• shake

    Let's have some fun with this.


      hahah word


      hey shake there was a artist mentioned a while ago with some other vegas kats they dropped a new song. the love at first sound folks. not really feeling it sounds like a drake left over song or something but eh. the greater good still my fav. soundcloud.com/Love_At_First_Sound/NothingsChanged

  • espyy

    Still a fuckin classic. PERIOD.

  • Beard Gawd

    This comment will probably get a shit load of hate but personally, I think 'Reasonable Doubt' as a whole hasn't aged well at all. Especially thematically. It sounds really dated. That's not to say it's a bad album... it's just not a classic, to me.

    I'd say Jay's best piece of work is 'The Black Album'.

    • Paul Thompson

      I'm interested in this, especially because you specify themes, rather than sonic qualities as aging poorly. To me, a couple things out the album as a mid-'90s effort: the beat on Regrets, the entirety of Ain't No Nigga, the bizarre vocal mix on Coming of Age, etc. But I think the themes read as pretty universal. How do you figure?

      • fashionLines

        true..the tracks you named do have that 90's sound..but as a whole its better aged than any of the greats today...em, nas, i know theres some others but you get my point

    • ilamarca

      Black Album is widely considered a classic as well so which is better is really a matter of taste.
      That said, not only was Reasonable Doubt created 17 years ago but if you think it sounds dated you must live in the mountains or somewhere its 10 below freezing year round. Crank that shit on a hot summer day with your windows down and feel like a million bucks...

      • Paul Thompson

        Ha, that's funny--I almost added something about how I feel that, even though it came out in June, it's the quintessential cold winter album.

    • miles b

      I highly disagree! thematically it's one of the best albums in the history of the genre. never before was there an album that showcased all sides of the hustla. Also some of these beats are simply iconic. why do u think there are literally thousands of dead presidents freestyles still to this day? this album is a definite classic.

  • Yeezus

    22 Two's shoul've been the Intro.

    • Paul Thompson

      Interesting--how come?

      • Yeezus

        It's inviting. Gives the album a better opening than any other song. Other than an Intro it doesn't actually fit in any placement.

        • Paul Thompson

          I can kind of get behind that. Would you scrap the talk show element?

          • Yeezus

            No, that is the basis for it feeling so inviting. It makes you feel part of the crowd at the event.

    • polo hova

      That or Can I Live

  • ilamarca

    Funny that RD takes a hit because DP2 and Feelin It "share strikingly similar tempos and piano lines, to the point where one bleeds seamlessly into the other" when 99% of the songs today sound exactly like the next.
    Goes to show why RD was a classic (in my mind those 2 tracks back to back werent a big deal) and where hip hop is at today. By definition its tough to make a classic (obviously) but most of these rappers arent even close.

  • marty mcfly

    The way the album came out was dope. Jay had a song in 94 called Reach The Top that today sounds like he was speaking his own destiny into existence and that would've been dope on the album but it still came out classic. People listening to it now may not hear it the way it sounded almost 20 years ago but you gotta remember this was back in 96 and Jay probably recorded it in 95. Niggas was just not that lyrically dope yet, rappers was not that detailed and alot of rappers was making up shit about the hustler life. Reasonable Doubt sounded crazy back in 96 cause it was just some seriously dope and lyrically intricate and musically captivating piece of work and not too many albums were at that time. You listen to that first verse from Can I live and its like you watching a movie on some Scorsese black gangsta Casino type shit. Rappers just do not make these kinda albums fam. Shit is classic



      • marty mcfly

        Jayz - "The percentage who don't understand is higher then the percentage who do, check yourself, what percentage is you?" CLASSIC

    • marty mcfly

      Let me make a correction or elaborate if you will about something real quick. There was other alot of dope shit of course in 1996 that was lyrical, musical, classic etc... but overall it was still alot of rappers just putting one dimensional rhymes together. On the gangster rap side, alot of rappers tried to make they shit sound over the top like they was the most richest and most ruthless mobsters ever on they albums. Reasonable Doubt was lyrical and musical dope but it also comes across as being believable and that to a degree is something I feel alot of MCs was still trying to figure out back then. Jay put shit together like only a hustla for real can relate with like on Regrets how he talks about reading the other persons eyes as your trying to make a deal or a sell. Or like on Friend Or Foe, that whole part where he says "Let me guess, they said it was money around here and the rest is me stopping you from getting it correct? Sorry to hear that"... "You draw, better be Picasso, you know the best, cause if this is not so, ah, God bless"... Those type of in depth perspectives and layered situations are all over Reasonable Doubt and thats what I meant when I said niggas was just not THAT lyrically dope yet... back then

      • david

        How the fuck have these 2 posts got so many dislikes? I didn't know about that Reach The Top track, about to listen to it now taking the timing of release into perspective, cheers for the heads up

        • Rebel_INS

          because Marty Mcfly is a fuckboy son

          • marty mcfly

            Speak for yourself bitch

      • http://www.HoodCelebritys.com/ hoodcelebritys

        Real talk king

  • biff tannen

    Am I the only person that thinks the original dead presidents is way better???? The second verse on that is genius. One of Jays all time best verses imo

    • PV

      I think theyre equally dope. 1 is referenced more because of the opening line but to say its way better, come on son

      • biff tannen

        Listen to that second verse, he breaks down the highs n lows of hustling so well. That verse is better than 95% of all his other stuff. Dead presidents Ii included.

    • dpm

      No, you're not.

  • 91&^UP

    The skit with the woman talmbout "get him outta here get him outta here" should have been left off

    • saf100792

      I gotta disagree. One of my favorite parts of the album. Always a good laugh when everyone snitches on dude smoking lol

  • North

    That penmanship

  • Buster Cherry

    D'Evils is such a timeless track. The second verse in my opinion is one of the greatest.

  • illsupra

    Illmatic is still better...



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    • JOSHG808

      the guy running wasn't lying tho

  • polo hova

    They did the right thing. Friend or Foe is not a good closer. Regrets easily the best closer. But I could see Coming Of Age closing the album.

  • Jose Stone

    Can yall imagine what Bring It On w/ Nas and AZ would've sounded like back then? smh We missed out on that one!

  • Lucky Lefty

    jay keepin up with big is a radical opinion i just can't get with.. jay gets murdered on his album by literally everybody, to say that he kept up with big is just ludacris at best.

  • biff tannen

    *peter griffin voice*
    Shut up meg.

  • marty mcfly

    Jayz made no comment about the chain. When he was asked about it he said that its personal. So he made no real reasoning of the symbol. Those that know what it means, know what it means and by Jay simply wearing and not commenting on it he's basically saying you can go ahead and say how you feel but he's keeping is comment to himself. Now you take this guy who preaches that the number one rule in the eyes of God is to love him and love your neighbor but yet he makes video after video year after year spreading hate and acting like its based in love for his neighbors? FOH. I am not a 5%er but would I publicly give some form of salute to them if I felt like it? Yes, why? because appreciate the underlined principles of what they stand for period. Its not complicated. This guy is mad because he is cut more from the cloth of a KKK clansman then he could ever be from any righteous people. So if this is the way he chooses to show love for thy neighbor then its a good chance nobody wants this haters kinda love.

  • biff tannen

    Dude, we get it. You love jay z. You can stop now

  • biff tannen

    I thought I told you to shut up....

  • marty mcfly

    NO, I just dont love mothafuckas that do bitch shit.