The LOX Show Respect to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis On ‘RapFix Live’

blame it on Shake January 16, 2014

A couple months ago the nominations for this year’s GRAMMY Awards were revealed, with Macklemore and Kendrick Lamar both pulling in seven each. Two of which they square off for “Best New Artist” and “Best Rap Album.” The latter caused some debate on social media with folks going back and forth on whether or not Mack should even be included.

Wait, what? I’ve never understood the hate on the Seattle duo. Even if they make a style of hip hop that you don’t exactly care for or Mack is saying things you don’t agree with, what makes them any less “hip hop” than anyone else? And let’s be honest, most of the people that have such a strong distaste have only heard the over-the-top singles that we hear on a minute-to-minute basis on the radio/television.

Anyways, during today’s episode of MTV’s RapFix Live, The LOX were asked about the debate and which side of the fence they reside on. With a fist in the air, Jadakiss proclaims he “represents Macklemore to the fullest” before praising his independent success. Which is followed by nods from Styles P and Sheek.

So, let’s get a discussion going on.. I’d love to hear from both Macklemore supporters and detractors on their thoughts on the Seattle duo’s mark in hip hop and their placement in the GRAMMY categories.

  • HDub

    1. The Grammy’s are bullshit to begin with. The system that nominates and awards the grammy’s is broken and consists mostly of old white men that don’t listen to Hip Hop.

    2. Neither Kendrick nor MR&L should be in the Best New Artist category…

    3. Kendrick and MR&L’s albums are the only ones in the Best Rap Album category that deserve to be there.

  • wat

    I think The Heist shouldn’t be nominated because overall it wasn’t a good nor talked about album. It’s clear it got nominated because of Macklemore’s popularity and the massive success of his singles.

  • Thank Me

    That NYC cap that Kiss has on is too fresh

    As for Macklemore it’s terrible that some people don’t think he’s a rapper. He got famous off of the success of “Thrift Shop” and “Same love” but listen to the man rap a few years back on The VS EP, may be my favorite project from him. Though the Heist wasn’t the best album it was a rap album and he is a rapper with popular mainstream success

  • fonzo517

    to be honest I cant even really say cause I never listened to the album. I think its cool that they were independent and blew the fuck up but I really haven’t listened to enough of their music to have an opinion on it. btw who really even watches the grammys anymore?

  • Jay Daniels

    How is Macklemore any more pop than Drizzy or Nicki who also fall into the hip-hop category. Macklemore doesn’t even sing. He’s rhymin’…. I still don’t like him and think he’s a corn ball lol…