• wat

    I need to catch up on my Juan Ep podcasts. Always love how in-depth they go.

    • shake

      Yeah man. Easily one of the best hip hop podcasts going around right now. Shouts to combat jack as well.

      • wat

        The Kanye one was brief but still contained gems, like Michael Jackson being the reason he made 808s.

      • Eyinjay

        They shouted the site out on one of them.

  • DJ Daz-One

    This was a great interview.

  • James Earl Bonez

    How they call themselves headz and didn't Know about the kango crew?. Nobobdy thinks Dana Dane was a Biter. Except for Ninjaz we let eat off our thang!! Idiots!!

    • ✨Mister Draper

      very true indeed. I was surprised at this myself. oh, and it's kangol crew.

    • david

      Then on top of that they thought Slick Rick lost his eye from getting shot at haha, he lost it from a piece of broken glass. It was Bushwick Bill that shot himself in the eye

  • Design Mongrel

    Juan Ep and Breakfast club get me through the days.

  • junMaf*ckn

    This Interview Is Absolutely Incredible. 23 Points On Illmatic! Thank You, Serch, For The Fly-On-The-Wall Perspective Of Some Spectacular HipHopHistory! Shout to Far Rock N The Whole Q.U.!