    This is a joke right

  • Platinum = # of copies shipped, NOT sold.
    Music lesson over…

  • Renard

    Yeezy wins

  • Guest

    Yeezus had only sold 600,000 and something by the end of 2013. How did he sell 400,000 more in a couple of weeks?